The end of an era...

So, we went to see the last Harry Potter movie yesterday. It felt weird to think that there would be no more of those movies. I grew up reading the books and watching the movies, and now that it's all finished, it kinda feels empty. (I still don't agree with how J.K. Rowling ended the series - meaning the epilogue - but I liked the way it was made in the movie.)

And now I'm waiting the dvd. :D

After that I really don't know what to get hyped about next... Probably I'll just let my Gossip Girl addiction grow bigger.

Or is that too crazy?

Anyway, here's something I made last Friday:

It's an artwork made out of origami butterflies. And the borders are from IKEA, of course. Today we'll - again - go to IKEA and I'll buy loads of stuff for organizing my clothes (both in wardrobe and in the storage) and also for putting all the shoes in the house in neat order. :)

That's mainly because I got fed up with everything being so messy all the time. Also, because I want to buy nice new clothes for fall. ;) I actually already bought few headbands (Did I already tell I'm a Gossip Girl fan?), two t-shirts, leather skirt, and a tan jacket. (Not an outdoors jacket, rather one to use inside.) Still I need to hunt down a nice bag (I actually spotted one on sale...) and, naturally, a pair of shoes - preferably boots.

Of course my look won't be complete without make-up, and that's why I'm going to buy one or two new nail polishes, eyeliner, blush, foundation or powder, and maybe a lipgloss. And if I happen to spot some great products for my hair, that'll be awesome.

One thing I need to post here is picture of my new glasses. Not anything too cool, but at the times I'm not wearing contacts, I'm practically blind without glasses. Hence new, trendy glasses. They also make me look smarter, so that's cool. :D

I think that's all for now, so blog ya later!



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