Fun weekend and new banner.

Not much to tell today, I had a nice weekend and finally got a new banner.

A friend got my sketch tablet to work, yay! And the embarrising part is: it was not working because I'd forgot to remove some of the plastics around the batteries... Well, that's me, the blondie.

But anyway, we had a fun weekend with friends, saw the new Transformers movie (what a load of shit, pardon my french, but it totally was made for the sake of 3D effects only), went to amusement park, and hung out. Relaxing, I might say.

Since I have no clue what to say next, I'll add some cute/funny animal videos. Not that they'll compensate completely my lack of words, but just so that I get a somewhat decent post. :D

A couple of awwwfully cute cats <3 (see the word play there?)

The third one is from YouTube user lowdope, who happens to have probably one of the best cat video channels of the site. I highly recommend to check them out if you like animals. ;)

Then something from the dogs too :')

Here you go, and I think next post will be more true to this blog and center around style and fashion. This was just me wanting to blabber and just post something. Sorry. But now, it's time to watch a little TV and then sleep. (So that I'll be relaxed to colour my hair if I still feel like it in the morning. Plus, I'll have to make an appointment to a hairdresser, I simply have no shape whatsoever in my hair...)

But I really must go now, so blog ya later.



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