My Barbie/ballét dancer/fairy Dress

Hello Darlings,

My first real post after the long, long, long break. And guess what? I'm going to show you a dress designed, sewn, and worn by me. (Unlucky for all of us, I'm not my most photogenic self - should there be such - when posing in the dress.)

The inspiration for the dress came from Gossip Girl's season 2. There's an episode where Blair Waldorf's mother, Eleanor, attends to fashion week with her clothing line. Through somewhat complicated twists, the final dress of the show isn't Eleanor's, but actually Jenny Humphrey's. (Which is kinda chaotic, as you can imagine.) Anyway, my dress was inspired by Jenny's dress.

For those who wonder, that's the dress from the show. Made by professionals, worn by a beautiful, beautiful star. (I happen to be neither.) My version doesn't look like that... :D But it was perfectly good enough to wear in my friends graduation party. Note: the shoes I have in the pic are NOT the shoes I really wore with that dress... I'll edit if I get better shots later. ;)

Er... Don't ask about that lazy cabaret-wannabe-foot-movement... I really can't explain. Seriously. That's an awful picture of the dress, but at the same time the only one it shows fully without my face being totally weird. (But that's not a great picture of me either, though I'm not any Blake Lively. Not by far. :'D) And again: my dress is not suppose to look like the dress above, it just inspired me. :)

My friend Amida will probably kill me after this, but since this will eventually go to facebook...

This time, nothing hand-made, just an outfit I put up in five minutes when the one I planned for didn't quite work. (Yes, I'm the weird one on the right. Damn I'm short.) We were going to amusement park, and I can tell you, that skirt was maybe not the brightest idea to wear there. Plus what can I say myself about the photo is that my posture there stinks badly! Well, what the hell. Next time, I'll pose better. Maybe I'll have more photos to share later today, it's beautiful sunny day and I have lots of plans with my boyfriend. ;)

(I'll put up his picture too, if he lets me...)

But, bye for a while...



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