Basics On Creating Your Own Personal Style (part 1)

Hi everyone, once again posting too early (or late?) in the morning after work. I feel creative after having breakfast after friends, and I'm simply too stuffed to sleep, so why not post. I was playing with this idea - after reading few blogs that say to give tips but rather telling that the person writing them likes to do their hair and makeup. Like that's a surprise when you're writing a style blog. Anyway, I thought I'd start right from the beginning.

So, here we go!

Basics To Great Style

1. Attitude. There's no style without attitude behind it. Be cheerful and nice, watch your language and be polite. Those make you look the best you can, without even starting to use any products. If you're beautiful on the inside, you'll probably look good on the outside too. And also, be the real you. Fake doesn't look nice on anyone. Which leads us to the next point:

2. Naturality. So forget the orange tans, mile-long nails and lashes, and unnatural-looking hair extensions. Not that they're not cool on party nights, but they simply look lame on everyday life. You can use fake tan, but be reasonable with it. Same goes with the nails, lashes and hair. Make them look like you, and not you look like them. If you know what I mean. Also, with makeup, if it's not a party, less is more. Even though we see every day in media exaples of how not to use those things - think Pamela Anderson, Katie Price, anyone in Jersey Shore - it doesn't mean we should follow the example.

3. Proper skincare. Taking care of your skin is important part of your great style, since it's the only organ people can see. There's not many as attractive things as well-cared, healthy, beautiful skin. It actually makes your clothes look better, and, it's easier to create makeup looks, since you only need a light base for it. Avoid burning your skin in the sun, keep it moisturized, both inside and out, and avoid unnecessary scars (as in for example the ones you get squeezing your zits). Must-haves: A good sunblock (ask the cosmetic seller, they'll probably know what good for your skin), moisturizing shower gel (Body Shop!!), a full series of skincare products (the one suited for your skin, I personally love the ACO Young), and of course, water. Why water? Check out the next point.

4. Good diet. As in healthy way of nurishing your body, not so much losing your weight. First, drink plenty of water - meaning, around 2 litres per day, more if you sweat. Eat real food, not the junk full of additives, unnecessary sugars and fat. Eat balanced, many small meals per day rather than one big at the time, since it keeps your metabolism working around the day, which makes the swelling go away and removes excess water, "waste product" and such from your body. When feeling the crave for sugar, take dryed fruit instead. Eat everything you can, but be considered of what you put in your mouth. Must-haves: Any green tea. Healthy as a drink can be, just prepare it correctly and there you go. (I'll probably get back on this subject later on, since I seem to have a lot to say.)

5. Little exercise. I'm not into torturing myself with jogging, and I'm not too athletic otherwise either, but just to keep myself healthy and at the size I am in. Plus, it gives you great excuse to shop cute sporty clothes. Must-haves: Any nice sport outfit. My personal favourite is Puma, to which I'll tribute one whole piece of blog later on.

6. Good haircare. Well-treated hair is your crown. Discuss with your hairstylist what kind of products to use, or have fun trying what suits you. Have your ends trimmed every now and then, avoid colouring too much, and if you have long hair, avoid colouring your hair more than 2-3 shades darker or lighter on your own. Remember, always use a professional when trying a colour you're new with. (I speak from experience, I managed to get my hair greenish when I put light brown colour on top of yellow blond hair. Not good!) Don't let your hair get too dry, too hot (like in sauna), or otherwise damaged. So never comb your hair wet, for example. Unless your following the curly girl method (no-poo), but that's a whole different thing. Must-haves: Good shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner, hair mask. Also, always use heat-protection when blow-drying, straightening, curling or otherwise styling your hair with heat!

7. Get enough sleep. Your body needs rest to stay pretty, so make sure you sleep 7-10 hours every night, 10 being the ultimate maximum since longer sleep turns against you. And remember, sleeping too little, or too much, both make you look tired. (Circles under your eyes, shadows, wrinkles...)

8. Right sizes. For your clothes look the best they can, use the right sizes. Never buy too small, since that's not flattering to anyone. Too big ones you can, on the other hand, usually pull off either saying it's supposed to hang on like that or by sewing it smaller. Also, when buying new bra, always try it on. Different labels might fit differently, especially if you're in between sizes. (I've been there, not fun.) Again, there's nothing wrong in asking help from the staff if you're not sure what fits you - whether it's bra or any other piece. Size is also important with shoes, which is why I don't order shoes online. Wrong size or bad fit might result on breaking your feet for good, so always go through with fitting the shoes well, no matter how little you had interest in that on the buying moment. Must-haves: Measure tape. To know your size perfectly.

9. Find your thing. No matter what the fashion magazines say, you probably have your personal idea of what looks good (on you, or in general). Go with it. You can absorb any amount of influence from the current season, but if you don't think you'd be comfortable wearing the thing that's in, wear something that's out. Your styl doesn't need to have anything to do with what's in fashion. Mine doesn't. If there's something great on the shops in the season, I'll buy it, and if there's not, I won't. For example, EVERY girl wears UGG boots. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing them on the street. They don't look or feel like shoes to me, so sorry if you love them, I don't. Don't try to please anyone with your looks - or shock, that's exclusively for Lady Gaga, but just try to show the real you to the world. It's the thing you make your first impression with.

10. Be creative. To have personal style, you must be a little creative. Give every look your own touch, for example, if your favourite colour is red, make sure you always have a little piece of red somewhere in the look. (That's one lame example, but better than nothing.) To call the style your own, you can't just buy the look you've seen on the H&M window, and put it on, but you must get inspired by it, maybe buy it, but not wear it just like in the window. Anyone can copy, but not anyone can twist the outfits to their own. At least, not at first, but that's really something you can learn with trial and error and help of magazines and fashion blogs. I can use myself as an example; three years ago, I was still kinda clueless with my style, but finding the way. Now I hear everyday from my boyfriend, that I have wonderful style, and people might actually check my style when I walk down the street. Not bad. So go buy your sketching gears, and start visualizing your new look!

These are the 10 most vital points (in my opinion, at least) when beginning to find your own style. On the next part of this series, I'll show you few cool manicures. This might take a while, since I don't paint my nails every day with new colour. ;) Also, I'll have a couple of pedicures there too. If you have questions, comments or such, don't hesitate to leave a message/comment for me. :)

Until next time,




  1. Hi there! Thanks so much for commenting and following! I love your blog, it's really cute. So, yes, definitely following. Keep in touch and I look forward to seeing more of your posts!

    ps...are you following on bloglovin? cause if so, I think I might follow you there too!

  2. this was really helpful- especially tip ten! im not always so confident in myself, and so i am a terrible one for just wearing what everyone else wheres cos im too afraid too wear anything different! ill try adding a bit of 'me' to my outfits next time!
    thanx again-Kiz

  3. Kiz, nice to hear it was helpful to you :) a bit of you will sure make your look wonderful, so don't be afraid of it ;)


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