My Favourite Style Items (part 1)

Hi there, it's been too long since the last update, but I've had so much to think about that I simply couldn't focus enough on writing this blog. Or anything else for that matter.

So now, as promised, the style piece!

I was very excited when taking the pics for this - not too happy about my faceshot though, but then again, I never am. Anyway, here's what I thought my look would be for the first day in new school on the 17th of this month:

Sorry about the mess on the background... hadn't cleaned up yet when photographing.... The outfit is inspired by Serena van der Woodsen's outfit on the pilot episode of Gossip Girl. It was new start for her then, and now it's a new start for me, so I thoght it's appropriate.

As for the hair and makeup, this is my take on it. Not the best-looking in the photo, but this will do since I got no-one to take better one. I love the haircolour, it looks so much healthier now than before :)

Here's a peek to the side of the hairdo. Nothing special, just used a flat-iron to create curls on heat-protected hair. I used a product that gives a bit of lift to your curls since my own hair has a great tendency to fall flat otherwise. Also, I put on some hairspray afterwards, and what's important, I sprayed it from underneath the curls to give them a bit more body. (there's probably plenty great tips for this on Youtube, or on the BubzBeauty website - address in my "Hot List")

Then to my favourite style items. I plan this to be a sort of a series, since I might find new favourites, and since I find that there's so many things that make my style, that I really can't fit them in one post. And well, maybe I'm a bit lazy on the writing too. at least today.

My Favourite Skincare Products: The ACO Young series. It contains cleansing foam, mattefying toner, mattefying daycream, and body lotion. I absolutely adore this series, a collague of mine recommended it and I had to try. It makes your skin smooth and nice-smelling, and in addition I use baby wipes to remove my makeup, since it's gentle while still removing even the waterproof ones off of the face. Remember, proper skincare is one of the most important things on creating your look.

My Favourite Brand (in general) on Cosmetics: The Body Shop. L.O.V.E. it! The whole brand has nice smells, organic, not-tested-on-animals, community trade products that fit for absolutely anyone. They have such a big selection of products on reasonable prices that everyone should buy them. The products are great for pampering yourself (everyday) and they'll make you feel morally good too since the brand tries to make everything as Earth-loving as possible. I personally use their shower gels everyday, the rasberry scent was the all-time favourite, but they don't sell that anymore. Also, the body butters are wonderful, the moisturizers work well, the banana shampoo makes your hair feel natural, and the perfumes are nice too. I have also tried their lipbalms, which work well and have lovely tastes and scents.

My Favourite Haircare Products: XZ. I simply adore them. Especially the leave-in conditioner (vanilla-chocolate) which I put on my hair every day. It makes my hair soft and shiny, although some people claim that it makes their hair sticky and dirty. But it shouldn't be a problem if you just put a light amount. I also have vanilla-chocolate hair mask for monthly use, and xylitol-honey "intensive care" (or whatever the right term is, feel free to educate me in that one.) for weekly use now that my hair is freshly coloured.

 My Favourite accessories: To be true, I don't have just a few, I love all my accessories. I keep them on a small jewelry box shaped like a treasure chest, which is, frankly, too small for all of them. I'll continue on these lovelies on the later episodes.

My Favourites for Nails: I like so much my natural nails that I wouldn't take fake ones, but I love to paint mine. Especially right now I love IsaDora Graffiti Nails nail polish, so easy manicure with loads of cool colours to choose from. Here are just some of the nail polishes I've got, and I buy at least 6 new ones every year. :D The more colours, the better. I also like to use glitter, stickers, and make different manicure combiations (for example, glittery silver base, black tips, and pink-and-white jewels). Next time I do something other than one-colour polish for my nails, I'll take a picture for this blog. ;)

So here you have some of my favourite things when it comes to style. Next time I do this, I'll tell about shoes, clothing and hair styling.

Still, it might not be the next time I blog, since there's so much other stuff happening too. ;)

Anyways, Blog ya later!



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