Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pink Panther - well, sort of...

Hey lovelies,

A short post today... I've been stressing the whole day about all the school things, but thank God it's going to get easier after this week. (Well, okay, then come the exams, but still...) Luckily, I'll see an old friend on Friday, and get to go to coffee with her. And then the whole weekend goes in my boyfriend's hometown, so that's cool too. :) That's what I've been up to today, What's going on in your lifes?

And this is what I wore today: (and will wear tomorrow as well)







Top: H&M, (top underneath: GinaTricot - you can see a smallest glimpse in some photo...), Belt: Pieces, Jeans: H&M, Boots: Andiamo, Bracelet: GinaTricot.

I loved the pattern on the H&M top at the first sight, and even though there was only too big sizes left, I thought the cut would be so forgiving - at least with a belt, that it wouldn't matter. It turns out I was right. Right? The leopard print in the shirt is fun because it's not too obvious. I thought it'd show better with the blue top underneath, but it didn't. Too bad.

I know I've told already kinda much about those boots, but just a little more: When I bought those, at the same time, my friend bought a similar pair - in black though. Why is it even worth telling? Because we didn't really know that the other one was buying them. (Yeah, I've got lots of memories in one pair of old boots... You don't even know ;D)

Anyways, better stop before I start blabbering about things that don't matter. Did I tell you I was as much of a cliché machine today at school that people kinda laughed at me? So that kind of Monday... :D But now, I'll go get some sleep, and I'll be posting a short one tomorrow too as I have something really fun to tell you. ;)

Blog ya later,




  1. Love it! Great top.


  2. I gave you an award! And those boots are so cute!

  3. Your blog is lovely!
    Visit my blog if you like and maybe we can follow each other :)


  4. Thanks for commenting, darlings :) You're sweet comments really make my day time after time. ;)


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