Schooling for business

Hi guys, one outfit post again! This is one I wore to school (I'm studying business, so I think it fits?) yesterday. Today was relaxed Friday, but I'll probably show that outfit too some day, since it's becoming one of my favourites. ;) Anyways, this is what we got shot yesterday.


That hallway is soo messy... Sorry!



The looks on my face... Once again, something to ignore... (wasn't really in the mood to model seriously, and of course, still lacking the skill... need to practice, practice, practice. Any advice on posing? Help seriously needed!) :D Focus on the clothing instead! :D


I personally loved my hair like this, but what do you think?

Clothing: Shirt: from my dad's company (I was interning there, so that was a reward for that...), skirt: H&M, leggings: Only, shoes: Andiamo, bracelet: H&M, headband: Accessorize.

I was thinking I could make a tutorial for that hair if there's anyone who needs it. It's very simple, I know, but do tell if there's need for that or some other tutorial. :)

I believe this is all I have to say this time, I'll edit if there's something forgotten. :) But with these words....

Blog ya later, beauties!




  1. I love the skirt and your nail polish! I think the key to improving your modeling skills is having someone you're comfortable looking like a goofball around take your pictures, at least to start out with. I wasn't able to get any decent shots, then I had my 12 year old sister start taking my pictures and it got easier! (trust me though, I'm still FARRR from a pro!)
    I think you have a lovely blog here, really nice content. I'm following you now =]

  2. I love that skirt!
    And I love how you paired it with the shirt!
    So perfect!! :D
    Yes, I also like your hair like that. The headband is really pretty (:

  3. Thank you so much for your visit.
    I love outfitpost the best. It takes some courage to stand out there and be counted.
    Do come again,and be blogger friends.

  4. Elizabeth, thanks for the advice, I'll definitely take in that one. :)

    Grace, thank you for all the lovely comments (on other posts too).

    MissCrys, so do I! :) We have a lot of things in common when it comes to style, it seems ;)

    sacramento, thank you dear, I would be honored to be your blogger friend! :)


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