Thank Goodness It's Friday.

Hey darlings,

Not a big post today (and definitely not having too many photos...) but just wanted to tell that I made it through the week - against all odds. The weather inspired me to write you guys this: Book Review: House of Night series. So if you like to read, check that out.

Second, my favourite ice-hockey team, KalPa (from Kuopio, Finland) has won their fourth match in a row, which makes them place on the top of the chart (of the Finnish league). I'm so excited about that, since that's a very rare sight. :D

Sorry for me blabbering about random things today, it's Friday and I've had such a long week... Tomorrow, I promise more beauty/style posting, but I'll leave you today with few picks from the faithful YouTube:

Not much of a video, but I really like the song. (Yes, I admid I'm a gleek.)

Autumn/fall inspired makeup look by Lauren Luke (panacea81), who is a real genious! If you think I know anything about make-up, check her videos out. She's my tutor and inspiration. :)

A fun nail tutorial for colourful leopard nails. (I bet this takes a lot of patience to create...)

That's all for now, have a great weekend everyone! I'll be back tomorrow ;)

Blog ya later, honeys!




  1. YAY FRIDAY! HAPPY FRIDAY! YAAYAYAY Have a great one! leopard nails :O xxAnisa

  2. Ooooo, I read the House of Night series too! Definitely checking it out

  3. Haha, Anisa, I love your energy :D

    Crys, we really seem to have lot in common :D


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