Wanted: A Proper Camera!

So, I'm really getting frustrated with my cellphone camera (it's ridiculous how I don't have a proper camera, seeing that I have a style (?) blog, but...) since it's not that good for taking the kind of pictures I would like to put here. :'D Actually, it sucks for that. What I would want is this:


It's small but efficient camera if the technical reviews I've been reading are anything to go by. :) And it seems that the price is reasonable too... Has anyone any experience with this kind of camera? And, to make this clear: I'm not going to get some Canon's big camera or anything like that just for this blog, so, even though they are great cameras, they don't match my needs. I'm needing a device that is very easy to take along everywhere and wouldn't eat up all my savings when I buy it. :) So if anyone has some great advice on this, do tell. :)

Also, I want to recommend a post I read today by Tanvii: Hi! I am Anonymous!
It's funny (well, at least made me laugh) and I'm sure it touches every blogger out there. ;)




  1. hey honey! Yeah, I started on my cell phone camera too. Since then I've upgraded to a shoot and click and in a month i'll be getting my first DSLR! YAY! I'm super excited! I hope you get the camera you want for your awesome blog!


  2. I'm so excited for you! Thank you so much for the nice comment, it's always good to hear I'm doing something right since I'm only starting to figure out my way to do this blog. :)And it's nice to hear others have been starting with a cell phone too, that really gives me hope! You sure made my day ;)

  3. the camera looks like a bridge between a point and shoot and a dlsr! i think you could get a decent dslr at the same price, but if your'e looking for something compact, it seems great!


  4. I totally know what you mean!
    That camera looks amazing :D So I say, go for it. It's something you like, and something that you need :)

    Thanks so much for your nice comment and for following me! It really made me happy! I'm of course following back :)

  5. Oh and btw I loved this blog the moment I arrived and read Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson! :D
    Amazing song!
    Also, I'm leaving a comment on the post here underneath too

  6. ya!! I surely want a good camera too :D but I feel you are doing great with your phone camera too :) and Tanvi's post really left me lol'ing :D :D
    thank you so much for your comment.. do drop by again!! :) keep posting!! cheers!!

  7. Love you blog <3

    You can win an O.P.I. nail lacquer on my blog (color of your choice), if you love my fan page and write a comment with your mail, good luck ! :)

  8. Thank you to all of you lovely ladies on commenting! ;) It's so nice to hear you liking my blog, even if it's still not quite what I want from it :) I'll drop by to each of you some day, when I have the time ;)

  9. Thank you so much for the mention ... I am glad a lot of bloggers associated with the post!!! ... I think olympus and sony also makes good reasonable cameras. Hope you find a good one! :D

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  10. The mention was totally and honestly deserved :) I'll try to find the perfect fit, but we'll see... It'll be after Christmas before I'll buy a new camera, since I think I get the best price from after-holiday-sale :)


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