Basics On Creating Your Own Personal Style (part 4)

Heya lovelies,

Back with the writing after the weekend. :) How are you all doing?

My day hasn't been too good, waking up this morning, I noticed I'm sick. Once again.


Last Autumn I think I was sick like once or twice, now that I started on the new school, it seems like I'm that all the time. But I keep fighting it, try to rest properly, drink lots of tea and water and try to eat my veggies... Hopefully it'll be okay.

But being not so fresh gives me the perfect opportunity to write about...


Matching your feet to your style

Now, before we go on talking about what shoes look faboulous with what, let me remind you: The most important thing when buying shoes is how comfortable they are. Of course, usually heels are never as comfy as flats, but that doesn't mean you could never wear heels.

Some people say it's okay for shoes to hurt at first, and that it'll get better with time. Well, for me it doesn't work out that way. If they hurt when buying them, they'll hurt every time. (I think some might be different than me with that.) I mean, I've bought shoes with the assumption that I could shape them to my feet by wearing them, but they've never gotten that much better. So, being older and wiser, I only buy shoes that feel good or even great when trying them on at the store.

My advice: always try new shoes to both your feet (as none of us has two identical feet), take your time to do a little catwalk round with them, just to get the feeling how they'll be on your feet. And in my opinion it's better to pay a little more for a pair that fits your feet perfectly instead of buying a cheap pair that doesn't. (not that you can't find great shoes for a cheap price, I've found great ones for 5 euros)

And, it's not any shame to be more ballet flats girl than a Carrie Bradshaw heels girl. I think a well-chosen pair of ballet flats can look equally dressy as a pair of five inch heels. Of course, I love heels, but somehow the shape of my feet requires flats most of the time, and it's kinda hard for me to find good heels. (so usually, if I find a pair, I buy it no matter what...)

Then, a last tip before going on to different types of shoes. I find it important to look after all of your shoes. (or any items you've got, anyway) I'm happy to pay for a professional to fix my shoes as good as new, so that it saves me the effort of buying new ones and I feel it also saves the nature a bit, not going after new pieces all the time. I should actually take two pairs of boots to be repaired (they're cheap buys, but I love them to bits and don't want to replace them). I'll take the before/after photos so you can all see how amazing these professional people are.

So, then, the Different types of shoes (and why exactly do I like them)

Ballet flats


Ballet flats are comfy, cute and dressy enough to wear anywhere on a regular day. Probably you could find a pair that's good enough for a fancy party too, but mine don't exactly serve that. :D I like this type of shoes for their walkability (can you even say that?), because I'm the kind of girl that loves to walk everywhere she can, but I never want to be too much guy-like or dressed down when I'm out and about.



As long as they are colourful or have some bling in them, I love them. Again, they're great for walking and they can bring that sporty little spomething to outfit. But they really have to be as girly as possible, and if I can choose, the label is Puma. ;)



My personal favourite when it comes to heels. Maybe not as sexy as classic heels, but definitely easier to walk with. ;) I'm living with the hope that wedges will teach my feet to like heels a bit more than they do now... I'll let you know if that happens.






Boots, boots, boots.... My absolute favourite shoe type <3 I could wear them with everything, in every weather, to any event... I just love great boots! (as you can probably see from the photos above...) I have even more pairs than what you can see here, just didn't see the point of photographing everything. :D Again, loving the practicality combined with the great look. And yes, the fake fur is just a must in winter boots.




And yes, the heels... Although I tend to buy flats and boots, sometimes it's impossible to resist a beautiful pair of heels. Like the gray-pink ones on the photo... I just fell in love with them and had to get them. (shame on me) There's just something irresistably girly on heels, and when paired with a dress, the combination can easily be a killer. ;) But remember, always choose a pair that feels good to your feet, otherwise you won't use them and that's just waste of money. (Been there, done that, so I know what I'm talking about)



Perfect choice with many outfits in the Summer. I love these "gladiator" variations on sandals, with bright colours and/or some bling. (I have the turqoise ones in red, too. not that it matters in any way.) As the photo may show, I wear these kinda babies a lot in the Summer, so much that they get close to the breaking point. I love this type of shoes because they give the feeling of walking almost without shoes, which is the best thing in Summer. <3

This is a topic that I could talk about for days, but I think we've gone through enough for today. The basic point is, that it's not so much about what you're shoes look like, but about that they feel good to your feet. It's also very recommendable to get your feet checked if the walking starts to hurt with basic flats like ballet flats. I can admit I had to do that, and they gave me supporting soles for my running shoes. The best thing I've ever put 50 euros into. No kidding.

Take care of your feet, because once they get out of shape, there might be no way to fix them. (not trying to scare anyone, just... Take care of yourselves.)

So, that's it for shoes.

Review of the day



Lastly, a little test I did today.  I was testing The Body Shop's Mango Body Scrub. This product was recommended by a friend of mine, so I figured I'd give it a go. (And I got it at half the price, so really, why not?) So I used it in the shower, and liked how easy it is to apply. It has salt and sugar in it, which helps it scrub your skin well. It smells delicious, and the result:

It works. It definitely made my skin softer, and I still can feel it moisturizing my skin. So I would recommend this for everyone. :)

So, honeys, that's all for today. I believe there's more than enough to read, and yes, I believe next post won't be as long :D But now I'm going to spend a little time with my fiancé before going to bed. (And then, tomorrow, an exam. Again. Great. Wish me luck?)

Have a great week everyone!

Blog ya later,




  1. amazing collection. wedges are a great way to adapt the feet to heels. love love love this post. If you get a second I've got some exciting news on my blog and a to die for heel. I'd love to hear what you think. xo

  2. Love your little black booties and the zipper detail :)

  3. Great post dear! I hope you are feeling better soon! xo -Taj

  4. I am such a lover of boots and heels, of course. On my casual days, nothing beats a pair of sneakers, though!!!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  5. WHat an amazing post! I love all the little pieces of advice you´re giving! I´m definitely a heel-kind of girl, but I love myself a great pair of wedges or ballet flats :)

    xx Ivana
    Style in the City

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  6. Awww, hope you feel better soon.

    Great tips on shoes here! I'm usually ok with a pair of shoes after a few wears, but some shoes never get comfortable!!

    Boots are my favourite shoe type as well!! I love them.

  7. so many nice shoes!

  8. I love boots, they are stylish and comfortable.

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  11. Cool way of displaying your shoes, you have sooo many!

  12. I'm sorry you're sick again :(
    Your shoes are awesome, and you have so many!!

  13. Aww, thank you so much for all the nice and lovely comments, ladies! Appreciating the time you take to write a comment for me :) <3


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