Music Crush: Fireal

Hey babes,

Today's topic is music. And no just because I'm kinda lacking style pics and I'm spendig the weekend without my computer. It's mostly because I really want to tell you about one of the most amazing bands I know.


Most of you might have never heard about the band, but I hope that everyone who cares to read this through, would listen at least one of their songs. Not just because I love their music, but because I appreciate the message they're sending.

I came across the band in 2006, when (the band was still called Bleak) I heard their single "Fate" (featuring the talented Ana Johnsson) from the radio. I had never heard about the band before, but something about the song touched me. I'm still not sure whether it was the lyrics, the harmony of the singers' voices, or the amazing instrumentals in the background. And it doesn't matter. I love the song still, after five years of listening it every once in a while.

"Fate" is themesong for the movie "Jade Warrior", a Finnish-Chinese co-produced movie. I would love to be able to provide you more info about the movie, but to be completely honest, I've never seen it. *shame on me* Nevertheless, I love the song to bits. You can listen to the song below:

The very same year (2006) I bought the band's album Burns Inside, which yet again was instant love. I can honestly say I love every song in the album, and if you google the album, you'll see where my blogger name comes from. ;) It's a tribute to the band.

If I had to name favourites from the Burns Inside album, I'd have to say that my number one is "Don't Touch". Now, I feel it's a very strong song, with the lyrics and all, but that's exactly why I like it. I was a teenager when hearing it the first time, and like you all probably know, that's the time when you sometimes feel the whole world's against you. That's the main reason I relate to this song. I kinda like it's message. (If I can say that without sounding like a hateful person.)

Unfortunately, I couldn't find the song on YouTube, but it probably can be found on Spotify, if you're using it. So, I had to find some other song to put here, and I decided to serve you the first single of the album, What You Are.

The band went through a kind of major changes before the next album came out. Some people left, new people got in... The one that stayed the same was the mastermind behind the project, Caleb. Which was probably the reason I liked Bleak in it's new form, Fireal. I was excited to get my copy of the new CD, The Dark Side, home, and listened it through a couple of times straight ahead, with the lyrics sheet in front of me.

I was very impressed when I noticed the message through the record. The message seemed to be: Concentrate on the things that matter in the end, not to the superficial things. (Yes, I realize it sounds maybe a bit crossed coming from a style blogger...)

From The Dark Side, my favourite songs are probably Halo (Hello Beautiful) and Breathe, though yet again, the album includes only great songs. I chose the first mentioned to be the sample from the album for you.

The singer of the band, Caleb, has imperessed me with his statements in the media. Whether it's the Fireal website or any interview, he manages to give very insightful thoughts with sounding real at the same time. Lately, I've been reading really bold statements from him, and I think he's making many valid points there. I believe you can find his thoughts from the bands website, and also from Facebook.

I could talk about Fireal and their music for hours and days, I believe, but I think I'll just stop here, and leave you with a light (and beautiful) song, With This Love.

Hope you've all enjoyed this post, and maybe the music too. This band has been a big part of my growing up, so I really felt like putting this forward. Maybe someone else will like it too. :)

Have a nice weekend, everyone!

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  1. I love discovering new bands! Will definitely check them out.

  2. Music is amazing, isn't it?
    It gives you so many emotions and feelings..
    He's got an amazing voice and the songs are really beautiful :) Thanks very much for sharing!

  3. Cool! Am definitely going to give them a listen! xxAnisa

  4. you have great taste-same as I do!

  5. I like what you post here. If you have some time i´d like you check out my blog and follow me if you really want to.

  6. Thanks for commenting, darlings :) Love to read what you have to say ;)


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