Basics on Creating Your Own Personal Style (part 6)

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Okay, back to business, so to say. Today, I wanna dedicate the whole post to hair. Hairstyles, products, accessories, hairdos...

And I'm terribly sorry if there's any unlogical bits here, as I couldn't write the whole thing at once.

Great Style Deserves A Great Hair Too

Like most of you know, I got a new haircut just few days ago. That inspired my to - finally - write the sixth piece of the "Personal Style" series. Hopefully, it'll give ideas about hair, and of course, I'll appreciate every single comment, tip, link, anything that will complete this post (in case I'll forget something important from here).

But to get to the point:

What are the vital steps for beautiful hair?

1. Keep it healthy

We've surely all seen (and maybe even experienced) the awfullness of badly treated hair. The split ends, dryness, itching scalp, even thinning... You know what I'm talking about. Excessive colouring of the hair is probably the number one thread to your hair. It makes the hair damaged and dry, and it's not that healthy to your scalp or the rest of your body, for that matter.

They aren't that safe, even though they are carefully tested.

Secondly, don't over-treat your hair. Believe it or not, you can wash it too much. Here in Finland, we're often told to wash ourselves every day with a lot of shampoo and soap, but really, it's not good for you. Two years ago, I got frustrated about my hair being all thin and slippery (meaning it was impossible to make any 'do to it), and started to find out what can I do about it. Amazingly, I found out that I was over-washing it, and with wrong products. I changed my ways, and couldn't be happier with my hair.

Also, what goes with healthy hair is your diet! Vitamins, vegetable oils and of course, water, are vital for a beautiful, shiny hair.

2. Go easy on the colour

So, really listen to your stylist when it comes to hairdye. Especially if you're blonde, like me. We blondes have to be extra careful with haircolour, as the blonde dye is made so that it breaks the structure of the hair, making the natural pigment of the vanish from it. That leads to dry, and unhealthy hair, if you're not careful enough. I know many girls, who've determinitely bleached their hair, even though their natural colour is pretty dark, and in the end, professionals have banned them from bleaching so that their hair woudn't fall off altogether. Amazingly, I've never had that. Okay, I'm pretty blonde naturally, but still.

If you can change your colour enough with just highlights, always go for that. It'll be more healthy for the hair. And for the long-haired ladies out there, my pro tip is to stay as close to your original shade as possible, that way, you don't have to dye the hair all the time (because of the roots), and also, it saves you for chopping the damaged ends off all the time. With a shorter hair, you can go a bit more crazy, as the material "cycles" so much more quickly.

3. Find the perfect cut

Get inspired by fashion magazines, runways, movies, anything... Consult a hair stylist, if you can't decide. Cut yourself bangs, get the whole thing layered, chop it short, get it feathered... Nowadays, there's not really a thing you can't do with your haircut. And the professionals are professionals for a reason. ;)

Personally, I wouldn't give up on my layered style for anything, at least when I'm keeping it long. And even though I didn't plan for it, I love my "surprise bangs" to bits. Thank you Hanna, you're seriously the best hair stylist ever! (Can't wait for the next time, then it'll be time for highlights) I realize that I don't have too mcuh to say about the cuts, as they can be awesome whichever way. It all comes down to right treating, at the end.

Wait, there is something I meant to say. No matter if you're hair is long or short, a great tip is to make the cut versatile. I mean, if you're like me, and get bored easily, espcially if the 'dos are hard to do to the cut. I think my stylist nailed the versatility part, though she honestly told me, that long hair is always less creative in cuts than a short one.

4. Choose the right products

This depends mostly on your hair type. As we all know, there are tons of different products out there, and sometimes it's a real pain to find the right ones. I believe I'm still on a journey on finding my perfect products, but as for now, I feel these ones are great. For me, at least.


Great shampoo is a vital. Unless your going for the poo-less routine, which is totally cool. Google "the curly girl method" if you're interested. Anyways, here are some products I've used lately (e.g. I found from the bathroom for the post).


TIGI Bed Head Superstar. A very girly product with a fancy smell, that makes the hair shiny and pretty, but for me, didn't really boost the volume. Slight disappointment, but nothing I couldn't handle.


John Frieda Go Blonder. A shampoo for lightly "bleaching" your hair. I have liked this product quite a lot, but don't really have enough patience to wait for the results... :D


Four Reasons Silver Shampoo. Works like magic IF you have a very light base. I used this one quite a lot last winter, but noticed later that it dries out the hair a LOT. So, after that, not so much silver shampoo for me. Good product otherwise.


The Body Shop Banana Shampoo. My first step towards a bit more natural shampoos, and has played it's place well. The smell is a bit funny, but not bad. Also, makes the hair look healthy, and feel clean.


Last but not least: Goldwell DualSense Green. Shampoo without many unnecessary chemicals, such as silicones, fragrances, colour... Fell in love with it few weeks ago and last weekend, I finally found this product on sale! Yay! It was a must-buy. I love how this really makes the hair feel clean, unlike many other products.


Even more crucial than a good shampoo, is a working conditioner. At least for a hair like mine. Above, you saw conditioners for the shampoos I use. Here, I listed ones I use alone.

Alone, great word as I onyl have one product here... :D


XZ Intensive Care Conditioner, with the scent of xylitol and honey. This makes my hair incredibily soft and shiny, but of course it's not for everyday use. It's kind of a strong product.

Hair mask

Hair masks are a great way of pampering your hair every once in a while. I compare it to giving a massage and a bubble bath.

And yes, I know how silly that sounds.


Crestol Professional Colour Gloss Conditioner. Lightly colouring conditioner that enhances the shade of the hair while treating it all the same. This is a product I bought after getting tired of fighting the yellowness, or gold pigment, whatever, on my hair and decided that let's go all the way and make it all golden. I like this product very much, as it really brightens the colour and also makes the hair soft and shiny. Love it.


XZ Hair Mask, Vanilla & Chocolate. My favourite hair mask all time! I love, love, love the smell so badly, and the way it makes the hair... Oh my.

Leave-in conditioner

Necessary everyday product for the shiny, soft, silky hair. Couldn't imagine living without it. One of the biggest bad hair day savers a girl could have.


XZ Vanilla Chocolate Leave-In Conditioner. Spray, comb and go! This is a similar necessity as a mascara is for eyes. Even though I've heard people saying this product makes the hair all dirty and flat, I've never noticed it. Maybe it is because I always brush my hair head upside down after spraying the condish.You know, whatever works.

Heat protection

I know I've said this many times before, you should never - and I mean, Never - use any heat-inculded styling item - curler, straightener, etc. - without using heat protection at the same time. It doesn't let hair damage so much, and many times, it adds shine and smoothes the hair all the same.


At the moment I'm using Got2B Guardian Angel, but to be honest, I'm not so much in love with it. Yes, it does it's job, but... I kinda want more from it. Some of you fantastic readers once told me to try Aussie heat protection, and I've decided to give it a go as soon as I get a hold of one. ;)


A classic for finishing your hairdo. Not much to say here, just... Find the one for your hair type. I'm trying, too.


Four Reasons Volume Spray. I've only used this twice, so not sure what I think about it. But I promise to let you know when I do!


Wellaflex Shiny Hold. I love this product so, so much (not sure why I didn't buy a new bottle instead of the above one...). It holds the hair nicely, smells quite okay, and doesn't make the hair all nasty. Everything I dare to hope for from a hairspray.

Hair powder (or dry shampoo)

This product is a must-have for any outgoing girl out there! Such a saviour when you're in a hurry and seriously don't have the time to wash (or do) you're hair. Makes the surfer chic look so much more reachable. And, it adds volume, too. I could go on about how great hair powder is, like, the whole day. But this time at least, I won't. ;)


Four Reasons Hair Powder. The Best Product EVER! This has saves countless amount of days to me, and don't know what to even write about it. It's just a total lifesaver for my hair. <3


Not really having any wax at the moment, so no picture, but what I think is that anyone who likes curls, should have wax. It's a great product for finishing touches to party curls.

For example.

5. Treat it with a right equipment

It's hard to treat and style your hair without any equipment. I go by with only four things or so when it comes to blow-dryers and so, but I know some of you might feel it's awfully little. No shame there, quite the opposite. I'm just not handy enough to bring anything new to my ritual just yet.

Brushes and combs


Patheticly enough, I couldn't find for the picture anything else but my brush. Fortunately, this brush is my main thing. It's natural fibres, so that it doesn't make the hair all frizzy and all over the place. And it helps the shiny look so much, also taking care of the messy hair.



My Baby(liss). Adorable pink little (er, not so little) thing that works wonders. Tried to photo all the add-ons to create a feeling how it's like. I love how it has a "cool" blow as an option too, as it feels more gentle to the scalp.

Styling iron

To save money and to learn more handy with my hair, I purchased two years ago a styling iron. I'm still amazed how you can use the same item to both straighten and curl your hair.


Remington's styling iron is my trusty item, as I can both straighten and curl with it. Didn't really agree on the DVD that came along - it was crappy. :D But in case this isn't cool enough - or special enough - for you, check out the one introduced a couple of days ago in A Little Obsessed. Now that's what I call high quality styling ;) (and if you haven't already subscribed to that blog, do so now. There's amazing make-up rewievs all the time!)

I want something extra, what can I do?

So, you feel like brushing your hair and curling it a bit isn't enough? Try these:

Buy extensions

And by that, I mean the clip-on ones. Easy to add, easy to remove, and when worn right, they don't really even damage your hair. Remember to find out what's your local quality supplier, as there's a ridiculous amount of variety in the quality of the sold extensions. My advice would be to go for the Remy hair. It's more expensive, sure, but doesn't break down the way the plastic ones do.

Now just remember, don't go overboard with this. It's enough to have so much extra that you'll have a bit longer/thicker hair. That's all.
Learn to really do your hair

Hairdos are a work of art. In a way, at least. I can fairly admit, I suck at doing my hair. But, with a little help of my friend YouTube, I have learned a lot.

So, I think you'll guess my advice here. Go to YouTube, search hair tutorials, and really watch.


Buy (or craft) nice accessories

Accessories can be the crown for your hairdo. Below are pictures out of my collection of hair accessories. They're not much, but thought they'd compliment the post at some level. I'm sure you all know what these are for, so I'll keep the text at minimum.




Hair crushes


Blake Lively


Jessica Szohr


Nina Dobrev


Eva Longoria



Of course I have also a lot of Blogger hair crushes too, more than I dare to name, but I'll talk about them some other time. (As the post is already too long!)

What is my hair routine?

The answer is, I don't really have one. Except that I go with the flow, and always, always condition. Trying to avoid using shampoo more than 2-3 times a week, and use dry shampoo, or even plain water instead. Also I watch what I eat and drink loads of water. Keeping it simple, you know.

And the final question remains: Dear readers, what belongs to your hair routine? What are the best tips and tricks for your perfect hair? And who is your latest hair crush?

This is all for now, hope you enjoyed (I know this is a bit long post, but you know how in this series, I try to tell as much as I know about the subject). Next time I'll post to this series, I'll talk about nails. So stay tuned for that.

Also, in the beginning of December, there'll be a new giveaway. Will be telling more when we et closer ;)

Blog ya later, lovelies!




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