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How is your weekend going? ♥

I'm sorry for not posting for so many days, but I've been having problems with my Internet connection - as I mentioned before on the blog's FB page. I have a temporary solution now for the problem, but hopefully next week it'll be solved altogether.

We'll see.

Anyways, as promised before, I'm going to talk a little bit about my hair extensions. So many of you were interested about them that I really thought I'd make a whole post about them.

Now, what you really need to keep in mind is that I'm NOT an expert when it comes to hair - or extensions, for that matter, but I'm going to share my experience here, and update your knowledge later if I learn something I think you all should know.

My hair extension experience (so far)

I ordered my first ever hair extensions at the beginning of this Summer from Dreamhair (a Finnish hair extension etc. seller), after seeing their extensions in another blog. I had considered the order for about two years, because the prices seemed like a lot of money to me - and still do. So what I was really worried about was whether I would be careful enough to keep them in a good condition, so that all the money wouldn't be wasted.

Also, none other than clip-on (or clip in) weren't an option, because I truly am worried about damaging my fine hair with, well, anything. That's actually the reason I went a little darker at the beginning of Summer, to keep my hair healthier. The bleaching was taking it's toll, and I didn't wanna be one of those poor girls who have to give up their blonde hair altogether because it gets so freaking damaged. So, I ordered 40 cm (about 15,8 inch) long set of extensions.

The delivery was super fast, I got a day after placing the order, and the shade was perfect. I was a bit uneasy with the length, as it seemed like a lot to me then, but in a few days, it felt perfect. I had heard people say these extensions get very bad very soon, but either I have a poor judgement or a super good set of extensions, because mine isn't getting any bad - yet.

Is it easy to learn to attach your extensions?

Learning to attach the extensions was super easy, because the Internet (read: YouTube) is full of great tutorials for clipping in your very own set of extensions. For your convenience, I dug up one nice tutorial from a YouTube user I really like for hair tutorials and such:

So, as you can see from the vid, attaching hair extensions is easy and quite harmless this way. That's exactly why it's my choice of extensions at the moment. Of course, I try to keep my hair the same shade as my extensions are, so I don't have to ruin them by coloring them. One thing you need to know about extensions is that they should never ever be thoroughly bleached, as they can get in impossibly bad shape that way. And like I always say, if you want to be sure about the colors getting right, consult your trusted colorist/hair stylist before doing anything!

But what about the updos?

Now, some of you may question if you can do an updo with these honeys. Of course you can. You just have to clip them in a bit differently, as the following video will show you:

I have tried this out myself, and it works pretty neatly. Of course, the girl in the video has much thicker hair naturally than I do, so I have to be more careful that the clips won't show. ;)

So, using the extensions is quite simple and even fun, and when buying them in a good quality, you can style them like your own.

What is good quality in extensions?

My advice is to google up reviews by people who've purchased the product you're considering to order. I don't really know much about who is a good supplier and who isn't, but I can let you know if and when I learn more. What I do know, however, is that you should always, always buy real hair (like Remy) instead of synthetic. Synthetic hair is made out of cheap materials like plastic and such, which really should be saved for Halloween wigs. Synthetic can't handle heat styling - instead it melts and burns when curling/straightening them with heat.

So if you decide to get extensions, pay a little more for the quality. It pays itself back in use. 

So you say I can style these like my own?

Yes, when you have the right quality extensions, there's no reason you couldn't style them like you would do to yours. The extensions can be cut, heat styled and pretty much in any way handled like your own hair. Just use the care products - like leave-in conditioner and heat protection - the way you should with your natural hair. I've curled, straightened, braided and styled my own many times, and they're as healthy as they were when I bought them.

What products I can use for my extensions?

The experts say you should get a special conditioner and shampoo for them, but I use the same as I use for my own hair. It's said that repairing products are bad for the extensions, but as I don't use that kind of products, I don't have separate ones for my extensions. For styling and such, I also use my regular products. Easy-peasy.

How to keep the extensions clean?

You wash them like you do with your own hair. These don't really get all greasy and such, but because you get products, and dirt and dust from the environment in them anyways, you should wash them every once in a while. This doesn't need to be done more often than once per week, and I can even admit I wash mine maybe twice per month. They don't get that dirty.

The washing the extensions is easy, but do be sure I get it right for you, I chose to put up a little video about it as well.

Doesn't seem too hard, right?

Why did I buy extensions?

Basically just because I'm too anxious to let my hair grow on it's own. And because it would be too fine/thin anyways. So it's totally a silly little superficial thing. I want to have more versatility with the hair, and with more length and volume that is actually possible.

Does it make a difference to my look, then? 

Well, you've probably already used to my long hair, but it's not my natural hair. (I think you got it this far, though... lol) Mine is quite a lot shorter and finer, and I actually took pictures the other day as well, take a look:

Without the extensions

Even though I love my hair color, and the length isn't any bad at all, I prefer more hair. So this is me before putting in the extensions.

With the extensions

I don't know about you, but to me this makes a whole lot of difference. Don't you just adore the length?

My set of extensions

I have a 8-piece set, which is 40 cm (15,8 inches) long, and includes 2 pieces with 3 clips, 1 with 4 clips, 1 with 2 clips, and 4 with 1 clip. As you saw on the videos above, there's a reason for them being different sizes. That way, they fit better into your head.

I added in two pics of my extensions alone, so you get some idea how they are.

See how they look different color than in the picture above? Weird. 

The clips close up. As you can see, one of them is a bit broken, but I'm getting spare parts in few days.

This far, I've been happy with the hair, gotten many compliments about it - and questions as well. I like to be honest about having the extensions, I don't think it's that big of a secret. Of course I hope that some day my hair would be as amazing alone as it is now with the little extra, but as I'm waiting, I might as well use the extensions. 

After all this blabbering, do you have any questions, thoughts or other things you'd like to share here? Leave your thoughts to the comment box below!

I hope you enjoyed this post, I will try to get another one up tomorrow or Monday, if my connection is co-operating with me. Have a lovely weekend, everyone! ♥

Blog ya later!




  1. Great post!
    I use weave as extension on my hair sometimes and they are sewn in.
    Have a great weekend dear.

    1. Wow, those sewn in extensions sound so rad to me. My head probably wouldn't handle it. :D

  2. JOhanna you look gorgeous with the extensions. I have never tried extensions before because I never cut my hair! I was browsing through all your old entries and I love the outdoor photos in the recent entries, you look so beautiful ;)

    1. Thank you so much, Thu! Nice to see you here after such a long while! ♥

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Sandra, that's very sweet! ♥

  4. Those extensions look amazing. Yours look so natural. I'm definitely inspired to try them out for myself.

    1. Thank you, they are a fun addition in my opinion, as my own hair is pretty fine and short atm. :)

  5. Minullakin on yhdet aitohius-klipsipidennykset (Hairtradelta) mutta olen värjäillyt tukkaa jonkun verran ja Glitteristä löytyikin pari keinohius-clip on pidennystä (eri sävyiset, jotka molemmat kuitenkin kävi mun päähän:D) Harvoin kuitenkaan niitä käytän, juhlissa jne. :) Sun tukka näyttää aivan ihanalta, miten onkin noin sama sävy - ei tuosta kuvasta huomaa ollenkaan että olisi lisätukkaa ;)

    Kiitos kommentista ! Kiirettä pukkaa joten nyt vasta pääsin ajatuksella vastailemaan ^^ Mukavat viikon alut! :)

    Indie by heart

    1. Hih, mun pitää tuota omaa pehkoa vähän sävytellä hoitoainenaamioilla viikottain että pysyy tuollaisena :D Mut oon kyl hämmästynyt et löysin noin loistavan sävyn ;)

      Ymmärrän kiireen oikein hyvin, sitä harrastan itsekin ahkerasti tällä hetkellä :D

  6. perfect dear!!great tutoria of extensions!!

    1. Thank you, I really tried to make a useful post for you all ;) ♥


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