And That's Who I am pt. 3

Heya babes, 

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend! ♥

Today it's once again time for a little "about me" post. As you may have noticed, I've already done two of these before, and if you haven't read them already you can find them here and here.

But, without further blabbering, to the third part:

I personally think life is way too short to keep regretting things you've said/done/not said/not done, so I live my life the way I don't have to regret a thing. It's not always easy, but hey, that's life, right? I've learned to appreciate what I have, what I do, who I know, where I live - and it's safe to say I wouldn't change it for anything. Not that things couldn't be better, but they'll get there in time. I have faith in things. ;)

Now, I know there are few others out there who think this way as well, right? I know it's not always the case, but often the books are so much better than movies, as they leave more to the imagination, and they're not even supposed to be compressed to under two hours of time. And I love seeing how talented people are when it comes to writing and storytelling. It has always appealed to me, if someone is good with words, it's automatically something I look up to.

Now, this is one of the weirdest little things about me (that I care to reveal, that is). I absolutely adore sharks. I think they are seriously misunderstood, wonderful creatures - who get the blame when people go places they don't really belong. You don't have to agree, but that's just how I see it. I also think they are beautiful in their own weird way - kinda like big dogs of the seas. (Hey, I warned you this could be weird!)

One of the big, distant dreams: To own a house by the beach. I would love that big time. I can't imagine anything more soothing than waking up to the sight of the ocean/lake, and hearing the waves when you open your eyes. And imagine the fantastic light that would fill every room... I would be eternally grateful if I ever got a house like that!

Oh boy, yes, that I am. And I know it's annoying. And I know I shouldn't. But, I have a lot of opinions, and a little too strong instinct to correct people if I think/know they're wrong. Not very proud of this, but then again, I've learned a lot through arguments, and I try to handle them as constructive as I possibly can. (not that I'd always succeed in that, but still)

I get told this quite a lot by my friends - who are not stereotypical, either. It's a thing that is both the most negative and the most positive at the same time. Yes, some find it annoying, stupid, attention-seeking or whatever, but then again, when one is not stereotypical, he/she doesn't get lost in the crowd, but rather, stands out. And to be honest, I hate stereotypes. They limit people too much.

...because I have to. I'm practically blind without. But they're more comfy and convenient than glasses, so... You get the thrill.

Never. I laugh at the stupidest things, a lot, and it just blows out of control so many times. And of course, I tend to laugh at places I'm not supposed to. But, life isn't all that serious, right? :D

One of the most defining things about me. I'm loyal to my friends through thick and thin, no matter how crazy stunts they pull. If you're a friend, and you need someone, you can be sure I'm ready to listen and talk with you. I just love being there for people I care for, and I can't stand anyone doing bad things to my friends. Talk crap about me, and I'm just fine with it, but dare to say something bad about my friend, and it's on. 

Because I just love meeting people and making friends. I love each and every one of my friends, and I'd never change them for anything, but I feel like there's always room for new friendships. I believe that more you know people, the more you can learn about the whole world, as you get to see different points of view, different cultures, different beliefs. That's one of the reasons I love blogging so much, it gives me the chance to bond with you all. And there are so amazing personalities I've met so far! So, if we haven't met, whether it's online or offline, come and say hi. I assure you I will appreciate meeting you. :)

So, any of you having anything in common with me? Let me know, I love hearing you're point of view! ♥

Now, this girl is getting off to bed, as I have (yet again) a presentation in the morning. Gosh how I love school sometimes... :D

Have a great start for your week, lovelies! ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. These are cool images and facts about you, laid out in a beautiful way! :>super cool

  2. so cute and such a good idea, i love. books>movies all the way xx

  3. I love your views on never having regrets - life it too short!
    I can never control my laughter at all! I once had a laughing fit at work and couldn't stop at all. I ruined all my make up too, haha!

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you, can't wait it if you ever write a similar post :) ♥

  5. I feel like we would be such great friends in real life, Johanna! I always prefer books to movies, as well; and I can never control my laughter! :P

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you Christian, nice to know you enjoyed reading this :) ♥


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