And That's Who I am pt. 6

Hi everyone!

How are you all today? ♥

I've been enjoying a fun weekend, got nice pictures from the hockey championship party at Pori yesterday, and today we've just been cleaning up the place a bit. Tomorrow it's time for the last presentation of the year, and I'm glad the school is almost over - I couldn't take it anymore to be honest. But soon I can totally relax with the school stuff and start focusing on the fun stuff. Ain't that nice?

You know what time it is today? Time for you to get a bit more reading than usual, once again. It's already the sixth part of the series (previous parts: 1 2 3 4 5), and after this, there's still four more to go (oh yes, I manage to find pics for ten - and that's after cutting off some, lol).

I have confessed earlier my love for fireplaces, so I don't think this surprises any of you. I love seeing fire in all possible forms, it calms me down anytime, anywhere.

At least, I try to. This summer I've promised I will get more behind the camera as well, and will learn to take better photos. Of course, if I manage to get my hands on some new accessories for my camera, it would help. I would love to get people to see the beauty in the world like I do. There are so many precious things words just cannot describe.

It's not that often you can have those with people, but once you do, yo truly learn stuff about them. And moreover, you learn stuff that makes them the way they are. And that, my friends, is awesome. (Have I already mentioned I love to learn things?)

Yep. Because hate doesn't do any good in the world. And you can't hate people for their looks, their religion, their ethnic background or other stuff like that. You can of course hate things people do, but what good does that do to you? So why don't we all take a step towards not discriminating anyone in this world. The reason for this bothering me so much is because way too many young people get bullied to death every year, and even more people live unhappily because they get get hated and discriminated for no good reason. Not that there is a good reason to discriminate anyone, ever. 

Don't shut people out because they're different, but rather, let them in and learn from them. See their side of the story and you may be surprised.

If someone thought I do, I'm sorry. I don't. I love fashion, I like to know what's "hot", but if I wouldn't wear it when it's not trendy, I won't wear it even if it is trendy. And that's what makes your style unique - if you can take bits and pieces of some trends, and can fluidly mix them in your wardrobe, without still looking like a total fashion victim (by fashion victim I mean a person that blindly buys whatever happens to be in each season, just to notice that the clothes are totally off in the next season). It's cool when people follow trends, but I rather do my own thing. Either way is great.

You never know what tomorrow brings, so it's cool to make the best out of what you have right now. We all have potential for something in life, and it's a shame to not use your talent to make the best out of it. I also want to be happy more than anything, and I would always choose personal happiness over money.

...which apparently is weird and scary, according to my fiance. I remember very exact details from different occasions, and every time I mention those, people give me pretty long looks. What can I say, I have a good memory. And a pretty vivid one. For example, I can remember exact words being said to me years ago, from a situation that hasn't been special in any way. Or I can remember the clothes someone was wearing when I first met them - to the tiniest accessories. That has been pretty helpful in school, I must say, it has made learning much easier. :D

And that's mostly because of you, my amazing readers/co-bloggers! I'm every day pretty stunned and amazed so many people out there are people I can proudly call my friends. You are all important to me, even if I sometimes fail to tell that. And if we're still not friends on eg. Google+, Instagram, Facebook, etc. you can always add me. I love meeting new people so stop by to say hello any time, I won't mind. ;)

Does this really come as a surprise to anyone at this point? I adore their music, have done so since I was, I don't know, 13 years old or so. My first ever Linkin Park song was Numb, and somewhere in my brain my hidden teenage angst totally fell for it - I was a Britney/teen pop fan all the way before that - not that I ever was anywhere near being emo, punk babe, or anything like that. But ever since hearing Numb for the first time, I've been hooked to their music, and there seems to be no stop for that train. 

Another pretty obvious fact for this post. I love video games, I've been playing them since forever, and the greatest feeling is to beat a boy in a video game (as they are "supposed" to be better at them than us girls). I couldn't play video games all day, every day, but they are pretty fun way to spend time - and nowadays they're sometimes even a good equivalent for board games. (Not to say that board games are in any way boring, because they are not.) My personal favorites are NHL (all of them, can't name just one), Super Mario (mainly Super Mario Bros. Wii), Mario Kart Wii (loving that!), Super Smash Bros (both Melee and Brawl, doesn't make a difference) and SSX (the latest one for PS3, though SSX3 is pretty amazing as well.

Anyone else daring to name video game favorites? :D And, do you share interests with me - or maybe strongly disagree with some of the points here? Let's create some discussion, share your thoughts! ♥

But now, this girl is off to have a lovely little evening walk with my fiance. ♥ We're going to enjoy the beginning of the spring, and maybe we can even catch a nice photo or two. ;)

Have a lovely start for your week, lovelies!

Blog ya later,




  1. Loved reading this one! I definitely plan to make the best out of my life too.

    1. Thanks honey! We both totally should, let's make the best out of it! ;)

  2. I quite agree with you here, people shouldn't be discriminated for no wise reason, we are all have same rights. Nice thoughts, beautifully written!
    Great pictures as well!
    Have a fabulous time!

    Best wishes, Alexandra

  3. Beautiful and inspiring - Love this!


    1. Thanks lovelies! ♥ You're both an inspiration to me ;)

  4. I Love this one too!
    Great and sincerely inspiring!

  5. Yes to deep conversations! I feel like so few people are interested in them anymore - and it makes it hard for you to learn more about them; and see if you are truly compatible as friends. Deep conversations are essential in my book.

    I seriously loved this series - it's incredibly fun to learn more about you and your personality; we have so much in common.

    P.S. Congratulations on almost being done with the school year! :)

    1. Thank you dear - and I get that, your comments always make me smile because we're so similar! We need to get together in real life some day! ♥

  6. This is a fantastic post so fantastic

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