That's Who I am pt. 10

Hiya everyone

And happy Sunday! ♥

This weekend I've been enjoying the sunny weather and spent the time with our amazing friends J and M (thanks for the party night :D) and also met a new person S. And on top of that, we had a F1 studio with A and J, which was also kinda cool.

So, I haven't been much on the laptop, but that's a good thing. Now that we finally got home (and before a little beach walk) I thought I'd took a couple of minutes to write my last That's Who I Am post for you all. If you've missed the other parts, they can be found here: 1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Let's get this show on the road!

My fiance gets me the best little surprises, and I simply love getting them. Also, I love giving surprise gifts to people, it's amazing to see how that makes their day. :)

They can be big or small, herbivores, carnivores, omnivores... I don't care. If it's an animal, I'll probably love it. I also hate how people put themselves so far above animals, like they're not worth a thing. Animals may not be people, but we still can't do whatever we want to to them. I'm also the type of girl who doesn't give rat's ass if a character in a movie dies, but if it's an animal, I'm crying my eyes out. Animals are the best because they don't have agendas, they are just what they are. Real. You know?

One of the most obvious facts, but hey, it had to be said, right? :D

Yep. I flirt with about everyone - hell, I'd probably flirt with stones, doors and the sewing machine if they'd answer back. But it doesn't mean a thing, just that the person is somewhat cool and that I like them as an individual. And yes, I flirt with women, too. It's my weird way of communicating, and luckily my fiance is cool with that. (And he's quite a flirt, too, so...)

One of the many places I haven't yet got the chance to go to. The whole Great Britain fascinates me thanks to Harry Potter series, so one day I will totally go there!

Sadly, I've spent most of my childhood entertaining myself, by myself. It means I still am maybe a bit too comfy alone - so I kinda don't get in touch with people as much as I should, but I try to remember to see the people I love elsewhere than on Facebook. :D The upside of being an only child is that I can do things easily alone, I don't need anyone to hold my hand all the time, and I got to embrace my creative side at young age. I guess that's pretty useful for many things, like for writing this blog.

You already know about my love for sharks, but another sea creature that has my heart is a dolphin. Somehow these fabulous animals touch my heart so deeply that I could almost cry when seeing live dolphins. I know this makes me sound like a weirdo, but oh well. I just love them so, so much. I don't know what is it about them.

You can never have too many ways to communicate throughout the world, and I personally would love to be fluid in several languages. Currently I have five languages (Finnish, English, Spanish, Swedish, German) that are so strong  could somehow survive with them, at least with someone teaching me new words, as I know the structure already. I would still like to learn French, Chinese and Russian - at least.

Couldn't survive without this stuff. It has such a calming effect on me, that if I go many days without, I start to get super anxious. And it's not about the caffeine, because I drink so much decaf. :D But tea is very soothing, and the ritual of drinking it itself makes me feel good.

And the final fact. I'm happy. Not like all day, every day, but at the end of the day, I can go sleeping with a smile on my face. I know how lucky I am, even though many things could be better, but you know, people must have challenges so that there's sometimes the feeling of succeeding when you can solve the issue/make something better. But as of now, I feel blessed and happy. And that's a big thing.

So, that sums up the round of 100 random facts about me. Whoa, that sounds like a lot! :D There are still plenty I could tell that didn't make it into these posts, but I promise you that soon you'll get the chance to ask all sorts of random questions, just stay tuned. ;)

Now, what do you have to say about these last pieces? And I'd also like to know if you've liked to read this sort of posts - or if you have any requests since there's now an opening for a new series in the weekends. Hit me up with your thoughts in the comments! ♥

This girl is off now to enjoy the last bits of evening sun!

Have a fabulous day ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. I love dolphins too - they're my favourite animals.

  2. Ohmigosh Johanna YES to the animal loving! I am the same movies, in books...I cannot stand the death of an animal - I always wind up crying {and crying and crying}. I am a HUGE animal lover! :)

    P.S. This series is one of my favorites of yours - it is so awesome to learn about you! :)

    1. Thank you sweetie, your comments to these posts have been amazing too! I've learned so much about you! ♥


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