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Mine was great, I had a fun time with the boys, again. We were enjoying the annual Pori Jazz festival - today was a pretty slow day so we decided to go check it out. It wasn't much different from last year, so we enjoyed some other things instead - but more on that later.

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Today, I would like to share a day from last month, when we were in Pori as well. That day, we had plans to hit the beach, and afterwards, play some minigolf with my fiance's brother's family.

 photo eaeb83bf-447b-4f43-99d3-c17cc357ede5.jpg

So, around noon, we were arrived at the beach, Yyteri, which is a huge sandy beach at Pori. It is one of the biggest beaches in Finland - and in the whole Europe. As I love the sea, it's natural I love the beach a lot as well.

 photo 9751f70c-45b1-4c40-8a7d-19eb221c2736.jpg

The day wasn't as warm and sunny as we would've hoped, but we still decided to hang out, as we had already driven there. I love the look of the long beach, the endless amount of soft sand, and the waves of the sea hitting the shore.

 photo 827a1743-e50d-43fc-bf80-cbc7667de800.jpg

As the weather was too cold for me to lay down sunbathing, I took a walk around the beach, with my camera. My man. on the other hand, was happy just guarding our stuff, so I headed on my little adventure alone.

 photo 3a55826c-25ad-45f4-adab-e1c01f202896.jpg

My silly feet.

 photo a422bc48-d060-4069-94b0-48827178df5f.jpg

Another thing I love about Yyteri. Sand dunes. One can climb on top of them and get amazing view of the whole beach!

 photo 4c5621c4-3764-4c91-b3f6-5bddaecd197c.jpg

 photo 448bf90f-9e52-4c52-936c-7de1d7a9926a.jpg

 photo 6f33f70f-4e86-498d-a8a9-a26237d8e9d9.jpg

After climbing the dunes for a while, I walked down to the shore. It was amazing to feel the sea on my feet, can't ever get enough of that.

 photo d74d21ce-0d66-4a06-8d9e-0115057e000f.jpg

Sea ♥

 photo f14dad8a-ad19-4fbc-b4dc-cc00045cb27a.jpg

Giving love to the world.

 photo 77307100-c128-452b-91d8-db8caadec16f.jpg

The outfit for the day was pretty simple, as I like it in summer.

 photo c2b939df-de63-42ab-b32a-629c2e662310.jpg

Shorts: Mango/DIY Top: H&M/DIY Leather jacket: H&M

 photo cae8bdd7-112b-4f3b-b5ca-0ebb1af8aad6.jpg

Always playing in the sand like a little child. I think I'll never truly grow up.

 photo 4bd5e836-edb3-42e2-a19d-29e3da9fbbe9.jpg

Finally, we got our bums off the beach, and into the minigolf course. I'm a pretty terrible at it, but I never let that ruin my fun. I love the game, even though I suck at it.

 photo 9af07551-8ebc-4c0a-a41e-645365740c5a.jpg

Fiance's brother having a shot at it.

 photo 4b4b2cac-aff1-4c5b-9804-a4a50edc1a45.jpg

So close, but it didn't still go there. :D (J, you know I promised to put this up, haha!)

 photo 42081ec6-0753-40da-927e-32549d288060.jpg

Scoreboard is so not on my side. Ever.

 photo 4d16c64e-fd1d-467e-b97d-0b98cbe3bb31.jpg

My fiance's niece. I love that long curly hair, it's so pretty!!

 photo 7fcd4a1f-2f91-4c60-a271-c7ef77ec2352.jpg

 photo df4e78f7-61da-4645-bfae-546d7d2f6d13.jpg
Sunglasses: Citymarket Bracelets: Gina Tricot, Seppälä, a little shop in Iittala Lasimäki  Skirt: H&M 

Giving my best game face. Fail. (Notice how I changed for the game? I don't usually bother.)

 photo 83a9f746-900a-431c-9c4e-ee94a5cd6e88.jpg

My fiance, his brother, and the other of his nieces.

 photo 20a266f4-6415-4c9a-9976-9c6c53422244.jpg

J's wife M having her turn at the course.

 photo d9304c3a-fecb-4de4-90d5-e0d9055b54b8.jpg

Different angle.

Way too soon, it was over. We were having so much fun playing this, but then the rain came and we had to hurry to the finish. Afterwards, we went to have some ice cream (gotta love summer, right?). At the same time, we made plans for another round of "sports", which was bowling, but let's not get into that on this post. ;) Thank you so much, J, M, J & J for hanging out with us! You are amazing, all of you. And so much fun to be around. ♥

Have you been doing something fun with your loved ones lately? ♥

Now, this girl is off to bed, as it's way past my bedtime... Oops.

Have a fabulous day!

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  1. really cool pics!! maybe can we follow each other? kisses! :**

  2. Fantastic photos dear! Love the sand dunes. Nice place! :) I followed you now via GFC, Bloglovin & Facebook! Stay in touch. :)

    XX, IamJenniya

    1. Thank you so much Jenniya, let's stay in touch :) ♥

  3. great fun time!
    I am also spending time at the beach with loved ones!!!

    1. Sounds great, that's the best thing to do in summer :) ♥

  4. great pictures, the blog is so cute!
    I;m following and waiting for your visit on my blog

    1. Thank you so much Iuliana! I'll pay you a visit :) ♥

  5. Those beach pictures look amazing. Such a gorgeous place. And I love mini golf so much. Looks like you had fun.

    1. Thanks honey, I totally love mini golf too, so fun. Maybe one day I'll even learn how to play it :D


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