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Last night I was supposed to write this post, but ended up spending more time with my friend L than I had planned. I don't complain, though, it was just the relaxation I needed and it was lovely to get to know what's going on in her life. We we're gossiping for many hours and hence, I'm only writing this for you today. Sorry for the delay, but my real life goes over anything I do online, as everyone of you surely understands.

Today's post is about the time my parents were visiting last month, and we went to eat at Plevna, a brewery restaurant in the heart of Tampere.

 photo DSC05439Large.jpg

The place clearly states - especially with the decoration - that it's the place to enjoy your beer. Look at this giant glass, very cool!

 photo DSC05440Large.jpg

 photo DSC05441Large.jpg

An old sign telling you to not try and steal their glasses as you can easily buy those instead.

 photo DSC05442Large.jpg

Even the door to the ladies' room was pretty personal - as were the insides as well, but I felt it would be way too much information to show that, haha.

 photo DSC05443Large.jpg

Massive collection of beer glasses and such by the door. Very nice ones!

 photo DSC05444Large.jpg

 photo DSC05415Large.jpg

Another cool thing about this place is that the menus are designed to look like newspaper. There's also more info about the place if you are patient enough to read through that. I wasn't, I was hungry.

 photo DSC05416Large.jpg

There's quite a list of beers, and few other brewery products. I love trying out local products every once in a while (I should actually start doing that more often), so this was a great place to go to with my parents.

 photo DSC05419Large.jpg

They may look like beer, but they're actually apple cider. We ordered those with mom - guys went for beers - and they were pretty awesome.

 photo DSC05423Large.jpg

While we waited for food, I photographed a little more.

 photo DSC05424Large.jpg

I loved the design of the bar, to me that looks very inviting. You know, for a bar.

 photo DSC05425Large.jpg

Above the bar, there is a list of the brewery products to help you choose your drink.

 photo DSC05427Large.jpg

My choice: Chevre Chicken with chevre potato gratin and veggies. Absolutely delicious meal and one of the best potato dishes I've ever tasted.

 photo DSC05429Large.jpg

Mom's meal, lamb sausages with braised red cabbage and creamy garlic potatoes.

 photo DSC05431Large.jpg

My fiance got the big Plevna hash.

 photo DSC05432Large.jpg

And my dad tried out the Plevna sausage pan.

 photo DSC05434Large.jpg

For dessert, men got drinks - my fiance got the brewery mead, and my dad chose hazelnut coffee.

 photo DSC05437Large.jpg

Me and mom, on the other hand, decided to get actually more to eat (like either of us could resist dessert when eating out, lol). I got the Belgian waffles, and I fully recommend this, it was way too good! I mean, it doesn't get much better than fresh waffles with vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce.

 photo DSC05438Large.jpg

And mom chose the Plevna chocolate cake with raspberry sauce. This, too, tasted amazing.

Now, today, you're all in for a rare treat. My fiance actually wanted to review his meal and beer, and our trip to the restaurant here in my blog for you. Sadly I didn't get him to agree for a photo, but hey, some other day maybe. But here's what he has to say about our dinner at Plevna:

Male Point Of View - Dining at Plevna

Main course: Plevna hash, large

Judgement: The meal was actually big and even a big guy could get his stomach full from it.
In the meal there's huge pile of potatoes, seasoned with mustard sauce.
The food was very good and tasty, but a little minus has to be given for the lack of variety. 
Also, there was beetroot on the salad, which doesn't play along too well with the mustard-flavored potatoes.


Drink: Little Black Number, dark beer, 3,8% (Brewery's own product)

Judgement: Very smooth and malty lager. Very ingenious and not at all bitter. Seeks for it's equal.


Overall grade for the food: ★½

Thoughts about the place: The restaurant is pretty "old school" design-wise, with the dark wood benches and all. The service is suitable, professional and the speed of it is average. The price/quality ratio of the food is appropriate.

Grades (amount of stars):

0 = Bankruptcy awaits
1 = Suitable for domestic animals
2 = Warm vomit
3 = Decent
4 = Delicious
5 = The King

Note: Do not take the grades too seriously, we're always just having fun with things. So have some humor along when reading stuff either of us writes for you.

So, thanks to my fiance for this little insight, please let me know if you'd like to hear more from him and I'll ask him to do more from time to time.

That's all I have for you today, hope you enjoyed this one! Leave a comment telling me if you'd like to hear more male point of views, and maybe ideas about which topics they should be about.

Now, I'm off to watch the rest off the F1 season final, and then it's time for some serious baking and such. Tomorrow, I will post something new for you ♥

Have a lovely day!

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  1. You're right ! Spending time with friends is the best ! Cool pictures !

    1. It really is! I'm glad you liked the pics! :) ♥

  2. I love how rustic yet urban this place looks - the menu boards, the menus themselves...so charming! And the food...yum!!


    1. It is an amazing place, I love that kind of restaurants! :) ♥

  3. Nomsnom ♥
    Plevnassa on kyllä niin hyvää ruokaa ja mmm..bissee! :D
    Enää ei voi syödä jo kuuluisiakin lihapullia ja muusia, kun en syö lihaa, mutta joskus söin ja ne oli kyllä hyviä.

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. Joo oli kyllä ihan mielettömän hyvää! Kieltämättä toi lihattomuus hiukan karsii muutenkin tota Plevnan listaa, mutta onneks yleensä on aina niitä kasvisvaihtoehtoja ;) ♥

  4. Looks like a great place!


    1. I warmly recommend it if you ever visit Tampere, Finland! :) ♥

  5. Oii mä oon halunnu käydä tuolla nii pitkään ku monet on tota Plevnaa nii paljon kehunu. :) Mut nyt varsinki ku näin noi annoskuvat. :P <3 Kunnon kokosia annoksia nii voi huoletta viedä tuon toisenkin osapuolen syömään :D

    1. Joo me suositellaan kyllä molemmat lämpimästi, jopa tää mun miehekkeeni joka osaa olla melkoinen oman elämänsä ruokakriitikko ;) Annoksista tulee kyllä maha täyteen, eikä hinta huimaa päätä kun toi on kumminkin sen verran perusruokaa (ei mitään hanhenmaksapalloja). Sinne vaan käymään jos Treella liikutte, ja täältä löytyy kaks jotka mielellään lähtee seuraksi jos sellasta ootte vailla :D

  6. Vaikuttaa aika mahtavalta paikalta, joka täytyy kyllä pitää mielessä ! :) Kunhan vain pääsisi siellä päin joskus pyörähtämään, tuntuu aika juoksevan kovaa tahtia - kohta on jo joulukin :D Voihan elämä.. No ei muuta kuin järjestämään aikaa ja treffejä paikallisten kavereiden kanssa, sieltä muutama ystäväpariskunta jo löytyykin - Mikkelistä muuttaneita. :)

    Indie by heart


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