The Girl With The Hat

Hey babes!

How are you all? ♥

Today - and especially tomorrow - we're celebrating a holiday called Vappu here in Finland. It's a holiday for the "working class" people and university/college students, and it involves kinda lot of drinking, some great foods, and balloons and stuff. I'll make a little post about it in a couple of days, so you can see for yourselves. This year, we're spending the holiday at home, having a party for two (more drinks for me, though, lol.) as the past few years we've always been celebrating somewhere with friends. But seriously, more on that in the next post.

Today, I wanna share a few photos from the last time our friend T was visiting us. The boys and I went to eat some Italian food in a chain restaurant called Rosso - nothing fancy, but kinda nice anyway.

 photo 1bdc383c-09d9-48ca-aa48-2d0be257883a.jpg

The fresh bread there ♥ I know I shouldn't eat carbs like that, or white flour, but you know, I don't really care for those rules - you can always work out the extra if necessary. ;)

 photo 336ea81b-fd1a-4ea0-a170-d19d12a5df6a.jpg

My meal, a lovely chicken dish with a crazy artichoke side, which I ordered without having a clue what artichoke tastes like.

 photo 6fa9349a-2b61-4c1a-bfb3-3f80969cf40d.jpg

Artichoke. Not my worst enemy, but definitely not my best friend. :D

 photo ae5db578-9aef-4e93-ba58-cc7e753c6edd.jpg

But the chicken was awesome!! Look at it, it's gorgeous! ♥

 photo 8ac49750-4ae9-4f90-9b9d-0680a5552e68.jpg

Fiance's ice cream. Good, I'm sure, but as it wasn't gelato, I ordered something else.

 photo 20c3503c-7c04-4a27-b04e-73ab2d255f05.jpg

Tiramisu ♥ One of my personal favorites of Italian kitchen. I absolutely love it, in any form, any time, always. It's so good.

I didn't quite capture boys' meals (sorry) but they we're eating pasta and pizza, and the meals looked absolutely gorgeous as well. I was dressed pretty casually for the occasion, as it was just us three, and both of the guys have seen me without makeup and all (talk about no pressure!).

 photo 29d005eb-6984-46d2-b9cc-93282c6a6aef.jpg

 photo b1a7ac72-855e-495a-a876-86264b3a06ee.jpg

 photo 3b86c194-b4fc-4472-b1f7-35a1ffc88353.jpg

 photo 4f3785d2-a4f8-4576-adf5-70c5be0c1dd1.jpg

 photo 1cb694c1-5ca1-4e95-9cab-c095271f759e.jpg

 photo 9183a9fd-0c1d-41bc-8f8e-dc015b474aa0.jpg

 photo 2e092eb7-a54d-4ad2-8005-cd6a621ee328.jpg

Pleather pants: H&M Skull top: Cubus Cropped lace blazer: Mango Biker boots: Ebay Bag: Mango Rosary necklace: Gina Tricot Spiked necklace: Gina Tricot Bracelets: Gina Tricot Hat: Gina Tricot

Thank God there's no snow anymore, even though the pics suggest otherwise - but they were taken some weeks ago. I love wearing leather, skulls, and anything black. I know it's not very obvious, looking my photos along the way this blog has existed, but I think it might show a bit more nowadays. Those pants are such a must-have, and I'm very happy I bought them in autumn. Now that the days are a bit more warm, I can actually start using them - I have a lot of outfit ideas! What else...

Have I mentioned I love those boots? ;D

Okay, so that's all for now. What do you guys think? ♥

I'm off now, for some baking, drinks and video games, but tomorrow I'll be covering a lot more (with a camera in hand) of what this Finnish Vappu is all about. Stay tuned! And Hyvää Vappua to all my Finnish readers, stay safe while having fun!

Have a fabulous day!

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And That's Who I am pt. 6

Hi everyone!

How are you all today? ♥

I've been enjoying a fun weekend, got nice pictures from the hockey championship party at Pori yesterday, and today we've just been cleaning up the place a bit. Tomorrow it's time for the last presentation of the year, and I'm glad the school is almost over - I couldn't take it anymore to be honest. But soon I can totally relax with the school stuff and start focusing on the fun stuff. Ain't that nice?

You know what time it is today? Time for you to get a bit more reading than usual, once again. It's already the sixth part of the series (previous parts: 1 2 3 4 5), and after this, there's still four more to go (oh yes, I manage to find pics for ten - and that's after cutting off some, lol).

I have confessed earlier my love for fireplaces, so I don't think this surprises any of you. I love seeing fire in all possible forms, it calms me down anytime, anywhere.

At least, I try to. This summer I've promised I will get more behind the camera as well, and will learn to take better photos. Of course, if I manage to get my hands on some new accessories for my camera, it would help. I would love to get people to see the beauty in the world like I do. There are so many precious things words just cannot describe.

It's not that often you can have those with people, but once you do, yo truly learn stuff about them. And moreover, you learn stuff that makes them the way they are. And that, my friends, is awesome. (Have I already mentioned I love to learn things?)

Yep. Because hate doesn't do any good in the world. And you can't hate people for their looks, their religion, their ethnic background or other stuff like that. You can of course hate things people do, but what good does that do to you? So why don't we all take a step towards not discriminating anyone in this world. The reason for this bothering me so much is because way too many young people get bullied to death every year, and even more people live unhappily because they get get hated and discriminated for no good reason. Not that there is a good reason to discriminate anyone, ever. 

Don't shut people out because they're different, but rather, let them in and learn from them. See their side of the story and you may be surprised.

If someone thought I do, I'm sorry. I don't. I love fashion, I like to know what's "hot", but if I wouldn't wear it when it's not trendy, I won't wear it even if it is trendy. And that's what makes your style unique - if you can take bits and pieces of some trends, and can fluidly mix them in your wardrobe, without still looking like a total fashion victim (by fashion victim I mean a person that blindly buys whatever happens to be in each season, just to notice that the clothes are totally off in the next season). It's cool when people follow trends, but I rather do my own thing. Either way is great.

You never know what tomorrow brings, so it's cool to make the best out of what you have right now. We all have potential for something in life, and it's a shame to not use your talent to make the best out of it. I also want to be happy more than anything, and I would always choose personal happiness over money.

...which apparently is weird and scary, according to my fiance. I remember very exact details from different occasions, and every time I mention those, people give me pretty long looks. What can I say, I have a good memory. And a pretty vivid one. For example, I can remember exact words being said to me years ago, from a situation that hasn't been special in any way. Or I can remember the clothes someone was wearing when I first met them - to the tiniest accessories. That has been pretty helpful in school, I must say, it has made learning much easier. :D

And that's mostly because of you, my amazing readers/co-bloggers! I'm every day pretty stunned and amazed so many people out there are people I can proudly call my friends. You are all important to me, even if I sometimes fail to tell that. And if we're still not friends on eg. Google+, Instagram, Facebook, etc. you can always add me. I love meeting new people so stop by to say hello any time, I won't mind. ;)

Does this really come as a surprise to anyone at this point? I adore their music, have done so since I was, I don't know, 13 years old or so. My first ever Linkin Park song was Numb, and somewhere in my brain my hidden teenage angst totally fell for it - I was a Britney/teen pop fan all the way before that - not that I ever was anywhere near being emo, punk babe, or anything like that. But ever since hearing Numb for the first time, I've been hooked to their music, and there seems to be no stop for that train. 

Another pretty obvious fact for this post. I love video games, I've been playing them since forever, and the greatest feeling is to beat a boy in a video game (as they are "supposed" to be better at them than us girls). I couldn't play video games all day, every day, but they are pretty fun way to spend time - and nowadays they're sometimes even a good equivalent for board games. (Not to say that board games are in any way boring, because they are not.) My personal favorites are NHL (all of them, can't name just one), Super Mario (mainly Super Mario Bros. Wii), Mario Kart Wii (loving that!), Super Smash Bros (both Melee and Brawl, doesn't make a difference) and SSX (the latest one for PS3, though SSX3 is pretty amazing as well.

Anyone else daring to name video game favorites? :D And, do you share interests with me - or maybe strongly disagree with some of the points here? Let's create some discussion, share your thoughts! ♥

But now, this girl is off to have a lovely little evening walk with my fiance. ♥ We're going to enjoy the beginning of the spring, and maybe we can even catch a nice photo or two. ;)

Have a lovely start for your week, lovelies!

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Aztec & Roses

Hey lovelies,

How are you all today? ♥

We're having a rainy Friday, but I hope it'll stop before tomorrow, as there's a little event we'd like to attend. I really love the fact there's nearly no school stuff to go through before summer! Yay! Today I was just talking about that with my colleague, and we were both pretty relieved that we don't have to sweat the school assignment anymore soon.

Anyway, today it's again time to see some nail art. This time, I got some aztec print and roses for you, so get ready, and enjoy!

 photo DSC00101Medium.jpg

So first up is a very colorful version of aztec print nails. Still not very sure whether I like these or not, but I guess they're kinda cool.

 photo DSC00104Medium.jpg

The neon polishes here are all by China Glaze, and the black one is by Essie. I used a small nail art brush to create thin lines, and a dotting tool for all the dots. Inspiration came from another (and moreover, better) nail artist - whose name I can't recall now, but I'll edit it here if I happen to remember it.

 photo DSC00107Medium.jpg

Lol, I could've probably done this more neatly... Oh well, maybe next time. The lesson here: Always use fresh polishes for prints, and if necessary, use a nail polish thinner or nail polish remover to make it more fluid. Too dry polish makes a big mess.

 photo DSC00108Medium.jpg

Okay, so onto the next mani, which is totally different from the first one.

 photo DSC00236Medium.jpg

Girly roses, pinstripe and glitter.

 photo DSC00239Medium.jpg

I gotta admit, this is not even close to being my best work, but this was fun practice for future summer manicures. ;) And I like the way the glitter shines there in all the colors of the rainbow.

 photo DSC00240Medium.jpg

I think I should make more of these girly manicures, roses, flowers, romantic elements... Maybe I'll get some done already next week. (Stay tuned about that via Instagram - my name there is @silvertigo)

But let's hear you out now, what do you think about these manis? ♥

I'm off now, to play some NHL, to do my nails and to enjoy a cup of night tea. Tomorrow we'll head to Pori, where there's a Finnish championship party in honor of my fiance's favorite team Ässät - and I will have my camera with me, so be prepared for some red-black material after a few days time. ;)

Have a fabulous day!

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Spring Jeans

Hiya lovelies!

How are you today? ♥

I'm very happy, as I'm two deadlines away from summer break, my job contract got renewed,and overall things are going well. Like they usually do in spring. I love this time of the year, when everything seems to come together at last after the long winter - which in Finland is veeery long. Haha.

Anyway, today I wanted to share another outfit with you - this is one of the last ones with the old hair, so we're soon getting to the recent looks (and I'm really excited about that, as there are my favorites coming up!). This one is the first one for this spring with the mint jeans - and I paired them with some leopard print. This look inspired the leopard nails seen in this post, so I hope you'll like it!

 photo DSC09957Medium.jpg

 photo DSC09989Medium.jpg

 photo DSC09967Medium.jpg

 photo DSC09988Medium.jpg

 photo DSC09965Medium.jpg

 photo DSC09984Medium.jpg

 photo DSC09970Medium.jpg

Jeans: Cubus Leopard print cardigan: New Yorker Striped top: H&M Biker Boots: Ebay Bracelet: H&M Necklace: a gift from friend Triangle rings:

So, that kind of a simple look. Girly, but not too much. Nothing more to say about it.

But what do you guys think? ♥

Now, I'm off to watch an episode of Big Bang Theory with my man (who else loves Sheldon??) and then will try to catch some sleep before making a few corrections to or school paper in the morning. ;)

Hope you're having a great day, babes!

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And That's Who I am pt. 5

Hi babes,

How's your weekend been? ♥

Mine has been amazingly fun and full of great new memories - many of which I got to film as well, hopefully there's something worth publishing, haha. But anyway, today it's once again time for a brand new That's Who I am post (and here are the previous parts: 1 2 3 4), so lay back, grab a cup of coffee/tea/beverage of your choice, and start reading! ♥

You know how I've told you I'm odd? Well, here's another little oddity that kinda defines me. I love bubble wrap. I've done so since I was a child. I can't get enough of popping the little bubbles until the wrap is completely useless. :D I believe it's super annoying, and I try not to do it when there are others present, but still. I'm obsessed. Can't help that.

My friends are the people who really know me for who I am. With them, I don't ever care how I look, what I wear, what I say... I can just be me. And I hope I'm that kind of friend to them as well - that they feel like I love them just the way they are.

Also known as "I tell very dry jokes". And here, I'd like to present a public apology for all my friends for being a person that doesn't think through before speaking her mind. :D The most common thing is that I say out something that suddenly sounds very dirty, even if I don't mean it that way. :D But I don't think I'm the only one, so I dare you to admit this as well!

The biggest reason I blog. I hope that someway I can inspire people, no matter what it is about me or my doings that inspires them. I also love telling people if they've inspired me, because I think it feels nice to hear that from someone from time to time.

I know this might sound harsh, but I really don't care how beautiful someone is, if their personality is all twisted and narcissistic (or in harder words: rotten). To me, the true beauty reflects from the inside, and if I can't really respect someone, it's hard for me to see the outer beauty. It's kinda like buying a gorgeous-looking fruit from the grocery store, and then noticing there are worms inside. You really don't want that fruit then anymore, huh?

...with something I do in life. Again, I'm not too picky about what that something should be, but I would really want to be so good at something I could make a career out of that. I still kinda need to figure out what that something is. One of my friends has told me I should consider being a fashion designer, others have told me I should do nail art for living. But to be honest, besides writing I'm not really sure what it is that appeals to me. At the moment, marketing feels like my calling. But who knows, really.

For my long-term readers, this is totally obvious. I love my bracelets, I stack them a lot, and I have way too much of them. I always feel like something is missing if I build an outfit without bracelets. (And, I would really want the spiked one from the pic, it's stunning!)

I do like mine the length it is now, which is kind of a medium length, but I would love it if it were to grow few inches. I would love to have long locks naturally - as I used to, before I started bleaching them and I was forced to cut them down a bit. (So kids, don't bleach the hair too much, you'll ruin it and it's such a pain to get back healthy!!) Luckily, my hairdresser Hanna has been amazing with handling my hair and giving me tips for taking care of it better, so we've gotten my hair into better shape that it has been in years. Hopefully, I will get to enjoy long locks of my own soon enough.

Still, who doesn't? There's so much to see in this world that I can never get enough of seeing new things. As I've said many times, I think learning is good for everyone, so seeing new things definitely does good for a person. :)

Also one of the things I don't get to do enough. I used to draw a lot when I was younger, but nowadays not so much. Hopefully in the summer I get to engage more to that as well.

So, here are the facts for today. Are you similar in any way? Or, do you maybe disagree completely? Share your thoughts in the comments! ♥

Now, I'm off to write some last school assignments for this year (which means more time for blogging really soon, yay!). But I'll be back very, very soon, and I hope I have interesting posts for you in store - I personally think there are few nice ones coming up. ;)

Have a nice rest of the weekend/start for the new week! ♥

Blog ya later,



Friday Nails ♥

Hi babes!

Happy Friday! ♥ What are you all up to today?

Me and the boys are once again hanging out at our place, and we hit the grocery store earlier today for much needed food and drinks for this evening. We're waiting for my dear friend K to join us after my work shift, and I think we're going to have an amazing weekend. I try to keep the camera along as much as I can, because it would be fun to share our fun times with you all. ;)

However, on this post, I will talk about different kind of fun things, because once again, I'll be sharing some of my nail art with you. So, without further ado, let's see some nails:

 photo DSC09892Medium.jpg

First up: My first proper attempt to create jelly sandwich nails. Now, those who don't know what that means, I'll explain. Jelly sandwich nails are made by layering a jelly polish and a glitter polish. For the best result, it's recommended to use glitter polish that includes different shapes and sizes of glitter. Okay, so now I bet there's someone asking what the heck is jelly polish. Jelly polish is the kind of nail polish that seems transparent on the nail - sometimes even after many layers of polish. If the polish covers well with only one layer, it's usually called cream/creme. More on different nail polish finishes can be found behind this link, and also, you can ask me anything about them in the comments, and I'll do my best to answer. :)

 photo cf87ae7a-982b-486d-b9c9-05a2ab8431c3.jpg

Anyway, I found this manicure pretty fun with all the black glitter pieces in, the half-and-half green coloring and the super cool neon finish. I know it might not be the most amazing nail art piece ever (because not much talent needed for this one) but the colors were pretty cool. :)

 photo b98ad991-19e3-400b-a9a1-93c46bbdf4be.jpg

Oh, and sorry about the gazillion different edits here, I was trying to get the most out of the polishes, but clearly I need to work on my editing skills as well. :D

 photo 1a823613-e8db-46ef-b703-e2f1924d4ad3.jpg

Okay, so enough of this manicure, let's move on to the next one.

 photo b940acf5-aa61-4cee-ab50-15e1264f3172.jpg

Studs, mint, and leopard - inspired by an outfit I wore few weeks back that I still have to post for you. I adored this manicure so, so much, even though I say so myself. You probably already know my love for the elements here, especially if you have been reading my blog for a while now, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that I loved this so, so much.

 photo 973382b4-7a0f-48d3-bd73-1670accee93f.jpg

And, as you might notice, there's a little bit of tan in my hands. I got tired being so white (it didn't look too healthy) so I invested in some tanning products and I think it was a great call. I don't think anyone should look like a carrot - which you do if you use too much tanning products - but sometimes a bit of sun-kissed glow makes you look more healthy. I'm the type of girl who can never get a tan from the sun, so I rather take this than fry myself and get burned. :D Okay, this is so off-topic. Moving on.

 photo 619feae6-4a87-4547-ae09-46f758e326bd.jpg

I totally think I should get more nail art studs, but I just can't decide where to get those... Does any of you have a great place in mind? Please leave tips in the comments, I'd be super grateful. Thanks!

 photo 440a7b64-fea4-46c9-a98f-de8f208decb7.jpg

But hey, that's all I have for you today.

Now, I ask you all to give me your opinions. What do you think about these manicures, yay or nay? ♥

I'm off now, to spend more time with the boys, but I'll be back on Sunday with a brand new That's Who I am post. You can follow our weekend through Instagram (@silvertigo) where I'll be updating probably pretty many photos during the weekend. ;)

Have a lovely weekend my lovelies! ♥

Blog ya later,