Blue Chiffon Dress ♥

Heya people!

How are you all today? ♥

We just got to my parents' earlier this evening, and I finally got the time to open my laptop and actually type something. Past couple of days we were in Pori, celebrating my fiance's graduation and all that fun stuff - which actually was the perfect way to start my summer vacation. Now I have 4 weeks when I don't have to go to work or anything like that, and that feels kind of amazing.

Now, as it is already almost midnight, I'll cut the blabbering short and get on to the point instead. Today, I really just wanted to show you this little outfit from few weeks ago:

 photo DSC09219Large.jpg

Didn't really want to wear leggings with this dress, but... It was cold that day.

The dress is a freebie from collaboration with SammyDress, and I have been meant to review it for ages but never really had the chance before now. I really must say I found the dress worth its affordable price, even if the decorated collar thing needed a bit of adjusting so that it sat nicely.

I feel the dress was easy to style, because it is pretty versatile and all. I'm sure it would be just as nice with a more girly styling than this, but that day I wanted to go with my rock vibe. I really don't know what to say about the dress, it's pretty basic with a nice little chic vibe - what with the material and the collar. For my shape, the big belt felt necessary, but I will try to show this also without one later.

 photo DSC09223Large.jpg photo DSC09328Large.jpg

See more about these nails here!

 photo DSC09261Large.jpg photo DSC09300Large.jpg photo DSC09270Large.jpg

Dress: SammyDress Leggings: SpiritStore Boots: SpiritStore Jacket: H&M Belt: Pieces Bracelets: Europehouse, Seppälä, Gina Tricot Rings: Gina Tricot, H&M, JC Bag: some shoe store

So this is how I styled a chiffon dress, I know it's probably not everyone's cup of tea but I personally loved it. I will try to get a more girly look in this dress later this summer, so watch this space.

Let me know your thoughts about this outfit in the comments below!

Now, I need to go get some sleep as I promised to drive my mom to the shops in the morning and I'm absolutely exhausted from all the travel. Stay in touch with me via Instagram (@silvertigo), Twitter (@silvertigo) and Facebook (link in the sidebar) during our travels and such - even though I try to post regularly even when we're on the move, I can't make promises. But I do update my social media accounts as much as possible, so for pictures and stuff, go there and follow me, even.

Have a wonderful day ♥

Blue Ombre Lips ♥

Heya people!

How are you all today? ♥

Sorry for the silence, I've been sorting out some medical stuff and such so I haven't had the energy to come here and write. Once again, nothing serious, I'm just going a little bit of a diet change and such - I'll be talking a bit more about this once I have things figured out.

Anyways, today I wanted to show you guys this little lip look I did a while back:

 photo DSC09370Large.jpg

Yup, they're blue. Not because I'm cold, though. Haha.

 photo DSC09380Large.jpg

Crazy face, but I wanted to show you how the lips look with neutral makeup.

 photo DSC09371Large.jpg

For this look, I used blue eyeliner from MUA Cosmetics (shade Royal Blue), and blue lipstick as well as a purple one from Makeup Revolution (shades Immoral and Vice). I simply lined my lips with the liner, then added the blue lipstick on the edges, and finally added purple in the middle. Very simple, very cool, but I can't wait to learn to do it better.

What do you think about these lips? Let me know in the comments!

Now, once again it's time for me to get some sleep, there's a ton of things to do tomorrow before work. But I'll be back as soon as I can.

Have a lovely day ♥

Suit Up! ♥

Hi everyone!

How are you all? ♥

I'm finally back with writing after many days' break - as you know, the posts were scheduled - and it feels so good. I'm a day behind on my posts but I hope we can work with that. Anyways, today I really just wanted to share this bit more classy outfit with you guys, and I hope you like it!

 photo DSC09137Large.jpg

Yeah, blazer and heels, just for fun. I was trying something different, simply because I will be going back to school in August and I guess it doesn't hurt to be able to look like a businesswoman every now and then.

 photo DSC09183Large-1.jpg photo DSC09143Large.jpg photo DSC09164Large-1.jpg photo DSC09204Large.jpg

I totally love this pair of shoes. I'm usually not the girl to wear a lot of heels, but once I do, I need sensible pairs like this.

 photo DSC09174Large.jpg

Blazer: H&M Jeans: Gina Tricot Tee: secondhand Bag: Boohoo Necklace: Gina Tricot Heels: Watch: Born Pretty Store

So that's the outfit for today, very simple with easygoing pastel colors (except for the tee of course). Personally I really liked this look with the basic makeup, I feel like they made a nice little combo.

But what do you think? Let me know in the comments! ♥

Now, I will go get some sleep, but there will be another post p tomorrow!

Have a lovely day ♥

Stars vs. Galaxy ♥

Hello lovelies!

Are you guys having a great weekend? ♥

We're currently hanging out in a cabin with the boys, like you've probably seen on my Instagram already (you can find me there as @silvertigo). This post has been written for you guys beforehand, so can't really say much about what we've been doing today. Except I can promise you we've been cooking outside. That's for sure.

So today, I really wanted to share these nail art designs with you, in case some of you are home today - even if I'm so far away from my beloved laptop. (Addicted much? Nope.)

 photo DSC09043Large.jpg

So the first one I would like you to see is this kind of a weird color combo - which I really liked though - with stars and studs. I'm really so not sure what I was going for with these, but I guess I was kinda just trying out new color combos or something.

 photo DSC09048Large.jpg

The stars were painted with Nail Vinyls, you can find them on Storenvy if you're interested. I totally love the chevron ones you can get there! And, the studs are once again from Born Pretty Store.

 photo DSC09051Large.jpg photo DSC09054Large.jpg

The polishes I used were China Glaze Grass Is Lime Greener, I Herd That and Sun Of A Peach. The pink one is a nail art thingy by Kiss.

 photo DSC09062Large.jpg

 photo DSC09365Large.jpg

And the other mani is another version of the galaxy manicure. This time, in blue and mint. I really enjoy making this kind of manis so maybe I should try to make more of them later on.

 photo DSC09350Large.jpg
 photo DSC09340Large.jpg

I can't actually tell you which polishes I used, because I used a bunch, and it was a while ago. But the base  - the polish in the bottle I'm holding - is China Glaze Smoke And Ashes and the glitter on top is China Glaze Fairy Dust.

 photo DSC09337Large.jpg

If you wanna create your own galaxy nails, check out my old post for tutorial by clicking here! Please share your creations by either linking them in the comments, or tagging me on Instagram.

 photo DSC09345Large.jpg

So that's it for today, tomorrow, I'll be posting you a nice little outfit post instead. ;)

What do you all think about these nails? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you're having an amazing weekend, and talk to you soon.

Have a lovely day ♥

How To: Nail Wraps ♥

Hello guys!

Hope you're all having a nice Friday and all. We're now at the cabin, so I wrote this post for you yesterday, so that you wouldn't be here all without posts and stuff.

So, without further ado, there's a quick pictorial:

 photo DSC09693Large.jpg

Start off with buying a set of nice nail wraps. I used these cute palm tree ones from Born Pretty Store I ordered a while back, which I figured would be nice for the midsummer. You also need a nail file and a top coat to make the wraps last longer. You can get nail wraps pretty much everywhere nowadays, and they are mostly quite affordable.

 photo DSC09694Large.jpg

Take out a wrap that matches the size of your nail, and be careful when handling it, so that it doesn't get damaged. You don't usually need tools for that. Place the wrap on the nail, and try to align it nicely along your nail. Take your time with removing the bumps and bubbles as you go. You can use tools like orange wood stick to get the wraps sit better to the nail beds. I didn't do that this time.

 photo DSC09697Large.jpg

When happy with the placement, turn the rest of the wrap over your nail like in the picture.

 photo DSC09700Large.jpg

Take your nail file, and carefully file out the excess. It should come out pretty easily.

 photo DSC09705Large.jpg

Add a coat of top coat for more lasting results.

 photo DSC09709Large.jpg

And that's it, now you're ready to rock out those nails!

I think these nail wraps are such a cool thing for the weeks when you need to give your nails a rest from the polish - like you should do every now and then. And they also serve those who don't have the time or interest to learn out all the techniques, so they can just wrap their nails and that's good. These don't damage your nails as much as polishes, so they are a good option for the young ones who want to have color on their nails too.

Let me know in the comments if you want more pictorials like this, or if you have anything to ask about nail wraps. I'll do my best to answer you!

I hope you're all having a fun day, and that this pictorial was any helpful at all. You can also find a ton of great videos about these on YouTube, so if you need more thorough instructions, head there. ;)

Have a fabulous day everyone ♥

Scarf Head ♥

Heya people!

How are you today? ♥

I'm just trying to pack everything for the weekend trip we're starting late tonight. We decided to drive in the night to avoid all the traffic and such, and this way, we get to spend more time in the cabin. Since I need to actually get to packing, I'll cut the blabber pretty short this time, and just get into the outfit I wanna share with you.

 photo DSC09097Large.jpg

It's just a simple little number I put together for a bit of a lazy day - when I couldn't even bother with my hair, lol. I really did like this one though, it fit the casual day perfectly.

 photo DSC09105Large.jpg photo DSC09088Large.jpg photo DSC09121Large.jpg photo DSC09091Large.jpg

Jeans: Cubus Cardigan: Only Top: H&M Ballet flats: Boohoo Bag: Boohoo Necklace: Boohoo Scarf: so old I can't remember... 

 photo DSC09128Large.jpg

One of my favorite pairs of shoes. Love them to bits.

 photo DSC09103Large.jpg

So that kind of a casual look today. I hope you guys liked this post, and this look.

Please let me know what you think about this outfit in the comments below! ♥

For the next couple of days, the posts will be scheduled. I try to publish and answer all the comments you send without much delay, but I'm not sure how good the Internet will be in the forest with my cell phone, so... We'll see. But I'll be back on Sunday, so I will catch up then by the latest. You can stalk me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (links on the right hand side of the page) for little updates over the weekend.

Have an awesome weekend, everybody! ♥

Quick Review: Tosi Kuiva / Absolut Torr ♥

Hello everybody!

How are you all? ♥

I just got off from work and finished my evening snack, so there's just enough time for me to write this post before going to get some sleep so that I can manage all the preps tomorrow for the midsummer trip.

Today, I want to talk to you about this pretty cool product I got to test out via Reddville. Reddville is a company that sends women free tampons monthly, all you need to do is to register and fill out a profile and you're good to go. As a blogger, I also applied to Reddville SheSocial, which is a community that gives bloggers, vloggers and such a great chance to try out products and share them with your readers.

This month, they sent me these strong antiperspirants, called Tosi Kuiva/Absolut Torr. I had never ever heard about them, but they intrigued me right from the start.

 photo DSC09684Large.jpg

Tosi Kuiva promises to decrease sweating and odors close to nothing for 7 days, and as a person with anxiety, stress, and such, I tend to suffer from some sweating from time to time. TMI, I know, but we're all human here. So naturally, when I got my package (on my birthday, haha), I knew this is something I wanna try. So finally, last night, I put on some of the dab-on.

 photo DSC09686Large.jpg photo DSC09687Large.jpg

The dab-on has this kind of a cloth-like head that you need to attach yourself before the first use. With this, you literally need to dab on the product, not roll it on like you would do with your regular deodorant. You put this on to clean, dry skin, that hasn't been shaved within 24 hours. Then, sleep overnight with it on, and wash the skin in the morning and put the regular deodorant on if you wish (if you're using the product on yor armpits, that is).

So I did as mentioned, and I've been now using the product for a day. So far, I haven't seen signs of sweating and stuff - and I work in a place that reaches pretty high temperature, and the work itself is quite physical. That means, after a day of using, I'm pretty happy with it. I'm pretty tempted to try this out for my feet though, to see if I could maybe feel more fresh with them after a full day of work. Also, I need to see whether this product can handle few days on my skin, so I try to remember to give you an update.

Also, I maybe wouldn't recommend this for the most sensitive type of skin, just because it contains such strong ingredients. But for me, the product didn't sting even if I kinda went as a rebel and used it on freshly shaved skin. Bad me.

 photo DSC09691Large.jpg

Tosi Kuiva also comes in wipes, which seem like a great product for travel - or your feet, because I wouldn't use the same one for my feet and my armpits, yuck. So later on, I will give a final verdict for these.

But, like I said, so far the product seems pretty impressive. If this continues to work as well, I would definitely consider this for a future purchase, especially in summer or for special occasions involving fancy dress up and such.

Have you tried out this product or an equivalent for it? Did you like it? Did it work? Share your experiences below in the comments!

Now, I need to go hit the bed so that I won't be a complete zombie in the morning ;)

Have a fabulous day ♥

Two-tone eyes ♥

Hello lovelies!

Could someone explain me how the days go by so fast? I mean, I was supposed to sit down today nice and early, and do all my blogging stuff for the rest of the week, but no. Instead I did get a ton of food shopping done for the weekend, paid all the bills and handled a work shift. Oh well, that just means more work tomorrow.

Anyway, today I really wanted to share this little eye makeup with you. Not anything special, but I really enjoyed the color combo, so here it is. The rest of my face here is just basic everyday look, so not much to say about that (unless someone wants to see pictorial etc. for my go-to makeup look).

 photo DSC09081Large.jpg photo DSC09082Large.jpg

I did this look using Makeup Revolution Matte Brights palette and I was actually really pleased with it. And yes, I had a top on, but it was strapless, so it looks like I'm naked. I'm not. This time. (What?)

And below, you can see closeups of one eye:

 photo DSC09066Large.jpg photo DSC09067Large.jpg photo DSC09071Large.jpg

So that's what I have for you today, just a quick little makeup post. Sorry for the bits of mascara that had fallen off on the eye shadow, I didn't realize it was there until editing the photos. Oh well, that's life for you. I promise to be more careful next time though!

Now, I will finish editing this week's pictures and also start up a product test I will be reporting here tomorrow. So definitely stay tuned for that. ;)

Have a fabulous day ♥

Sweet Potato Salad ♥

Heya lovelies!

How are you all today? ♥

Today's post is up a bit late because I've been working hard to get my things and mostly, the blog posts, in order before Thursday, when we head to the cabin for the midsummer weekend. So sorry for the little delay, but here it is.

As it is Summer, and the start of the week, I thought it would be fun to share this yummy recipe I found from in a magazine. It's a delicious salad that works both as a side and on its own.

 photo DSC09366Large.jpg

Sweet Potato Feta Cheese Salad
4 servings

800 grams sweet potato
2 tablespoons olive oil
pinch of salt and ground black pepper
50 grams arugula salad
75 grams marinated feta cheese in small pieces
1/4 of red chili pepper
juice from 1/2 lemon

Peel and slice the sweet potatoes. Spread the slices on oven pan that is covered with baking paper, and sprinkle the olive oil, salt and pepper on top. Mix until the oil and spices are spread evenly on. Bake the sweet potatoes in 200 degrees (Celsius) for about 20 mins, or until they're soft. You can also grill them instead. Spread the baked slices on the serving dish, and mix in the salad and the cheese. Spice up with the chili and marinade of the cheese. Sprinkle lemon juice on top.

Note: as you can see, I used just normal salad for this. And as I enjoy making my own marinades, I also bought the cheese plain and made a marinade out of olive oil and some herbs. It was still amazing.

 photo DSC09368Large.jpg

If you are like me, and enjoy making salads, you should totally try this out. I loved it, and I'm sure many of you would too. If you try this one out, let me know how you liked it!

Now, I'm going to finish editing the photos for this week's posts, and then I will get some much needed sleep. Tomorrow is full of things to do!

Have a fantastic day! ♥

Relaxed Hoodie ♥

Hello lovelies!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun? ♥

We certainly did, we had a blast with my cousin and her boyfriend, eating great food, playing some games (both board and video games) and also visited an amusement park. I didn't really do anything with the camera except for the outfit photos, so not much to show you from it all. But instead, I have this post from the weekend three weeks ago when my friend K and her man A were visiting us, and we went thrifting and stuff. So here you can see a peek from our food and also one of my outfits from the weekend.

 photo DSC08917Large-1.jpg

Raspberry sodas with my girl K, while we waited for the guys to get to us. After this, we headed for an early dinner to Sticky Wingers, which is one of my favorite restaurants.

 photo DSC08919Large-1.jpg

And because I'm so not a lady, I drink beer, haha. No, but seriously, beer is great. Too bad my diet will take this fun away from me, but that's life.

 photo DSC08922Large.jpg

My boneless chicken wings and K's burger.

 photo DSC08923Large.jpg

My huge side dish of garlic fries (totally recommending these, they're so yummy!).

 photo DSC08926Large.jpg

And my fiance's long burger. Everything was so super delicious, and this was a great start for a fun evening we had then.

The next day, Sunday, our friends got on the road after the Monaco GP, so I figured that would be a good time to go on and take some photos of my comfy outfit. I don't know if this is much to see, but this is how I often dress down when I really don't have any important things to do. Except usually I even skip the jeans and wear sweatpants instead. But still.

 photo DSC08933Large.jpg photo DSC08980Large.jpg photo DSC09001Large.jpg photo DSC08943Large.jpg photo DSC08992Large.jpg photo DSC08967Large.jpg

Hoodie: Intersport Jeggings: Grey top: secondhand Shoes: Intersport Beanie: Boohoo Bag: SpiritStore Sunglasses: H&M

So that's my look for you today. I hope you liked it and all. Let me know what you think about this casual outfit in the comments below, and stay tuned for a different post tomorrow!

Now, I'm gonna go try to make my hair a bit more festive for the midsummer weekend (which is the next weekend) even though we aren't doing anything really special for it. But if it goes even somewhat well, you'll see a bit of a tutorial or such later on.

Have a fabulous day! ♥