June & July Jewelry

Since I've been loving MintMONGOOSE subscription boxes a lot for the first three months, I figured I should write a little post about the June and July boxes. You may have seen these already on my Instagram in case you follow me there, but I thought I would talk a little more in depth about the jewelry.

mintmongoose packaging

China Glaze OMG! Flashback collection

Who doesn't love shiny things? I do, a lot. So when China Glaze announced they're bringing back polishes from ten years ago - and they would be more or less holo - I knew I had to get them. For once the collection is only six bottles big so I could somewhat justify getting them all.

china glaze holo polishes

Rocking Plaid

Friday. Who else is glad it's weekend again? I sure am, and I'm happy to get to spend some time with my boyfriend's family - especially his sister, who is visiting us for tonight and tomorrow. As a person who doesn't have siblings, I value having other relatives whether they're mine or my boyfriend's.We have some nice casual plans for the day and I'm positive we'll have such a good time.

Also a thing I'm happy about today is posting another outfit post.

metal girl summer outfit

Matte Floral Nails

Finally getting back into photographing my nail designs. Which actually feels so fun because nail art is such a passion for me, like you know if you've been here for a while. Last year hit my creativity a bit, and even though I kept on painting, I haven't shared my art that much. That's something I want to change little by little, and what better time to start than today.

purple floral nails

Visiting Stockholm

It's been a while since my last post, but it's because I've been preparing for next month and the life change it'll bring. I'll talk about it more once things are happening, but I can tell you it's exciting. And I also give sneak peeks on my Instagram (@silvertigo) if you're curious to see stuff beforehand. On top of that, the heat in Finland has stopped me from thinking straight so writing hasn't been a good idea. Today, I finally decided to share pics from our trip to Stockholm, which took place at the end of June.

window viking grace

Beach Bag Essentials

Whether you’re heading abroad or planning a staycation this year, what you pack in your beach bag is highly important. The last thing you want to do is forget key items – or even overpack.

The first thing you must do is find the perfect beach bag. Ideally, you should find a roomy bag that you can fit everything-but-the-kitchen-sink inside – safely and securely – whilst simultaneously looking stylish. An on-trend option is a straw bag, which can come in a variety of different shapes and sizes, and at varying prices that can suit everyone’s budget; from high-street to high end. 

Beach bag essentials
What to take to the beach? Here are some of my options!

China Glaze Mini Haul

It's been a while since my last nail polish haul, isn't it? The reason is that I haven't been buying that many new ones, and actually even this one is from a couple of months ago. But, before judging me on that, I feel like nail polish doesn't go from fashion and these are shades you can still get on the Internet stores at least so no damage done by postponing this.

china glaze polishes