Rainbow Nails

It's a new week with new opportunities. Today I had to be extra efficient at the office as I was on a work trip the past two work days and that means a bit of piled up things as you can imagine. Today I also tried to get ahead of as many things as possible so that this week's trip won't make my Friday into a chaos. This month is truly flying by, haha.

multicolor nails

Grunge Inspired Outfit

A week of work and a couple of work trips behind, feeling tired but also the trips, as well as many other things at work, felt super good this week. I don't know where this positivity is coming from but can we keep it that way, please? I'm going to keep today's post quite short since it is after all "just" an outfit, but I am planning longer posts as well for those of you who enjoy reading more. 

90s grunge inspired look

Purple Chevron Nails

Hey lovelies and welcome to a scheduled post I prepped for you so that you will have content even when my workdays are long and I can't be sure if I have the time to write anything. Today, I've been on a worktrip to another city for our customer event, and I'm predicting I won't have the energy to sit on the computer after the thing. So, I wrote this one already on Tuesday together with 5 other posts to keep you entertained for a while. Hope you like that.

But now, let's get into the nail art!

purple nails

Trying Victoria's Secret Models Inspired Diet For 2 Weeks - The Start

Lately it seems there has been a bit of a wave of "I tried ___ diet for a week" type of videos on YouTube, especially from Blair Walnuts. And that inspired me to try out a diet that is inspired by the kind of one Victoria's Secret models claim they follow. I gave myself an easier time with the dinners, because we eat the same food as dinner with my boyfriend and it doesn't make sense sustainably that we cook different meals just because of the challenge. But my breakfast, lunch and snacks were determined by the VS meal plans I managed to find on the Internet.

ginger shot