Favorite Home Details - So Far

Hey my loves!

I’m hoping your year is starting off nicely, mine has been positively slow-paced, so I can really plan and set goals for the beginning of the year (at least). I’ve been mapping out things I want to post about (both here and on socials), listing some craft projects for the first part of the year, planning my thesis - and most of all adding some more or less finishing touches to our new home. 

And as you can tell by the title, today I’m sharing some of my favorite things in our home (not in any particular order). I’ll also talk a little bit about each detail as we go along. I tried to do the pictures a bit artsy way instead of the typical oversaturated/bright neutral influencer way. These speak more to my Slytherin soul this way. 

Home details Home details

What 2022 Taught Me

Hey Lovelies!

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Slytherin photoshoot 18

I was planning on coming back much earlier, but life got in the way - in the best way possible, I’d say. 2022 was in many ways a rollercoaster, but the latter half made me feel like I’m finally alive after the slump of the pandemic. Since the last updates, a lot has changed. So, let’s list some personal highs and lows of the year to start off this post: