I Want To Be More Sustainable; Where To Start?

As I've seen many people making the New Year's resolution to be more sustainable one way or another - stopping buying fast fashion, going vegan, going cruelty-free etc., it came into my mind that possibly some of you are also considering doing that but maybe don't know where to start. That was the struggle for me as well, and maybe there are some days when it's that for me still, but after gathering at least a bit of knowledge about sustainability in everyday life, I wanted to share my tips on how to get started. I hope these are helpful to at least one person out there, because in that case the post has fulfilled its purpose.


Thrifting the Trends - Big Bows

Finally getting to post another piece to this series. It took a while, but let's get back to this. The title should tell you more than enough, but in case you haven't checked out the first post, here's a little explanation:

This series is called Thrifting The Trends, and in this one I will choose a theme seen on SS19 runways in each post, and will create a practical look for a small budget. Like in my other series, I will not buy brand new things, but rather thrift, shop my closet and DIY. Again the goal is to show that many of you probably have something in your closet already that you can wear to be trendy - if that's what you like. I'm not the one to go for trends that much, I rather just pick items I think suit my style without really caring if they're in trend or not. However, I guess many of you out there might want to try the new trends while maybe saving up and/or being somewhat sustainable, so I feel that series might benefit you.

The references for the colors and trends in this series are the Vogue article on SS19 trends (click!) and Pantone SS19 color trend report (click!). I went through those both and picked my favorite things from the Vogue piece to work into this series. (I did rule out the statement headpieces and wetsuit surfer style as I can't see myself wearing those in any occasion, other trends I'm at least considering or recreating!) 

spring 2019 outfit

China Glaze Mini Haul

Who loves seeing nail polish haul for inspiration? Because I actually do. If you don't, I'm sorry, you can skip this one and come back once I'm talking about more interesting things. But I got these colors recently and am so hyped about them that I really want to share them with you.

Because you know, I am a nail polish addict.

China Glaze polishes

DIY Bracelet Inspiration

In order to get back to my creative self and DIY roots, I actually went and ordered quite a bit of jewelry making supplies and even went to a bead shop (and dragged my boyfriend there too, haha), to get things for nice jewelry pieces. So maybe from now on, I can craft new jewelry pieces instead of buying them from places where the origins of the pieces might be questionable (a.k.a. sweatshops). Since the internet is full of amazing tutorials for everything imaginable, there's basically no reason to not try to make things myself.

bracelet ingredients

1 Item, 5 Ways - Black Dress

Today, it's time for another part in the 1 Item, 5 Ways series. This time, I try to do something with a classic, a little black dress. I know there are a thousand and one styling guides for this, but I wanted to do my own take on it. So, without further ado, let's get into it.

dress over collared shirt

Mustard Nails

I'm sticking to the color theme from the previous for today's one as well. I do realize these nails aren't anything mindblowing, but I liked them enough to want to share them with you. And I thought that makes a nice little Friday post.

yellow nails

Copy That Look - Simple Cardigan Outfit (Luanna Perez inspired)

Welcome to another part of Copy That Look. This is a series where I copy looks for less, which is not an original concept by any means, but the way I've visioned this is that I choose a look I like by a celebrity, influencer or basically anyone who has an inspiring style, and try to recreate the look by thrifting my own closet, DIYing, thrift shopping, borrowing or mixing the four. But buying anything new solely for this is not allowed. I want to keep this reasonably sustainable, and also I don't want to end up with items I don't use after the post. I will choose some of the looks myself, and some will be chosen by friends who are more or less metalheads as well, so that we will keep this rock chic and/or metal.

luanna inspired look

30-Day Declutter Challenge

Today's post will be very photo heavy and probably for acquired taste, but since I'm very proud of my decluttering, I thought I would share this. In case you're not about seeing all the things I gave away/recycled/so on, check back when I post the next article - it will most likely be about style instead of my "trash". But without further ado, let's get to the declutter post!

puma tee