Makeup Revolution I ♥ Makeup Super Wow Lip Colour

Hello lovelies! How are you today? ♥ I have been more energetic than usual for the start of week. I guess it's all the light as well as getting a hang of a proper daily schedule. It also encourages me to do even more for the blog since there's so much more daylight and that naturally means more chances to take photos. I've also totally organized our bedroom closets (well, at least my own clothes), which makes waking up so pleasant since I see a super neat room when I open my eyes. Can't wait to get the whole apartment - every box, every closet, every shelf - as neat. It's so therapeutic to get rid of old stuff I don't need, and it's addictive as well.

Today, however, I wanted to share a quick little makeup post with you:

Makeup Revolution Super Wow lip colour

Edgy Side

Hey lovelies! How has your weekend been? ♥ We had a lovely little date day today, and I also got around getting few things for blogging and instagramming. (Yes, I definitely think Instagram can be used as a word. Don't judge me.) I have been reorganizing once again my too full closet, starting with socks, leggings and so on, and that part looks quite lovely so far, even though I say so myself. Anyway, in today's post I'm showing a bit edgier look than I usually wear, but I wanted to try something new on one of my days off. I hope you can find it interesting although it's different.

Edgy rock look

#31DC2015 Watermarble & Inspired By Color

Hello lovelies! How is your week going? ♥ Last night I was super inspired to sew a little (I blame it on Milla from Lack of Colour, since this started after she posted a DIY bralette tutorial on her blog. Thank you for inspiring me to use all the fabrics I've hoarded in boxes around the house!), but I managed to nearly write this one ready for posting. It's now my coffee break at work, so I'm putting some finishing touches to this one. 

So today, I want to share another part of 31-day nail challenge from last year with you.


Put A Clutch On It

Hello lovelies! How are you today? ♥ I've had a fun day today as the F1 winter tests started, and it feels like the season 2016 is nearly here! Also, I got two sewing projects done and some other important things sorted out so it feels very good right now. Tomorrow morning I will have an interesting event with my colleague, so that will be fun too - a bit different start for the work week.

Today, I wanted to show you this look that was built around the clutch I'm having there. Because I'm in a blogging group that inspired it. We're having bi-weekly Style Sessions, where each of us write about a certain topic, and we all co-host a topic at our turn. We link them all up to the blog I've linked for you at the bottom of the post, so you can see other posts there!

Winter look

Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer Review

Hey Lovelies! How has your weekend started? ♥ I've been tidying the place, baking pizza and hanging out with loved ones. I actually should be sleeping as of right now already, but I really wanted to share this post with you before that. So, I hope you'll enjoy this one. I will be sharing few thoughts of Makeup Revolution Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquers.

Makeup Revolution Lip Laquer


Hello my loves! How are you? ♥ I'm currently catching up on Vampire Diaries and sipping my green tea as well as typing this post. I'm so excited for all sorts of blogging things I have lined up for you in the near future, and I hope you'll enjoy them a lot too. Now that  finally got out of my outfit post slump, and there's actually enough light for taking photos after work. I've also planned outfits for a month so we should be covered with the style part of the blog for a good while.

Now, today I'm sharing this layered look with you. I noticed I wore the whole grey spectrum from white to black here, and I actually really, really liked it.

layered winter outfit

Valentine's Nails With Born Pretty Store #4

Hello lovelies! How are you? ♥ I know I'm a little late with this post - sorry! - but life happened this weekend and it messed up my schedule pretty good. Saturday went by speding time with loved ones, and on Sunday, I was going to post on the evening but while we were driving home, something happened. We were driving 80 km/h, and in front of us was a truck driving. Suddenly a ginormous chunk of ice appeared from under the truck, and I had about a second to decide what to do. I wasn't going to try to take it with a tire (because who knows where the car would have flown from there), I couldn't take another lane because that was for people coming from opposite direction - and full, and I couldn't pull to the side because there was no room either. So I drove straight to the block. And our car broke. That left us driving to the nearest gas station, calling 20 calls to everyone and their mother, and then there was the question of getting home from 100 km away. So we took a train with our luggage and the insurance company arranged a towing for the car for Monday. The car is still on another town, and a mechanic there promised to get it fixed within a couple of weeks. 

I'm happy to be alive and healthy, because that could've gone so badly. I have been extremely stressed because of this (and all the calls I've had to make) a couple of days, but it's getting better now. So, like I said, I'm sorry for the sad posting schedule this weekend, but better late than never, right?

Anyway, to lighter topic. Nails. Today I'm showing you the fourth design I created in collaboration with Born Pretty Store. And although the theme here was very much Valentine's day, I think these are cute whenever.

Heart nails

Valentine's Nails With Born Pretty Store #3

Hello lovelies! How are you all today? ♥ I'm currently traveling a bit, but still able to post this one for you. (Yay!) I was planning to post this today morning, but because of anxiety attack, I had to postpone this a bit. I hope that's cool with you. So, today, I'm sharing third of my Valentine's Day nail inspiration posts. The last one will be up tomorrow, so that you can see all the designs before the big day - in case you need some fancy nails for a V-day date.

But now, let's get to today's design:

Valetine's nails

Earthy Winter Tones

Hello lovelies! How are you all today? ♥ Yesterday was  flash of rain that went by super fast for me. I'm shocked how fast time flies right now, I would have a ton to do but not nearly enough time. Blogger problems, right? Who else feels like that? Anyway, today I really wanted to share this outfit post with you. The pictures were taken on the weekend, when there still was some snow. (Now, it has melted again. Boo.) I love shooting with snow on the background, because it brings so much more light to the photos!

winter layers

Valentine's Nails With Born Pretty Store #2

Hello lovelies! How are you today? ♥ It's been quite busy for me the past few days, with work, life and so on. I'm quite sad that sometimes postpones my blog posts, but on the other hand I rather cater a bit less posts but try to keep to quality good. I hope you understand. On the brighter note, I've managed to take outfit pictures so I can have normal posting schedule up very soon. I feel like outfit posts are the easiest to write because they have a bit less detail to explain than nail and beauty posts, so they are easy throw out there in a rush too, as long as the pictures are looking good and you remember to tell the origins of the clothes. So yay for having more outfit pics!

But today, however, I have another Valentine's day nail art design for you.

Foil nails

Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette Review

Hello lovelies! How are you? ♥ I had planned an outfit post for today, but because of the lack of photos, I will offer you a little makeup post instead. Today we will have time for photographing, so I will definitely get at least one outfit post out of it. But hopefully today's post is somewhat fun as well!

cream blush palette review

Valentine's Nails With Born Pretty Store #1

Hello lovelies! How are you today? ♥ Who else loves all the pink things everywhere now that Valentine's Day is approaching? I know do. That's why today, I'm partnering up with Born Pretty Store to bring you some nail art inspiration for the holiday around the corner.

DSC03528 (Large)

I Miss Snow

Hey lovelies! How are you doing today? ♥ I had the best weekend with the guys, playing hockey and other games and just chilling out. I always love spending time with them because I forget everything including my phone when I'm with the boys. They're such an entertaining bunch, and even though I'm the only girl there, they don't let that bother them in any way (meaning no special treatment, which is cool). I didn't even take photos even though we were supposed to, because I totally lost the concept of photographing due all the fun we had. Bad blogging, but the best unwinding. 

Today, however, I wanted to share an outfit with you. This one is something I wore few days back, when there still were quite a bit of snow out there. Now, not too much, but I think I'll get nice shots of outfits for the blog as I have so many ideas for looks. And, if you want to see more of my musings, head to Daily Opulence blog where I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago. (Click here to read my post!) I'll also have a little something to share with you relating to that post, so stay tuned with the sidebar for a little surprise. But yeah, let's get to today's post:

Winter outfit