Having Minimal Change Disease as an Adult - My Experience So Far (3 Months After Diagnosis)

If you’re coming from my IG there’s a high chance you know this, but about 3 months ago, I got diagnosed with a kidney disease called Minimal Change Disease. 

You can go to this website to read more in English, but I’m here today to tell my own story as an adult with MCD.

What happened to me?

Like I said, my journey started 3 months ago, when I first noticed one ankle swelling like a balloon. I thought nothing of it because apart from the ankle, nothing hurt. I thought I had just stepped wrong/had bad shoes on my walk and that’s it. We went to the summer cabin, all the while the swelling kept getting worse, and when I finally went to see a nurse a week and a half later, I had swelling on my lids, fingers and such.

In hospital gown

Duping the Spring 2021 trends with things I already own

Another season is starting really soon, and in the fashion world that means getting into new trends. I always highly encourage you to think style over fashion, and this is why today, I'm showing you how I would style my existing clothes to embrace the Spring 2021 mentioned in this Vogue article. There are couple that I didn't style, and I will let you know why when we get to them. The style names I used are more or less copied from the Vogue article just so you can compare them if you please.

Let's get straight into the looks:

monotone outfit

Things 2020 has taught me

I don’t usually get super deep and raw here, but today it felt like I kind of could. I’ve been listing things I have learned or re-learned during the past year, and if any of these points resonate with you, I would love to hear more (use dms or leave the comment anonymous if you don’t want to have anyone to have access to what you share, both are fine for me).


Kaleidos x Angelica Nyqvist Club Nebula Palette First Impressions & 3 Looks (I tried every color in the palette for you!)

I'm super excited to put today's post up, because today we're talking about one of my favorite beauty creators out there, and more specifically a palette she got to curate with one of her favorite brands - which is such a mood and I couldn't be happier for her. 

Like the title says, I'm of course talking about the Kaleidos x Angelica Nyqvist Club Nebula Palette. If you follow me on Instagram you have seen me talk a little bit about this already, but today I'm giving you the whole first impressions scoop after testing each and every color in the palette at least once. 

So let's get straight to it:

club nebula palette

Trying out MoYou London plates for the first time

It’s not a secret I’ve been sort of in a creative funk for a hot minute, where coming up with makeup color schemes, let alone trying to put together nail design has felt next to impossible. I’m trying to get back into all things creative little by little, on makeup that has meant setting some challenges for myself, and in nail art it’s quite the same too. For years, I’ve been wanting to get better at stamping, so I’ve taken it as my mission to find the brands and plate styles I enjoy the most, and finding the fun of nail art again. Not really doing much in that regard has felt like a missing piece of myself, and I’d like it to not be missing anymore. 

So, today I’m sharing how my first experience with MoYou London has been. 

moyou london stamping

Witchy Winter Photoshoot

One of the core topics in this blog has always been my style, and if you scroll through the old posts you can see it has evolved quite a bit over the years until me finally finding the darker, rock vibed style and more or less staying in that lane for quite a while now. I would love to post more style content, but quite honestly I don’t have a photographer to take my pics so that brings a challenge. Although, I could do the remote control route with my phone, and then try my best to up the quality in editing (the phone remote doesn’t support taking RAW format, so that takes a toll on the quality sometimes). 

Today’s outfit photos, however, are from a shoot I did with my mom as a photographer. She really knows how to work the camera, and made my witchy picture dreams come true. Below you’ll see some of my favorite photos from the shoot, as well as few new additions to my closet.

The dress in this post was graciously gifted to me by Fantasmagoria, but all the opinions are 100% my own.

_DSC6162-2 (Large)

Marble Nails With Gold Flakes

Another day, another nail art post. (This was supposed to go up on Friday, but in all honestly I was not feeling well enough to take and edit my nail photos before today so… Forgive me for the slight delay lol) Before you ask, no, these won’t likely be a weekly thing, but I’ve been planning different kinds of nail related posts for almost every week from until the end of March, and we’ll see how we’ll do after that. I do enjoy the simple kind of posts where I just share my nails, but I’ve been thinking that maybe some of you out there would get more value from a variety of content, so that’s what I’m trying to do here as the spring goes forward.

But today, you’re getting an old-fashioned nail art post, with this look that is more or less inspired by this year’s nail trends - which I’m planning to touch more on in a future post, stay tuned at the beginning of next month if that sounds interesting to you. 

_DSC6457 (Large)

Gluten-free Pizza - Fast and Easy Recipe

Happy Thursday babes! Who else is so ready for the weekend? Because same, haha. It’s been quite the week of balancing all the different things, but I’m very motivated to pull through it all to get to the well-deserved weekend finally. I was planning on celebrating Valentine’s Day with a friend by having a coffee in a local place (for context, in Finland V-Day is more of a friendship day and I love that for us), but we found out today that won’t happen this year. But hey, that’s how things are for the foreseeable future with most meetings.

Today I figured I’d share one of my favorite recipes with you, and that is homemade pepperoni pizza. Now, I know some of you reading this are vegan or vegetarian, so when it comes to toppings, you can either swap them out to vegan alternatives or come up with a completely different set of toppings. 

_DSC6377 (Large)

My IG followers chose my makeup look, and this is what happened

A little while back I made several polls throughout one week for my followers on IG to determine a look I should create with makeup. They definitely chose things I may have not gone for myself, but was excited to take on the challenge. In this post, I will be breaking down the look choice by choice and showing you the end result, and later this week (and this month) I will be posting more about this look on Instagram, based on the choices people made. 

So without further ado, let’s go into what people chose for me (these are all saved on a highlight on my Instagram @jolagerroos if you want to see the polls yourself). 

winged liner look

First DIYs of the year 2021

Happy weekend dearies! Hope you’ll be having a relaxing one. I for one have various school tasks, some household chores and quite a bit of content preparing to do, but once all that is sorted out I plan on just relaxing the rest of the weekend. And as part of my relaxing ritual there will be some knitting/crafting. 

Which is my sequeue into the topic today, which are my latest DIY projects. 

_DSC6388 (Large)

Celestial Nail Art

Happy Fri-Yay! Let’s start this weekend off with some nail inspo, shall we? I haven’t been truly documenting my nail art in a while, and to be honest I missed it quite a bit. Nail art has been one of the things that pushed me into social media and blogging, so I think getting back to my roots in that sense makes sense. 

I don’t really have much else to add here, so let’s just get into straight to the nails:

astrology nails

What I Want To Achieve In 2021

Hey my lovelies! 

My few days’ hiatus turned into a month of blog silence, but it did good to my mental health. My work routine changed quite a bit, so finding extra energy was really tough. I’m trying to write posts beforehand now, so that we would have a backlog of few posts all the time in order to not have these long breaks. 

Today, I wanted to start the year off with talking about the things I want to achieve this year - and if you’re willing to, I would love you to share your goals in the comments as well! So, without further ado, let’s get to it!

_DSC5951 (Large)