Get the Best Sleep Your Body Deserves

This post is a continuation to last week's anxiety management post (click!), where I promised a whole another post on habits that could make you sleep better. These are things I try to live by, but I don't stress about them - not only because stress doesn't help you sleep, but also because I have my routine down and do these pretty much automatically. And also since the routine is there, it doesn't hurt me too much if I slip every once in a blue moon.

Since this is health-related yet again, I'm going to have to put up a little disclaimer: While I've noticed these work for me and I get my sleep as well as stay healthy doing these, I'm not a health nor mental health professional. In case you're suffering from severe insomnia, or any other sleeping disorder, please contact your doctor first. That being said, let's get to my tips on better sleep.

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Jeffree Star Jawbreaker Palette Review (+ two bonus items)

I feel like everyone and their mom have already reviewed this palette, but how many of them have truly reviewed it? Like, used all the shades, worn the palette for a month straight, seen the good, bad and the udgy of it. Well, not that there's actually an ugly side to the palette - in my experience there isn't - but just to use the saying. In this post, we'll dive into the Jeffree Star Jawbreaker Palette and two non-JSC products, because I want to give shoutouts to them too.

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How to Manage Your Anxiety

Remember how I mentioned wanting to get more into informative posts? Well here's the first one. Not too long ago I talked to a girl friend who battles anxiety, and we had a good talk about how possibly ease the symptoms or even prevent them in your daily life. And since this day and age so many of us have trouble with anxiety, I thought the same tips could be shared in a blog post to maybe help more people. These are things me and people I know well have found to be helpful, but everyone is different and you may have anxiety that needs more care than this. In that case, it's no shame to contact a professional because anxiety can truly prevent you from living if it's severe. 

And of course the mandatory disclaimer here: I'm not a health nor mental health professional, and I'm merely sharing what has been helpful to me. Take everything listed here with a grain of salt and try them out if they sound any good to you. I'll try to back up my claims with reasons or even science that is available to anyone, but I will not say that any of these tips will magically cure anything or that they will be absolutely effective for everyone.

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Real Techniques Brush Review

This post is something I've been meaning to put up earlier, but posting it now makes it actually more valuable for you because I've had the time to use these products and I can share my experince with you rather than showing cute things I got. 

So if you are thinking of getting cruelty-free makeup tools, keep on reading!

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Green Nails

It's been a ridiculous while from my last post, but the break from both work and blogging has been needed. It's given me the chance to work on my Instagram feed and offline projects, which is really wonderful to be honest. I did, however write ahead on the posts I will be publishing from this day forward, so no, I haven't abandoned or forgotten my blog at all, don't worry. I'm still thinking doing a bit of re-branding here as well, because I don't feel the content gives enough to you guys. Sure the manis may inspire you and the few outfits I share are fun in my opinion, but there's probably more I could give to you. 

For example, I've been trying my best to help out a couple of friends by giving them lifestyle and relationship advice, and they've said the advice has been helpful. I know there are dozens of good life advice creators on every platform, but I'm thinking maybe giving my two cents on certain topics might be interesting. And maybe those could be inserted into the posts with nail art or outfits and therefore there would be balance of fun and informative. What do you guys think about that?

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