Fun In The Sun With A Bun ♥

Hello everybody!

How has your weekend been? ♥

We had fun time with our friends K & A, who were staying with us overnight. We went to Särkänniemi and ate out, after which we hang out at our place and played a board game. Simple and fun. The most awesome thing this weekend was hearing that two people we really, really love got engaged. I'm super happy for the couple and I can't wait to celebrate this with them in person. ♥

Today, however, I would really like to show you these pictures we took last month in Pori. I'm a couple of days behind my schedule, but I really hope you don't mind since this week was pretty hectic. Anyway, to the pictures:

 photo DSC01098Large.jpg photo DSC01105Large.jpg photo DSC01009Large.jpg

We were photographing in Herrainpäivät, which is a stunning area in Pori with lots of gorgeous nature. It felt like a totally different place out there, like we would've been on a mini vacation.

 photo DSC01023Large.jpg

The outfit I wore was very simple, though of course I went overboard with the accessories yet again. But that's me, you know.

 photo DSC01073Large.jpg photo DSC01077Large.jpg photo DSC01036Large.jpg photo DSC01091Large.jpg photo DSC01085Large.jpg photo DSC01039Large.jpg photo DSC01060Large.jpg

Shorts: Zara Core Denim Sheer vest: Seven Sisters Sneakers: Boohoo "Bitch" ring: Born Pretty Store Sunglasses: Primark Necklace: Gina Tricot Earrings: JC

That was a fun look to wear, and it actually photographed pretty nicely as well. I really wanna create more fun looks with that vest, even though the weather will be soon too cold to rock it.

Let me know what you think about the look in the comments below!

Now, I'm gonna finish my homework, and then I get to relax with some reading (blogs and a book as well). Tomorrow, I will bring you another outfit, so stay tuned for that. ♥

Have a fabulous day ♥

Beach Life ♥

Hello lovelies!

How are you all? ♥

It's been so rainy here in Finland these past few days that I really believe it's a good time to pull out these summer pictures. Don't worry, I'll get to the Autumn styles after this week. ;) But today, I wanna share this look I wore when we were visiting Pori at the end of my summer vacation.

 photo DSC00917Large.jpg

Once again we were in Yyteri, which in my opinion is one of the nicest places for photographing in Pori.

 photo DSC00926Large.jpg photo DSC00969Large.jpg photo DSC00953Large-1.jpg photo DSC00967Large.jpg photo DSC00961Large.jpg photo DSC01008Large.jpg photo DSC00946Large.jpg

Top: Bershka Shorts: Gina Tricot Shoes: SpiritStore Cap: Red Bull store Necklace: Gina Tricot Bracelets: DIY, charity campaign, Accessorize, Gina Tricot, H&M, Europehouse Sunglasses: H&M

So, a simple beach life look. Not exactly what I wore during the days at the beach, but instead what I changed into in evening. I quite liked this one, well, at least it was very comfortable.

What do you think about the look? Let me know in the comments!

Now, I'm gonna enjoy my tea and after that, get to bed. But, I'll talk to you very, very soon!

Have a lovely day ♥

Foodie Review: Gluten Free Crackers ♥

Hello my darlings!

How are you all today? ♥

I'm super tired as it's been a long ass day, but let me quickly tell you about treats I received from Blue Diamond Almonds. Note, this is not a sponsored post, even though they are free samples, because it is my own decision to write about these, no one asked for this. That means I really liked them. Read more below:

 photo DSC00776Large.jpg

Last month, our mailman brought me a box that had these three packs inside. I got contacted after sharing some thoughts about gluten free diet on Twitter, and was excited to try these as no one seems to sell these in Finland. Although, if I can help it, these will be available here as well.

Now, if you don't know, the reason I talk about gluten free so much is because I was diagnosed with Celiac disease at the end of June, and have been learning the gluten free way ever since. It is quite new to me still, so any tips and recipes are more than welcome. Anyway, if there's anyone out there dealing with the same things, big shout out to you - I get how it is.

 photo DSC00785Large.jpg

The first of the three flavors is Asiago Cheese. I honestly didn't know such cheese existed until this. You can definitely taste the poppy seeds in these as well. I like how the cheese tastes in these strongly at first, but then fades out to the mild cracker. I think these are actually so much better than the ones made out of wheat! If I could, I would buy these.

 photo DSC00787Large.jpg

Next, Natural flavor. These are pretty basic, though of course they taste like rice and nuts. I guess these ones would be super good with some fruit or berry, I must try that out before I snack these away. ;) Even though these are very, very basic, I did like these. I guess I'm just happy about any food I can eat without having to worry about it... But seriously, I do recommend these ones too.

 photo DSC00793Large.jpg

Lastly, Pecan flavored crackers. These taste very nutty, and bit more salty than the other two. I like how they are so dark, as so many gluten free products are very light (at least without any additional colors). I haven't had much of any pecan flavored things, so these were a nice change into my diet. I seriously wish I could get these from my nearby stores.

All in all, I did like the Nut-Thins a lot (even the name!), their flavors are not too traditional and before seen - at least to me - and the consistency is pretty amazing as well (sometimes that's an issue with gluten free stuff). If you haven't, but will get the chance, buy these babies. They are so good. I probably need to hire someone to send me care packages with these inside from time to time, haha.

I wanna thank Blue Diamond Almonds for generously sending these to me, all the way from US, it was cool to taste new snacks.

Have you tried Blue Diamond products? What did you think about them? And, if there are any gluten free snacks, or other products that are worth trying, let me know in the comments so I can try them out too!

Now, I'm going to get a quick shower and then hit the bed. I have a harsh day tomorrow and no idea how I'm gonna survive, haha. Thankfully my job ends after this week so I have my evenings open (to do school stuff, more school stuff and nothing but school stuff). But, talk to you on Thursday, I guess.

Have a fabulous day ♥

Rainbow, Two ways ♥

Heya lovelies!

How are you all? ♥

We had a hilarious weekend with my boys, and I had so much fun I yet again left my laptop alone and lived my life instead. Though, I have quite a lot of things I want to post to you. Like today's nails.

Anyway, I'm going back to school tomorrow, so, a fair warning, I might not be able to post too, too often, because of the school work. But I do my best to keep the blog running. And also, if you have contacted me lately via the blog's email, I'll get back to you by Thursday.

Today, however, it's time to see some more nail art:

 photo DSC00292Large.jpg

The first one is a simple skittle mani with China Glaze pastels. I wanted to do something fun but easy, so I added some studs to make the mani more me.

 photo DSC00297Large.jpg photo DSC00300Large.jpg photo DSC00304Large.jpg

The colors used here are called Sweet Hook, Feel The Breeze, If In Doubt, Surf It Out, Sun Upon My Skin and Highlight Of My Summer. The studs are from Born Pretty Store.

 photo DSC00308Large.jpg photo DSC00861Large.jpg

The other one is another galaxy mani, this time using several colors instead ones from the same "family". I really liked this one, and think I will do a new galaxy one as soon as I figure out a nice color scheme for it.

 photo DSC00864Large.jpg photo DSC00873Large.jpg photo DSC00877Large.jpg

Unfortunately I can't figure out which colors I used for this (I promise, next time I do anything like this, I will write down what I use), but I can tell you they're all by China Glaze, and the glitter polish on top is called Fairy Dust.

 photo DSC00879Large.jpg

That's all I have for you today, now I will go knit for a while, and then early to bed so that I will be ready for school in the morning.

Let me know what you think about these nail arts in the comments below!

Have a fabulous day ♥

DIY: Flower crown ♥

Hello lovelies!

How are you all? ♥

Remember how promised you a little DIY post? Well, here goes. Hopefully this is any helpful!

So today, I give my view on how to make a flower crown from fabric flowers.

You'll need:

iron wire
wire cutters
pliers (for handling wire)
florist's tape, green
silk/fabric flowers & leaves

Feel free to get as much flowers as you want, that's the part that makes your crown unique. Ready? Let's get started!

 photo DSC01482Large.jpg photo DSC01373Large.jpg photo DSC01375Large.jpg

First, measure a wire that goes around your head three times. Then, before cutting the wire, wrap it around itself like in the pic, so that you'll have a "ring" that fits to your head. You should now have the wire going four times around. Use pliers to secure the ends.

 photo DSC01378Large.jpg

Next, prep your flowers and leaves if necessary. For example, mine were from IKEA, so they had still a lot of stalk and extra things on them that weren't needed for the crown.

 photo DSC01477Large.jpg

Then, attach the greens (if you have those) around the wire crown with the florist's tape.

 photo DSC01478Large.jpg

It should look something like this. After this, attach the flowers the way you want: all the way around, or just on the front or whatever you like. I put mine all over the crown. You can secure the flowers with thin wire, but that's totally optional. For me, it was the best option.

 photo DSC01480Large.jpg

The ready product looks like this. Well, at least, mine does. Yours might be totally different.

 photo DSC01484Large.jpg

And it's like this when worn. Pretty neat, huh?

Let me know what you think about this tutorial, and let me know if there are other fashion items you'd like to see me recreate, in the comments below!

Now, this girl is off to bed as I have loads to do in the morning. Talk to you soon! ♥

Have a fantastic day!

Chillin' In Kuopio ♥

Hey lovelies!

How are you all? ♥

The last couple of days went by incredibly fast, as my dear friend was visiting us as a surprise. It was pretty fun and we got to catch up properly (and shop a little, too), which was a boost I totally needed right before starting school again. Today, I'm just chilling out and going through our closets a bit, as there's lots of old stuff I don't need and I seriously need to de-clutter. Can't seem to never stop with that, haha.

Anyway, today's post is still about our trip to Kuopio, few pictures from there I really wanna share. These were all taken on Saturday, which was the day we went to a boat trip and to the wine festival.

 photo DSC00132Large.jpg

The little village my parents live in has a gorgeous lake views. That day, we showed the lake a bit more to my fiance, which was the perfect time for my dad to get his boat out.

 photo DSC00141Large.jpg photo DSC00144Large.jpg photo DSC00150Large.jpg photo DSC00154Large.jpg

After the boat trip, me and my fiance headed to the city to see our friends and grab a bite before going to the wine festival. We dined at restaurant Ehta, and the food there was brilliant. I also loved the staff, the guy who waited our table was fantastic.

 photo DSC00160Large.jpg photo DSC00161Large.jpg

After this, we headed to the port for the festival. I was supposed to take photos but got carried away with conversations and simply forgot. Sorry. But nevertheless, I did have the time to take pictures of my outfit of the day:

 photo DSC00178Large.jpg photo DSC00280Large.jpg photo DSC00277Large.jpg photo DSC00194Large.jpg photo DSC00291Large.jpg photo DSC00207Large.jpg

Jeans: Gina Tricot Boots: SpiritStore Top: H&M Jacket: H&M Necklace: Gina Tricot Bracelet: Boohoo Rings: Born Pretty Store

Again wearing the leopard print top. I'm pretty obsessed. I guess I need to find cute cardigans so that I can rock it in autumn as well. Otherwise, the outfit is pretty basic me. Like you probably know already. ;)

Let me know what you think about the look in the comments below!

Now, I gotta go put on my face so we can head out to the grocery store to buy birthday cake stuff for our friend. See you soon though!

Have fabulous day, dolls ♥