All Black Everything

You know how I love my black clothes? This look is no exception to that rule. At all. We shot this one earlier this Spring, when the nature hadn't yet woken up and gotten all green as it is now. Right now, I couldn't imagine wearing that heavy scarf or the leather jacket as it is so hot.

spring style

Tokyo Treat April 2018

I'm quite late to this train, but I figured some of you might still be interested to see this. We ordered Tokyo Treat box for three months, and today I'm about to review the first of them, which was April's box. (May's review will be up this month as well, hope you don't mind a little food talk!) This one got to us quite early in the month, so we have long ago eaten most of these. But I took some notes while tasting things so that I could make this post. Maybe it's helpful if you're considering ordering this or maybe you're travelling to Japan region and need snack recommendations. After the June box, I think we are going to try a different snack box, maybe the Vegobox because I'm very into tasting new vegan things right now.

tokyo treat box