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12 Days of Christmas: At Home Hot Beverage Bar for a Small Space

Have you already gotten your home ready for the holidays? Because we sure have. There are some finishing touches I still want to do before I'm 100% happy with it all, but mostly we are done and can just enjoy the holiday vibes. 

Before starting to decorate our place, I admittedly watched way too many "Decorate with me for Christmas" videos, and one of them showed this adorable holiday coffee station that was set on a side table with holiday mugs and all that jazz. That made me want to have a cute beverage bar too, however our space is super limited so a whole table for that is not currently an option (but a girl can dream, right?).

So, I did a smaller version, and will happily share mine with you, so maybe you can also create your own. 

Let's get right to it:

christmas beverage bar 

12 Days of Christmas 2020: Sleighing the Look

Hey my loves, it's been a while since the last post. I've been insanely busy with work and school, and since posting on Instagram is ways more effortless than writing a full on blog post, I've really only been active there. However, at least for this month, we are back with new content (I don't know how my spring schedule will look like, so I can't make decisions for that quite yet, I'll keep you updated once I know more!). Like the title says, there will be 12 posts leading to Christmas, and they all have been planned out already. I'm very excited for you to see them all, I ran couple of the ideas through my bestie before locking them into my schedule and since she approved, you'll all get to see them. 

And to answer to potential question of why 12 December posts and not 24. Honestly, lack of time. I can't get through rest of the work and school tasks of the year and to be able to do daily content here that still stays relevant, informative and/or entertaining. I rather bring you quality, which is why I was on accidental hiatus instead of posting half-assed texts for you.

To kick off this month, I wanted to share this outfit with you. It's my take on metal babe meets festive, and while I would wear this all year round, the shade of green here is, in my opinion, pretty perfect for the season.

how to style leather pants

Latest DIY Projects a.k.a My Stress Relief Outcomes

I was supposed to post this a week ago, but am honestly so busy I'm happy we're getting this up only a week late. So, let that be said, posts may be a little more sparse for the time being as I am working, studying and living all at the same time, so Internet must wait at times. But once I get my studies out of the way, there'll be more time for blog posts and such. I will try my best to compensate the lack of quantity with quality, so that the few posts you get will then be better. But without any further ado, let's get into this post and to my latest DIY projects.


Wisdom Wednesday: Studying With a Full Time Job (My Experience)

Today's post is half advice/tips, half a "what's going on with my life" post. I wanted to write this because I'm sure there are other people in similar situation or people who think about taking up a bit of studying while working full time. To be honest, it can be a hard thing to do, depending on what you do for a job and what and how much you want/need to study, but I'm here to tell you about things that make it all doable for me. If that's something you'd be interested in, keep on reading.

study supplies