And That's Who I am pt. 2

Hey babes! ♥

Today's post is the second part to the That's Who I am series I'm doing now for 10 weekends. (The first part can be seen here!) So, if you wanna know a tiny bit more about the person sitting this side of the screen, keep reading. If you prefer less talk and more photos, head to the previous post. ;)

Let's get it started!

Who else admits they're a night owl? I sure am. It's very bad for my studies, and for many other things in life, but I can't really help it. I do try to force my body going to sleep earlier, but that very rarely  helps. Hopefully, I'll get the better of it someday. (or, I have to move to US, and my rhythm would be just fine ;D)

I think this one basically explains itself. But to add to it, I find fire such a soothing element, it's warm, it's beautiful - and then again, when handled the wrong way, extremely dangerous. But fireplaces are amazing, I wish to have a house of my own, with a fireplace, as soon as possible. 

I love to paint - yes, other than my nails, as well - but nowadays I don't seem to have the time or the energy to it. I'm sure that when I get older, I'll get the hang of it again. As a young(er) girl, people used to say I'm super talented at drawing and painting. I'm not too sure about that, but it gave me confidence to learn to love painting. So, it's all good., who doesn't? It's fun how much you will learn just by watching people on the street. Or how much you can be inspired. It's mesmerizing how many different individuals are there, how many styles, how many skintones, how different languages and accents... Next time you're in a city, take a look. Just really focus on everyone who walks by. You'll be amazed.

...again, aren't we all? And by this, I don't mean I'd spent hours just looking myself in the mirror and thinking how awesome I look, or anything, but that I am vain enough to really care for how I look like when walking down the streets. I love putting on makeup, doing my hair, painting my nails... You know, the girly stuff. It never gets the best of me, as mere looks are never enough - even Heidi Klum is very, very intelligent, so not just looks there ;) But, I can be honest and say that there's a little vanity in me.

I would never bend over backwards to please anyone but myself. I'm strongly against the idea we should all look the same, feel the same, think the same. It makes no sense. Life is a one-time shot, make the most of it. Be the best and most amazing version of yourself. Be you. Don't let others tell you otherwise. 

This goes hand in hand with the previous one. I don't aim to please. I'm sorry if someone feels that is rude, I'm sorry if someone feels it's inappropriate. But I have opinions other than fashion-related ones, and I am more than willing to share, if someone asks. I have been too outspoken many, many times, but that has never truly been against me. Sure, you need to know when to keep your mouth shut for everyone's sake, but, there's no reason to be a doormat. As I'm privileged enough to live in a country where women can think, feel and say what they want, I gladly use that right when I get the chance. 

Do I even have to explain? :D You know the feeling when you've had a full 8 hours at school and then at home you realize you have a bag full of homework? I hate that, too.

One life, live it. Don't hold back, don't regret. Love like it's your last day, enjoy every minute. Learn from the past, be curious of the future, treasure the moment. I wanna live my life the best way I can, to the fullest, without regrets, giving the most that I can - being the best me that I possibly can. For this, I have many amazing things lined up for this year - can't wait to share with you all!

It has taken years, but I'm finally starting to be confident with who I am and how I look. Something I wouldn't be able to without my friends and family, who are amazing - and I hope I've given as much support back! My 16-year-old self would be amazed how confident she would become over the years. Then, I would've never in a million years thought that I'd start a blog where I share my outfits, with my face showing, and with my own name. I was totally too scared then. But, I've changed. Now I want to get creative with my looks, show who I am through my clothes, and really enjoy fashion, rather than thinking what people think about how I dress. (Though, I still love hearing your thoughts, they often inspire me.) I could write a whole post about this alone, but let's save that for a "rainy day", shall we?

So, here's what I have for you today, this and that about what kind of person I am. 

Now, the stage is yours: do you relate to any of these things? Or, have you done a post like this? If you answer yes to either, let me know in the comments! ♥ I love getting to know you all more!

Now, I'm going to enjoy the rest of my day, getting ready for tomorrow's little roadtrip. ;)

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Staying Warm

Heya babes!

How are you all? Are you having a nice Easter? ♥

We had a little extempore shopping trip today, and I ended up finding a huge pile of accessories on sale. ;) (Oops.) I also tried if it was already a warm enough weather for shorts with tights - which it wasn't - and got some people looking at me like I was crazy. Though, going out in short pants, I seriously was a bit crazy. :D

Anyway, today I thought I'd share an outfit from around Valentine's Day (or so). I think I'm finally starting to really define my style a bit which is a big relief because it will help to reorganize my closet (once again) and to get rid of unnecessary stuff (even more than before). But first, something other than my style:

 photo DSC09255.jpg

The most adorable little pastry my fiance got for me as a V-Day gift. And later he bought roses, so I must say I felt a bit spoiled. I'm amazed he still, after so much time together, has the energy and will to go and buy these little things to make my day.

So, later that day, we headed out to run some errands, and I decided to bust out the leather jacket again. It's funny to look at these photos with the old hair (if you haven't already, check out the new 'do here!), but as much as I liked it red/orange/whatever, I'm totally in love with the new, more neutral one. ;) But, to the outfit itself:

 photo DSC09271.jpg

Notice how the jeans look funny? Well, that's because they are waxed or something so that there's star shapes all over them. Too bad that in this light, they didn't show much. Here, I tried to get warm enough by layering a top, a chunky knit and a leather jacket, and by adding a infinity scarf and a lovely bright pink cap.

 photo DSC09275.jpg

 photo DSC09278.jpg

 photo DSC09283.jpg

 photo 276d1f9b-790e-4a78-907e-39f8ff02745e.jpg
(Tried out some editing to this, and got it weirdly looking like a daylight shot. But, as an amateur that I am, couldn't figure this out for the other pictures...)
 photo 29fc80e0-c497-42f0-baff-36ce38fc3932.jpg

Jeans: New Yorker Knit: Cubus Leather jacket: second hand Furry boots: Kenkämarski Infinity scarf: Indiska Knit cap: Cubus Bag: Mango

So, a simple and yet again casual outfit, but that's how I stay warm in Winter. I'm so glad it finally starts to get warmer so I can start switching to skirts and other girly looks - though it will take few days/weeks before I can really say it's Spring here. ;)

But, what do you think about this look? ♥

Now it's time for my favorite pastime: blog reading. I'm so behind on every blog possible I simply have to catch up right away. ;)

Have a lovely weekend/Easter, lovelies! ♥

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New Hair ♥

Hey babes,

This is not really a meaningful post, but this happy blogger really wanted to show you a beautiful new hair my favorite hair stylist Hanna created for me. I'm finally really trying out the ombré hair, and I'm in love. And, for once, you see me without extensions. I think that'll be more usual during summer as I'll give my hair a rest - which is partially why we dyed my hair this way. But anyway, I think that's enough about the hair.

Just look at the photos. :D

 photo DSC00167.jpg

 photo DSC00172.jpg

 photo DSC00173.jpg

 photo DSC00174.jpg

 photo DSC00178.jpg

Yeah, I'm silly with the poses. Never mind that. :D

But hey, what do you think about the hair? Pretty neat, huh?

Nothing more to say here. I promise a post with more sense next time.



Our New Home: Livingroom ♥

Hello my lovelies!

Hope you're all doing fine this Thursday ♥

It's almost Easter, and I'm so happy for that, since I have so many days off from the school, and can focus on relaxing and writing some blog posts in store. And of course, to training. I'm happy to tell you that I finally got the energy and motivation to start working out again, so by the Summer, I bet you I'll be in top shape.

(And yes, I'll be doing some kind of post about the progress, workout and such later on.)

But, today I thought I'd show you another room from our new home. You've already seen the sneak peek, and the study/blogging space, and now it's time to see our livingroom. It's not exactly done yet (I'm looking for a detail or two to complete it), but good enough to share with you.

So, enjoy!

 photo 41d7874a-67fc-44b3-b8f3-55e873e27306.jpg

Our brand new couch ♥ I love this little piece of heaven so, so much (yes, I enjoy my movies), and the dark grey color was so perfect as it can be decorated easily with pillows - for it is such a neutral color.

 photo 177018d3-446f-43bb-886b-d635aac7cd4f.jpg

On our coffee table, I like to have fresh flowers whenever our budget allows it. Also, I love having candles around, and will probably find more ways to have them around the apartment during this year. ;) (as you can see, I was in a process of doing my nails while shooting this, lol.)

 photo 8fa59eaa-c1ae-4e65-bda3-752ad9d4fe5c.jpg

I'm not much of a painting person, but I love having photos around the apartment. I could show you so many, but due privacy, I won't do that. Many of the photos include non-blogging friends and family members, so I'm not comfortable sharing their pictures without a separate permission.

 photo e5476378-3ddb-4200-bea8-2a267f8e2b41.jpg

Because love is always around in our home. Sure, we have our bad days - don't we all - but that never gets ahead of our love for each other. I made these alphabets for our old place, and even made a post about it (which you can see here).

 photo DSC09883.jpg

The entertainment section of our livingroom. Our precious TV, and all the many videogame consoles. And as you might know already, we're huge NHL enthusiasts, so, what's more fitting than seeing a game there :D

 photo DSC09884.jpg

Fun fact: We always try to buy all the controllers in different colors if possible. That way, no matter how long break you take, everyone remembers what's theirs. ;) Guess which is mine?

 photo DSC09885.jpg

My cat-shaped wine bottles. You've seen these already in the sneak peek post, but here they are again. I love how they look in the daylight, and whenever sunlight catches the colored glass, it makes them even more amazing. (See the weird shape on the ceiling there? We're still missing a couple of lamps. lol.)

 photo DSC09889.jpg

Our PC corner. Even though I manage with my laptop, my fiance needs a powerful computer for playing and such. (Okay, I do play Sims3 every now and then, too.) I love how neat this is compared to the previous one, and I'm glad we're managing to keep it that way.

 photo DSC09890.jpg

And last but not least, our collection of houseplants. (And a small view to our balcony, which won't be ready in a while, haha.) I love having plants, and I do dream of my own little garden already. Sure, that won't happen very soon, but until then, I'll try and grow things on the windowsill and the balcony.

So, this concludes our little tour this time. We have a humble little home, and sure, it's not straight from a catalog or from an interior design magazine, but it's comfy and homey. And that's what makes it a perfect home for us. I'll give an update post when I find the final touches for the room. ;)

But, so far, what do you think about the livingroom?  ♥

So, that's all for today (unless I find something I absolutely need to post about), but I'll be back very soon as I will have a lot of time for blogging these next few days. ;)

Have a lovely day, fabulous people!

Blog ya later,



Spring Nails

Hey lovelies!

Happy Tuesday ♥

How are you all doing this week?

I'm eagerly waiting for the weekend, since it's going to be a long one, and I can enjoy it fully - as long as I work hard on my school assignments these few days before that. I love how it's getting more sunny and warm every day, and that also makes me wanna dress and do my nails more Spring-likely. (I think that's not even a real word... Oh, well.)

So, as the title suggest, today I'll be showing you some nail art once again. These are something I created for the first really sunny days of this Spring.

Care to take a look? Here we go!

 photo DSC09246.jpg

So first up are these fun polka dot nails inspired by Samantha from PackAPunchPolish, she is super talented and extremely nice, and those of you who love amazing nail art should totally check out her nail blog! ♥

 photo DSC09248.jpg

So, I made mine with warm, bright colors, and I thought the outcome was really nice, although somehow the striping tape did create some nasty lines in between. Well, you can't create perfect without a lot of exercise, right?

 photo DSC09250.jpg

The colors I used for this were a random bright orange by H&M, Sun-Kissed by China Glaze, Speed Dial by Ciaté, and Escaping Reality by China Glaze (which shows off weirdly purple... lol)

 photo DSC09251.jpg

The other mani was inspired by a picture I saw while searching Google for inspiration, and here's what I created:

 photo DSC09290.jpg

Butterfly wings with a very subtle ombre effect. I hadn't tried this before and was surprised how easy this was. I think this would make a fun tutorial post, what do you think? (of course, you can find video tutorials from YouTube right away if you wish :D)

 photo DSC09292.jpg

It was the first time in a long while that I used China Glaze Aquadelic (bottle in the pictures), and I have to say I had forgotten how nice it actually looks.

 photo DSC09294.jpg

Also, sorry about the weird shape of the index finger, I didn't wanna cut it down just then so I tried to make it look humane despite the corner dropping off... Not a huge success.

 photo DSC09293.jpg

So, here are the nails for this days post.

What do you guys think? And, what are you rocking on your nails today? ♥

Now, I need to get back with my studies, but later this week, I will have an outfit post, new home post, and another That's Who I am post for you, at least. If you missed the first That's Who I am, you can read it here to learn random facts about me.

Have a lovely week, sweeties! ♥

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And That's Who I am pt. 1

Hi babes!

How are you doing this weekend? ♥

Today's post is a little different one from my usual stuff, I have seen these ones a while ago in so many blogs I decided I could maybe do some of these. I realized I haven't shared as much of my personality as I could've, and I thought that this way, I could let you learn more about me. So for the next 10 weekends, you're going to get to know random little facts about me through these little posts (note: the facts are in totally random order!). 

I hope you're going to like these - and, without further ado, let's get started:

Ever since I was a teenager, I have been having few bands/artists, whose songs always make me feel better, no matter how crappy day I might be having. And where you might think I'm the kind of girl who goes for all these happy pop songs... Well, I don't. I love a little more hard music. Of course, there's Avril Lavigne with her amazing lyrics (girl power!), but I'm more comforted by Linkin Park and Fireal. Those three were the main things (after my friends and family, of course) keeping me sane through my teen years. They also brought me joy when my fiance was in the army and I was alone in a new city, and when I knew absolutely no one in here. So, needless to say, I couldn't live without music.

In real life, I'm at times so shy that this doesn't show too well, but once I'm past that, I'm super friendly. I love making friends with everyone, and I totally love getting to know new people. I also love giving compliments to people, I get such an amazing feeling when someone smiles widely after I've said or done something nice to them. For example, couple of weeks ago, I was in a hockey game with the boys. After the game we went to get hamburgers, and while we were sitting down, one of our friends knocked over his cup of soda, spilling the whole cup to the floor. I couldn't sit there watching him eat his meal totally without soda, so I poured half of mine into his cup - because I rarely can fit the whole drink after a meal anyway. Everyone won, everyone was happy. That's why being friendly is high on my list.

I don't know if you can tell, but I really try to have joy in the little things in life. I love it when my fiance takes the trash out without asking, when someone holds the door for others, when I see a sales person helping an age-old lady with their shopping in the grocery store. So far, I've learned that enjoying the little things makes you the happiest, and it helps you overcome stressful situations easier. My fiance has a ton of examples of how I'm happy with so little (with my shopping habits, many might not believe that), like, when I eat good food, I'm over the moon. Simple pleasures truly are the best!

I love, love, love eyes. They're usually the most beautiful thing in every person, as they truly are windows into our souls. It's fascinating how many different colors of eyes there are, how they can both be different colors, how no one has totally symmetric eyes.... Simply a fascinating creation. I don't know if I'm obsessed just because I've worn glasses since forever, and only lately in life have I learned how to define my eyes - and to wear the contact lenses. And I'm not only obsessed with eyes, but also with eye makeup. Seriously, I could watch eye makeup tutorials from YouTube forever. And I never get bored! (So, if you see weird creations in my outfit shots, I've probably just watched one that day. And tried it out.)

I hesitated for long before putting this here, but I figured that those who's opinions matter, will also read the text. While I would love to see my blog grow, and wouldn't mind if someone random came to me on the street telling how they love my blog, I wouldn't necessarily want to be famous. I hate the way the media tries to tear apart anyone who has made name for themselves, no matter if they have cheated their partner, wore a bad dress, got too drunk... They're people too, and they're prone to make mistakes. None of us is perfect, it doesn't matter how famous you are. 

That being said, I would like to be known for what I do. I would love to get so good at something there would be a person or two who'd look up to me for that, for my talent, even though I don't really like to put myself in a pedestal in any way. But I would love to be recognized by the things I've done, I just need to figure out if there is anything I'm that good at. ;)

In the age of 19. I think that's pretty young. And I have been with the same guy since - and I don't even think what it would be like without him. It's amazing feeling, being in love. Just last night, while I was laying next to him, before falling to sleep, I was thinking how lucky I am to have him in my life. How lucky it is, when there's the one who you love, and who loves you back, who wants to marry you, and who wants to spend their whole life with you. There's no other feeling like that in life. 

Well, aren't most of us? As a blogger, you got to realize that everything you put out on the Internet stays there more or less forever, so, I wouldn't put up pictures of me with runny nose, red eyes, hangover, dirty hair or whatever here, because like any style/lifestyle blog, this one too is mostly based for the visual. I can proudly admit I wear sometimes pretty terrible clothes for work, I go there regularly without makeup and with messy hair, but I don't think those fit here that well. And even though through my posts it might seem that we eat out all the time - that's not exactly the way it goes. I just have my camera in hand more often with  restaurant food than with the casual tuna salad or so. I'm sure that's the case with most of the bloggers. And it's not about deciding to make yourself look more cool than you are, it's just that it's usually more interesting for readers to share the special moments rather than the cold dinner you eat in front of the laptop, typing a school paper with one hand. :D

That being said, most of my friends would say I'm cooler offline, when you truly see my personality.

I'm the kind of friend who tries to be there for you through everything. I believe in friendships when you can be apart for years, but still be able to find the connection when meeting each other again. No one should be left alone in this world. I always try to hear both sides of the stories, give everyone the chance to tell what they think happened, even though that seems odd to some. If you need someone to hold your hand and give you a hug, I'm probably in the line ready to do that. I get mad for the bad treatment other people get - too often, my fiance says - even if the issue itself doesn't touch me in any way. It's just nice to be there for others, it's one of the little things in life that make me happy.

Guilty! I grew up reading the books and watching the movies - I've even written some fan fiction! I still have the characters in my Sims 2 game, and I'm pretty much obsessed with the series. I know how everyone has been hyped about Twilight, Hunger Games and all the others since HP, but no series has touched me the same way this far. I love the way you can see J.K. Rowling's writing evolve through the books, how the language gets more complicated towards the end, which is so appropriate as the characters grow through the books. I also love the values the books teach, and I'm positive I will get my own children to know the series at least a little. Of course it's up to them whether they love it or not. But I, for one, will always love Harry Potter, and the timeless story it tells.

Well, if it haven't dawned on you yet, I'm a bit odd. Then again, I think we all are. That's what makes an individual interesting, the little oddities each of us has. I, for example, like to create all sorts of little lists, I often rather sit on the floor than on the couch, I like weird food combos... There's an endless list of odd little things I like, say, or do. And I like myself this way. ;)

All pictures courtesy of

So, that's the first part of random little facts about me. There'll be nine more, and I hope I'm not boring you with all this stuff. :D

Have you done/will you be doing posts like this? If so, please link them below so I can learn more about you! ♥

Next time, a more usual post, but what about - well, that you have to see later! I'm off now to spend the rest of my weekend with F1, sewing, and good food!

Have a great weekend, everyone! ♥

Blog ya later,



A Business Student

Hey lovelies!

How are you today? ♥

I've had an extremely nice week despite the hurry with all the school stuff, and it feels awesome to work hard. I also planned myself a workout program (for the time before jogging weather) and reintroduced my favorite form of workout - dance - again to my body. I haven't felt this good in a long while, and I hope it also starts to show in my photos. ;)

Now, I'm in the middle of writing a report for school - and I have to finish it today - so I'll keep this short and just let the pictures speak for themselves. (Although, if you wanna read more, go to the previous post and see my latest nail art tutorial!)

So, today, I wanted to share a casual outfit I wore just after our move (seriously, I have 6 weeks old photos I haven't shared... I gotta catch up!). I'm learning to love blazers quite a lot, so that's what this look was about, too.

 photo 35ca6927-ae09-4fe4-ad74-78a7fc17649f.jpg

See how I try to look like a business student? I guess that's totally appropriate. :D

 photo 8c65d385-8ef2-4711-b95e-746fd3d506e1.jpg

 photo 45af5738-cebb-42db-a638-85c3beeb2513.jpg

 photo 8d4cfdc7-b3a5-4a14-99ee-0373952f7c91.jpg

 photo a979fdb1-34ec-4eec-b8b9-bd10194aedc0.jpg

 photo f5771272-f541-4121-be4d-a7a8a220e132.jpg

 photo 9a044cba-b9bb-449a-bde0-086c440eb484.jpg

Jeans: Cubus Top: H&M Blazer: H&M Boots: SpiritStore Necklace: Gina Tricot Bracelets: Gina Tricot

So, I don't have much to say about this look, except it was casual and I liked it. :D Notice how I have my hair up? Not an usual sight. But I was feeling like it at the time, and have worn my hair like that many times since. The bright blue jeans cheered me up that day - I was totally needing the energy - so I just tried to create a subtle look around them. Nothing more to add.

Except, sorry again for the terrible inside lightning. I tried to fix it, but it wasn't possible with Photobucket's own tools. Sorry!

But, besides the light, what do you think about the look? ♥

I'll go now back to my school work, but I'll get back to you soon!

Have a lovely day, sweethearts! ♥

Blog ya later,