12 Days of Christmas: Merry Christmas

Not much to say for today, just wanting to wish you happy holidays with few cat pics. I hope you'll have a great time with your loved ones, even if that is the social distancing way that is all too familiar in 2020.

_DSC5933 (Large)

12 Days of Christmas: Holiday Nails, Two Ways

It's been quite a while since the previous nail art post, not that I haven't done nail art, but I just haven't posted any. However today, I'm happy to share two designs that are fit for the holidays. Mine are done by stamping, you can use any technique you prefer - or just get inspiration for the color scheme here. 

_DSC5967 (Large)

12 Days of Christmas: Simple Gift Ideas That Will Fit Your Budget

If 2020 has taught me something, it is to value things based on the thought that goes into them rather than what their monetary value is. Especially now that meeting people is tricky if not impossible, I truly appreciate the little things that are thoughtfully picked or made for me. 

And I'm sure many feel the same. So in this post, I'm listing few gift ideas that don't require big budget or can easily be adjusted to fit your budget. I'm sure these are ideas that are readily available in other sources too, but these are some I've tested out in recent years and people have really like them. I know this is probably a little late for this year, but save it for next year or for another occasion you need simple gifts for!

Ready? Let's go.

_DSC5930 (Large)

12 Days of Christmas: Battle of the Palettes - Blue Blood VS Blueberry Muffin

Ever since I saw someone (and I believe that someone was Angelica Nyqvist) talk about the BH Cosmetics Blueberry Muffin palette, I immediately knew I wanted to get it and see how close the vibes of it are to Blue Blood by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I know people really like the Blue Blood as a blue palette, but in the current climate many are shifting from JSC to other brands, preferably more affordable ones, so I'm thinking this post could be useful for you as well.

I also ran this through my bestie who thankfully approved so I didn't have to scrap the post, haha. (Love you Vita ♥)

blue blood vs blueberry muffin

12 Days of Christmas: My DIYs since the previous update

What's up my loves? As promised, today's post is all about DIY things, although I haven't been up to as many things as I had in the previous DIY update here (click!). That's because I'm busy with studying and working all the darn time, and can't put as much time into DIY as I'd love to. However, that'll change once I graduate (which should be in June if all goes well). 

But without further ado, let's talk about DIY!

knitted skirt

12 Days of Christmas: At Home Hot Beverage Bar for a Small Space

Have you already gotten your home ready for the holidays? Because we sure have. There are some finishing touches I still want to do before I'm 100% happy with it all, but mostly we are done and can just enjoy the holiday vibes. 

Before starting to decorate our place, I admittedly watched way too many "Decorate with me for Christmas" videos, and one of them showed this adorable holiday coffee station that was set on a side table with holiday mugs and all that jazz. That made me want to have a cute beverage bar too, however our space is super limited so a whole table for that is not currently an option (but a girl can dream, right?).

So, I did a smaller version, and will happily share mine with you, so maybe you can also create your own. 

Let's get right to it:

christmas beverage bar 

12 Days of Christmas 2020: Sleighing the Look

Hey my loves, it's been a while since the last post. I've been insanely busy with work and school, and since posting on Instagram is ways more effortless than writing a full on blog post, I've really only been active there. However, at least for this month, we are back with new content (I don't know how my spring schedule will look like, so I can't make decisions for that quite yet, I'll keep you updated once I know more!). Like the title says, there will be 12 posts leading to Christmas, and they all have been planned out already. I'm very excited for you to see them all, I ran couple of the ideas through my bestie before locking them into my schedule and since she approved, you'll all get to see them. 

And to answer to potential question of why 12 December posts and not 24. Honestly, lack of time. I can't get through rest of the work and school tasks of the year and to be able to do daily content here that still stays relevant, informative and/or entertaining. I rather bring you quality, which is why I was on accidental hiatus instead of posting half-assed texts for you.

To kick off this month, I wanted to share this outfit with you. It's my take on metal babe meets festive, and while I would wear this all year round, the shade of green here is, in my opinion, pretty perfect for the season.

how to style leather pants

Latest DIY Projects a.k.a My Stress Relief Outcomes

I was supposed to post this a week ago, but am honestly so busy I'm happy we're getting this up only a week late. So, let that be said, posts may be a little more sparse for the time being as I am working, studying and living all at the same time, so Internet must wait at times. But once I get my studies out of the way, there'll be more time for blog posts and such. I will try my best to compensate the lack of quantity with quality, so that the few posts you get will then be better. But without any further ado, let's get into this post and to my latest DIY projects.


Wisdom Wednesday: Studying With a Full Time Job (My Experience)

Today's post is half advice/tips, half a "what's going on with my life" post. I wanted to write this because I'm sure there are other people in similar situation or people who think about taking up a bit of studying while working full time. To be honest, it can be a hard thing to do, depending on what you do for a job and what and how much you want/need to study, but I'm here to tell you about things that make it all doable for me. If that's something you'd be interested in, keep on reading.

study supplies

Support Sunday: Fashionistas to Follow on Instagram

Today, I'm really wanting to share some love to ladies who inspire me, my style and my photography (last of those not yet so much since I'm a noob though) constantly. And since you are reading this, I assume you get inspired by more or less same things than I do. I believe all of the ladies I mention in this post have more than their Instagram, but links for everything you can find on their profiles so please just go check them out, give their posts some love and give them follows, too.


Mittens for Amaranthe

Today, I want to share the little DIY gifts I made for Amaranthe to give to them when I got to meet them before all the lockdowns and such. The band us full of amazing people whose music truly makes my life so much better - and has made me meet people who I want to have in my life for the rest of eternity. To thank the band for this amazing, magical music as well as the friendships I've got to build through the music, I figured I'd create a pair of mittens for each. 

All these patterns are at least based on ones I've found/bought on the internet, some of them I've only changed the color to, some are quite a bit modified. 

music mittens

Wisdom Wednesday: How I Take and Edit My Makeup Photos

Every now and then I get questions in my dms about how I take my makeup photos, and while I'm nowhere near a pro, there's definitely a thing or two I could share with you that might help you out find your best ways of taking makeup pictures. If this sounds like something you're interested in, or if you just want to peek behind the scenes of my posts, keep on reading. Note! These tips apply only to my Instagram pics, for my blog pics there's whole another road.


Reviewing Products I Got For My Birthday - A Very Late B-Day Haul

Another post in the series of posts I planned for June but life got in the way - a little haul/review of things I got for my birthday. This is not absolutely everything I got, it's, for example, missing what my bestie got me (candy, gorgeous top, stunning necklace, very special card etc.) among few other things, but some of them are so personal I don't really want to put them for the whole internet to see. With these, I'm okay for anyone to take a look so here we go. Most of these are from my boyfriend who absolutely spoiled me for the quarantine birthday this year.

birthday haul

Support Sunday: Favorite YouTubers Right Now

Happy Sunday lovelies ♥ Today I wanted to share some of the YouTubers I've really enjoying watching as of lately. So in case this year has gotten you go through any and every creator on your subscriptions list, maybe these could be some you haven't considered. I have a long list of people I do watch somewhat regularly as I seriously watch way more YouTube than traditional television, so if you like this one, I could quite easily do another round of recommendations during this autumn. 

But now, without further ado, list of my current favorite creators in no particular order and most definitely probably leaving few out to not make this post overly long. I tried my best to link each creator's second/third channels too especially if I mention them so you can go check them out yourself.

youtube and knit

Cherry Nails

Happy Friday everyone! Today I really wanted to share some nail art with you, even if this one was done some months ago. But you know, I still really love the look of this design so let's talk about it a little bit.

summer nails

Wisdom Wednesday: 30 Things I've Learned In 30 Years

This is a cliche and a half of a post, but it felt like something fun to post so here we go: 30 things I've learned in 30 years, in no particular order. I feel like much of an intro isn't necessary as you probably have seen these kinds of posts before. I originally planned on posting this on my birthday but it felt a little tone-deaf then taken what was going on on the internet, so I postponed it... to almost three months later but here we are. Better late than never and am still 30, and still very much believe these statements.

lakeside view

Wisdom Wednesday: We Must Do Better

I thought I'd be getting back to blogging with something way more lighter but with what's been happening in the US (the George Floyd case and more), hopping here to talk about just skin care or something felt a little tone deaf. So instead, I'm using my little space on the Internet to share some resources that I've been familiarizing with lately in order to find ways to help people who are victims of racism. Being a (white) Finn, it's hard to picture a society where people have to actively be scared because if their skin color, and moreover to be afraid of police. And that right there is my privilege speaking. Privilege, which I would rather use for greater good - and that's exactly what I'm trying to do with this post.

To be honest with you, I'm not an expert in any shape or form in these issues, but just a person wanting to do something so that people won't have to live in fear. My extended family just recently grew with couple of little babies, and it would break me if they had to live in fear just because of something they're born with - yet that's the reality for too many people. That's not okay, and none of us should tolerate that. 

Leopard Nails

Two weeks flew by faster than I ever expected, and here I am posting this one a week late. I'm sorry, but there's been a lot on my mind, things that are quite a bit more important than blog writing as much as this is my creative outlet and passion project. But to be perfectly honest, I've had to prioritize things that actually pay my bills and/or keep me healthy.

But today, I finally share this cute but simple nail art design with you, along with what I used to create it.

leopard french mani

Jeffree Star Blood Lust Collection Review

This post is massively overdue, but hey, here we go. I'm not going to further address the elephant in the room that is the pandemic, because I assume if you're reading this instead of the news, you rather escape the reality for a minute o few. So do I. And therefore without further ado, let's take a moment to discuss Jeffree Star Blood Lust collection, and more specifically the items I got from it; the palette and the mini lipstick bundle. At the end of the post, I'll also show you some of the looks I've made with the palette. 

blood lust palette

Nails For The Trip (and how I make them last for a week!)

As you know, last week I was on a trip. For that trip, I created a set of galaxy nails to fit me and my bestie's Cosmic Twinsies theme, because anything galaxy just fit us so well. Long story short, we feel this true cosmic connection and therefore refer ourselves as cosmic twinsies. We also are very, very similar in many ways, hence the twinsie part. In this post, I'm not only sharing what products to use for a mani like this, but also how to make it last as long as possible. As I'm typing this, the nails have been on over a week, and apart from one split tip, they're basically like new still. 

galaxy nails

How to Pack 6-day Trip in Carry-On Luggage

Today I'm wanting to write about something I'm not an expert in, but I figured someone out there might get some use out of this. I'm sharing how I packed for a 6-day trip in the middle of winter with just carry-on luggage and one personal item. And let me be honest, it was challenging.


Jeffree Star Holiday Mystery Box 2019

Hey my babes! The inconsistent blogger friend here trying to make a consistent week out of this one. Not sure if we'll make it into one but we'll see. I have potentially four posts planned for this week and hopefully, they're all be out as planned. I want to start the week by talking about Jeffree Star Mystery Box, which I finally received so I can actually talk about it properly.

jsc mystery box

Support Sunday: Unicorn Princess Markie (Alia Tempora)

Today is my great pleasure to continue my Support Sunday series by talking about a woman who is not only an inspiration to me, but also I would dare to say we're friends. At least that's how it feels whenever we talk together. The woman in question is the lead singer of Alia Tempora, Markéta Morávková - or as we fans call her, Markie. 

2020 Goals

New year, new opportunities, new goals.

As the decade starts and new one begins, as well as my 30th birthday drawing closer and closer, it feels like the perfect time to set some goals, less than before but maybe more meaningful ones in a way. So for the year 2020, I'm setting myself 30 (+1) goals I intend to achieve during the year. Some are easy and I know they'll come through, some require quite a bit of work. But that's the fun of it. (The picture is the same as yesterday, don't mind that!)

Cat playing