Bucket List 2018

New year, new resolutions. 

I've actually never been one to really make New Year's resolutions because I don't really believe in them. Instead I do believe in bucket lists. So I made one for the year. 50 things, big and small. Some that are bit of reaches, some are things that I know will happen. Some might happen the year after this. Some seem vain, some are deeper. And I figured how to make this interesting both me and you, so I may put a little explanation to some, AND once I achieve something, I will either mark it on a blog post concerning it or I will highlight it a bit on Instagram (follow me on @silvertigo if you don't already do so!). And of course at the end of the year, we will see how did I do. 


Pics From Christmas

It's been a couple of weeks since I last blogged, and while I had nice posts planned, also life happened and I had to focus on living offline instead of prioritizing all the posts. I'm sorry if that let anyone down. But also, what you don't know is that I spent this Christmas with a new boyfriend, new extended family and got sick just before Christmas so there has been a lot going on. I'm sure next year will be more chill, so I added the planned posts to next holiday season's agenda and will probably prepare them well ahead.

To summarize our Christmas, I'm sharing some pictures of it today. It's not a super long post - those kinds will follow next month - but I thought this was least I could do since I kind of disappeared just before Christmas.


Gluten-free Gingerbread House

One of the most exciting things around holidays is definitely the holiday treats. Around Christmas, I love gingerbread maybe more than anything. So it's probably no wonder I was determined to make some gluten-free gingerbread on my own, but I also challenged myself and made a whole gingerbread house from scratch.

gingerbread house

Blue Snowflake Nails

On Holiday time, I often get super inspired to do many themed nail art designs. This year doesn't seem any different as I already started my third mani of the month yesterday. Here on the blog, I will today share my second Christmas mani of the year, which is maybe more a winter design. But I wanted to play with techniques as well as new stuff I got from Born Pretty Store. I'll talk more about them below along with the pictures.

winter nails

Christmas Decor 2017

Every Christmas, the best part for me is that I get to decorate the house with some Christmas items. Usually I don't go too overboard, and this year is no exception. In this post, I'm sharing the decorations I put up this Christmas. 

christmas decor

FiorellaShop Haul (and My Christmas Wishlist)

For months now, I've been drooling over FiorellaShop clothes after seeing them on so many cool girls on Instagram. When they had Black Friday deals, I figured it's time to try some. So in this post, I will show you what I got this time. And at the end of the post, I share a wishlist for this holiday season.

Fiorella accessories

Gingerbread Nails

Happy December everyone! ♥ This month I'm trying add a little bit of Christmas to every single post until Christmas. I was originally planning to post every other day starting the 1st of this month, but I was too busy on Friday and yesterday to actually sit down and blog. So we start the Christmas countdown from the third instead. Hope you're okay with that.

To start to get into the Christmas spirit, I naturally did my nails with Christmas themed design.

holiday nails