Halloween Nails 2017: Glitter Blood

Happy Halloween lovelies! How are you today? ♥

As I'm not having any Halloween festivities - especially today since it's the middle of the work week - I figured I would celebrate by posting a themed nail art post instead.

Blood drip nails

Halloween 2017: Last Minute Costumes (Easy & Quick)

Hello lovelies! How are you today? ♥

I hope many of you are having a Halloween party to go to within few days (or otherwise have a chance to dress up a bit for the occasion). I personally don't really have the opportunity, but I love scrolling through inspiration pics nevertheless. In case you are having a quite eventful year like I am, or otherwise haven't had the time to really put that much time into a Halloween costume, this might just be the post for you.

These ideas mainly require stuff you either already have in your closet or can easily access also elsewhere than in Halloween Wonderland of USA. Also, I need to say that a lot here is my previous content that you can also find through the "Halloween" tag but I felt like they were well enough made to feature here instead of creating everything again just for this post. Next year, I'm kind of hoping to go bigger and starting planning from the start of the year so that I could make every look super detailed and put together. As well as the decorations around my apartment. But this year, let's do it a bit more low-key.

Halloween Nails 2017: Spider & Glitter

Hello lovelies! How are you doing today? ❤️

I'm typing my post on my phone today so excuse me if the editing isn't the neatest this time around. But I really wanted to share this post with you today so that we can soon wrap up the Halloween posts this year. I will have a last minute costume post up tomorrow and then one more nail art post on Monday, but then we're done. It's kinda sad Halloween is over but on the other hand I get to plan so many other posts and even start focusing on Christmas stuff soon.

However first let's focus on today's nail art post.

Halloween nails

Halloween 2017: Poison Ivy

Hello lovelies! How are you today? ♥

I've been quite excited about today's post, and wanted really to post this yesterday already, but didn't have the energy to paint my face so I had to postpone this with a day. Which may mean that I have to give up on one Halloween post unless I get sudden inspiration for a look. But I've still planned few posts already that will be up no matter what. So don't worry. Today, however, let's focus on another costume post.

Poison Ivy Cosplay

Halloween 2017 Nails: Vampire chic

Hello lovelies! How are you today? ♥

I had a couple of days' break from opening my computer because I was feeling a bit down and needed to focus on offline life more. Today I'm finally bringing a new nail art post, and hopefully tomorrow another costume post if possible. But let's focus on the nails now, right?

Vampire nail art

Halloween 2017: Rey

Hey lovelies! How are you today? ♥

This post is going a day late according to my original plan, but I couldn't edit the images yesterday because of a migraine. But I wanted to do this one as well as I could because it's the outfit I'm most proud of this year. I had my mom help me shoot the photos but we did have a problem or two with my settings even though she's quite the pro with her equipment but my camera wanted to be tricky.

But nevertheless I managed to scout out few that looked pretty nice so in this post I will show those to you.

Star wars inspired costume

Halloween Nails 2017: Sugar Skulls

Hey lovelies! How are you today? ♥

I'm currently spending the weekend with my parents, so I scheduled this post in order to have a post up for you even though I'm not on my laptop for the weekend. As I'm still working on the rest of the costumes, you are getting a nail art post. But don't worry, I promise to get the costumes up soon too. I'm actually hoping to get one photographed with the help of my mom if there's good weather outside. It would make such cool pics if I could do it outside. 

But anyways today, let's focus on nails, okay?

Sugar Skull nails

Halloween 2017: Harry Potter Inspired Snacks

Hey lovelies! How are you today?♥

I'm so in the Fall mood this week and very excited about all things Halloween. I actually dug out my decorations already and will be putting them up during the weekend. Much to my mum's pleasure I'm sure because she's coming over and is not much of a Halloween person. But she knows I love Halloween so I think we're good. 

Today, instead of costume like I was planning, I have a food post for you. So let me present you, Harry Potter inspired snacks for your Halloween party. Or you know, Harry Potter movie night.

Harry Potter inspired snacks

Halloween Nails 2017: Bats

Hello lovelies! How are you doing today? ♥

As promised in previous post, this one is up quicker than the outfit one was. I need to catch up a tiny bit if I want to get all the posts I planned up for you all to read. But to be honest, I don't mind a bit of pressure, it just makes me perform better. With every task in general. Is any of you the same way?

Today, I wanted to show you another Halloween inspired nail art. I'll be doing quite a bit of these because they are easy to do and photograph, and they're almost as fun as making up costumes. And speaking of costumes, I'm getting parts for one in particular this week so hopefully I can shoot that in the weekend. Also, I'm getting up on before that once I buy one more thing for it.

But, to the nails:

Bat decals

Halloween 2017: Mermaid

Hello lovelies! How are you today? ♥

I've had quite the hard week both physically and mentally, but I still managed to prep this post and the next one, and I hope you'll get a little inspiration out of them. Of course I was hoping to get this one up earlier but being sick and all didn't really allow me to properly put on makeup and all that jazz.

However, today I'd like to show you an interpretation of mermaid costume and makeup. I know this is not the most original thing ever, but I wanted to try my hand on it for practice - and also for reflecting how I could do this better if I ever were to dress up as a mermaid for any event. So this is not by any means perfect but it was fun to try out anyways.

Halloween makeup

Halloween Nails 2017: Black Cat

Hello lovelies!

It's been a while. Too long of a while. Life has been a bit crazy to say the least, and blogging has been the least of my worries for months. Some of you know what I mean, and for the rest of you, storytime will follow once I feel it's time for that. But for this month, I'd rather concentrate on lighter things. Things that make me happy.

Like Halloween. And nails.

I felt that for me, there's not more appropriate way to make a blogging comeback than post some fun Halloween nails. I hope you'll agree.

Cat nails