Unboxing the Body Shop Calendar (part 3)

Coming a teeny bit late, but for a good reason. Our cat was a bit sick for a couple of days after getting his paws into some Christmas food, and I had to focus on getting him well before focusing again on blogging. So sorry for the delay but then again I'm not sorry for making my pet a priority. That being said, let's get into the last unboxing, okay?

body shop calendar

Christmas Eve Glitter Nails

Merry Christmas my loves! I know Christmas Eve isn't the main celebration day for many of you, but in Finland, it's just that. But I thought I'd take a little moment from digesting the Christmas treats and would actually blog the latest nails. Which I crafted today so this is hot off the press, so to speak. So in case you need very last minute Christmas nail inspo, here you have it!

clear jelly stamper nails

Bake With Me: Chocolate Chip Cookies

This time of the year, when you might be together with family and/or get surprise guests at the door, having an easy recipe in hand may be useful. That's why I'm reminding you of an easy, but classic one; Chocolate chip cookies! I found a recipe through Kinuskikissa (linked after the image), and just made it into a gluten-free one. 

cookie ingredients

Lithuanian Surprise Box

A while back, my friend Vita suggested a Christmas time box swap. I haven't done a swap with anyone in years, so I got excited right away. We had talks about what categories each one would include, and agreed to general rules for it. And we would have no clue what the other has chosen into the box before opening our own one up. If you want to see what I got for her, you need to head on her Instagram @vi.kazlauskaite and check through her pics to find out, but I will share you what she generously got for me on this post.

present from friend

2018 Recap

Today, I thought it would be fun to go through the bucket list I had for this year, and see what I did and didn't get done and why. I think I did good, although I didn't try to get everything done actively enough - that being said, I'm not disappointed in myself for the most part, because overall this year has been one of the best in my life. I wouldn't really change a thing.


Things Making Me Happy Right Now (List of Gratitude)

As I talked about in my stress relief post, Holiday times can be so stressful for people due the commercial nature of this time of the year and so on. Therefore, it's easy to compare to yourself, your advent calendar (or lack thereof), your home and everything to the seemingly perfect ones you may see on social media. If you are a young person reading this, it's worthy for you to know that a lot that perfect Holiday content are related to the big Christmas marketing budgets businesses have and use to sponsor people to create all the perfect-looking content. Therefore, rather than comparing things, take a little time to list things that make you happy right now and/or you are grateful for, so that you can get to that perfect Holiday mood.

Because today, I'm sharing my list with you all.

ornament arrangement

Bake With Me: Gingerbread Brownies (gluten-free & dairy-free!)

My mom linked me this recipe last month, and it sounded so amazing I just had to try making it. And I actually had the perfect time to do so about month ago, when my boyfriend's sister was visiting us. I've seen the same kind of pastries being currently sold in cafes, so this might be somewhat popular in Finland right now. Maybe. Not that I'm the one to know anything about trends since I kind of don't care.

christmas brownie

Body Shop Calendar Unboxing (part 2)

Today, let's open more of the boxes from The Body Shop Calendar, shall we? In this post we're opening from where we left last time up to the box 18. So in case you don't want spoilers of any of those for some reason, stop reading here and come back once you won't get spoilers!

body shop calendar

DIY Christmas Gifts

I've been dreaming about making some of the Christmas gifts myself for years, but haven't really been in a place to do so until now. Now, before we go all in to this post, if you belong to the inner circle of mine (you know who you are, darlings) DO NOT read any further. This post will contain part of your presents so don't go spoiling yourselves, please! If you are not someone who would possibly receive a present from me, go ahead and continue along!

christmas gifts

Emerald Nails

Today, I wanted to share my latest nail art with you. I feel like I have had so much in my hands in many ways that I haven't been able to keep up with artsy things and blogging as much as I would've liked to. Not that it's wrong since this is so far a hobby for me and therefore can't be my main focus over the things that actually pay my bills and further my career and/or mental health. That being said, I still have quite a bit of content coming your way, so hopefully you all like having some Christmas reading.

clear jelly stamper christmas

End of the Year Declutter: Memorabilia

Some of you may look at this title and think: What the heck is memorabilia? It means objects that have sentimental value to you one way or another, and therefore they are harder to let go of. That's why they are the last on the Konmari list, because when you get to this, you have learned to let go of things and this will be easier. I'm not overly sentimental with stuff anymore, and don't have too much trouble to throw things away if I don't have room for them. That being said, I'm human, and I do have things I have hard time letting go.

youtube subs

Super Simple Snow Nails

Since I'm back into posting, let's continue with a nail art post, shall we? I created these ones during the weekend, and I like them a lot. I wore them to the Raskasta Joulua concert we went to, which was amazing - I mean metal music but it's Christmas songs so that's pretty perfect!

china glaze snow mani

Body Shop Calendar Unboxing (part 1)

This year, one of my Christmas gifts from my boyfriend is the medium-sized calendar from The Body Shop. It is adorable looking, and I love The Body Shop products a lot, so this was such a perfect surprise to receive. Clearly, the man is a keeper. So, like a true blogger, I decided to share all the unboxings/first impressions with you.

If this didn't already tell you, this post contains spoilers of what's in the calendar. If you are opening yours later, and want to actually have a surprise for yourself, don't read beyond this point until you have opened the first eight doors from the calendar. That being said, let's get to the calendar, shall we?

the body shop calendar

How to Avoid/Release Holiday Stress

Today, I wanted to do a post that is not the most typical to my blog, but possibly very important for some of you. As we're in the holiday season, and get bombarded with commercials from the left and right, see all perfect pictures on social media and may even get pressure from our families, it's easy to get stressed about things. So, I'm sharing my tips on how to avoid stress.

fall outfit

Snowflake Nails

The first nails of this holiday season are here! I have been brewing ideas for nails the whole November, and try to bring few to you here in the blog and in case I have extra time in my hands, I'll post some additional ones to my nail Instagram @silvertigonails. But without further ado, let's get into the nail art.

snowflake nails clear jelly stamper

Christmas Time Bucket List

It's here. December. Time for all the Christmas vlogs on YouTube, calendars on blogs and social media, everyone posting Christmas treats, Christmas lights, and other Holiday cheer. I'm a Basic bish and also plan on posting a lot of Holiday related stuff everywhere, and want to make this Christmas one of the best ones so far.

penguin knit