Cheering for My Team

Heya babes,

How are you today? ♥

We've just arrived to Helsinki, where we're going to spend the next couple of days shopping, eating well and taking photos. And I think that will be totally awesome! If you're curious to see more, you can stay updated through my Instagram profile (@silvertigo). I try to take as many snapshots as I can along the way, but I'll be doing a proper post later as well.

But for today's post, I found these photos from my laptop. They were taken few weeks ago, when we were going once again to a hockey game, to cheer for my team this time. We're one of those couples who both cheer for different team, and I'm already sorry for our children as they will never quite know what team to love.



My team in their black and yellow uniforms. ♥


And the other team.




I'm not even trying to write something witty, funny or smart under every photo, I'm simply not talented enough for that. :D But these are all more or less the best photos I managed to capture - as you can see, not the best photography ever, but hey, I try to learn. (Summer and Sony manual, I'm waiting for you!)


In the end, my team was the better out of the two that night, which was so great. Lately they have been losing too much, and I'm just hoping that will not cost them a playoff spot. We'll see.

But enough sports, I guess, as most of you are mainly here to see the girly stuff, like nails and clothes. Well, like always, I can never seem to have a post without any girly feature there. But then again, I have a pink blog background, so... Anyway, below is my outfit for the night. (The photos were taken in our old place, and it feels weird for me to post these as I'm not going to pose in those spots probably ever again. :D)







Skirt: thrifted Top: New Yorker Bolero: DIY Skull scarf: Cubus Boots: Necklace: Gina Tricot Bracelet: Bow ring: SpiritStore Hello Kitty ring: advent calendar a year ago

This was my take on girly but casual sport night wear. Boys tend to laugh at me as I go watch hockey in heels and short skirt, but what can I say, that's the way I like to dress. :D Funnily enough, I chose similar elements for my other outfit to this trip, before even looking at these photos. That scarf is something I'm totally adoring, and if I had to choose one piece to reflect my ideal style, I think that scarf would be it. It's girly and comfy, has a little rock'n'roll edge to it, and is a tiny bit glammed up.

So, what do you guys think? ♥

Now, I mentioned there my ideal style. Some of you might know I don't exactly have that kind of look. Yet. But I've done some thorough thinking with my closet, and we thought (lol) it was time I finally made my closet so that it truly reflects me and  my personality. After all, fashion is one form of art, and it is a way to express yourself as well. So, to give more of my inside to the outside world, I try to make my wardrobe reflect that. I can write a post or few about the project if anyone is interested. ;)

But now, I need to go and catch some much needed sleep so that I have all my energy for shopping in the morning!

I hope you're all having an amazing week with lots of love! ♥

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Pastel Nails

Hey lovelies!

How's your weekend going? ♥

I'm hanging with the boys, playing video games and watching hockey - you know, the usual. I decided to take a moment to write you this post before we start to watch the next hockey game, as some of you have really wished for these nail posts. I'm trying to make one as well about my favorite polishes and favorite nail art tools next week. :)

But, like I said, it's time to see some nail art:

 photo DSC08793.jpg

A while ago I really wanted to do nail art with pastel colors, inspired by the coming Spring. Of course, I had to add in some leopard print and glitter. ;)

 photo DSC08790.jpg

I personally really liked this mani, especially the leopard print on the silver base. I haven't done too many metallic manis, but this really made me consider making them more.

 photo DSC08788.jpg

The other one today is even more colorful than the first one. It was one of those days I was totally uninspired  to paint anything, but decided to do something anyway.

 photo DSC08842.jpg

So, my first ever zipper manicure, with too many colors. :D I don't know if I like this that much, as it isn't very neat, but the colors were kinda nice.

 photo DSC08845.jpg

 photo DSC08847.jpg

So, what do you guys think? Are these any nice? ♥

I have to go now to watch the hockey with the boys, but I'll be back as soon as I can, as I have many nice posts I can't wait to share with you!

I hope everyone is having a nice weekend! ♥

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Leopard Detail & Neon Tips

Hey lovelies,

How are you all? ♥

This week has been much more quiet one for me as the previous, thank God! Today, we're planning to go and get some more decorating stuff into our home so that we could finally have everything in place and the details in order. You know how they say that decorating is women's stuff, and how straight men never bother to decorate? Well, not so much in our home. Every detail is more or less decided together, and I always try to ask my fiance's opinion before buying new stuff in. Just so that our home would be a home for both of us, and not just an apartment I have decorated and where my fiance just lives in. ;) (Because that's how he would feel if I decorated all by myself.)

But today, as our home isn't ready to be blogged quite yet, I'll be posting some more nail art stuff.


 photo DSC08667.jpg

The first mani is this mix'n'match thing I did some weeks ago. It included studs, glitter, pink and leopard print, so of course I loved it quite a lot.

 photo DSC08669.jpg

This one was once again inspired by the talented girls in IG, which is at the moment my greatest place for nail art inspiration.

 photo DSC08675.jpg

I'll be probably doing more this kind of manis later in the Spring, so let me know if a tutorial would be something you'd like to see. :)

 photo DSC08676.jpg

And because I'm so eager to get the Spring here already, the other mani today has colors, too.

 photo DSC08692.jpg

This is a design I'm sure many of you have seen last year all over the internet, and I think I've even done this before, but only now I had the perfect colors for this.

 photo DSC08693.jpg

 photo DSC08695.jpg

Sorry about the idiotic shape of the middle finger nail, it broke from the side. :P

 photo DSC08697.jpg

That gorgeous nude base color is Ciaté Cookies and Cream, which I got from my advent calendar. I can see this particular color in so many different manicures in the future. ;)

 photo DSC08702.jpg

Nothing else to add, I think the pictures speak well for themselves. So, that's all for today, and I try to blog some more in the weekend even though two wonderful friends are visiting us this weekend. I guess the boys will give me that much space, though. I'm not that amazing at video games, after all! ;)

But hey, what do you all think about these manicures? Let me know! ♥

Have a lovely week, everyone!

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On the Road: Furniture and Light Fair

Hey babes!

How are you? ♥

Today is time for the last piece of my Stockholm adventure, and this time I'm showing you photos from Furniture and Light Fair we visited as a part of our trip, and as decorating is close to my heart now (because of the new place), I tried to soak in as much inspiration as I possibly could. The photos here are my favorite bits and pieces of the fair, though I didn't have the time to photograph absolutely everything.

 photo DSC09077.jpg

Innovative lamps in one stand.

 photo DSC09078.jpg

A creative way to show you sell carpets.

 photo DSC09079.jpg

Probably my dream dining table - if it can be bought in dark brown.

 photo DSC09081.jpg

Huge installation in the middle of everything.

 photo DSC09089.jpg

I loved this simple design for water taps. Notice the overly cute pink one!

 photo DSC09091.jpg

I think I found a brand I need to decorate my future dream bathroom with. Duravit. The company has amazing designs for bathrooms, and some for kitchens as well.

 photo DSC09092.jpg

How great would this be for bathroom? Everything would be so very organized!

 photo DSC09093.jpg

Awesome food stand, providing free snacks for all. I get seriously hungry every time I look at this photo.

 photo DSC09097.jpg

Happy blogger in Duravit stand. (Photo credit: P)

 photo DSC09100.jpg

I think me and May both went a little crazy with our cameras once we found the Light section of the fair. But there were too many lovely things to photograph it was impossible to resist.

 photo DSC09101.jpg

 photo DSC09102.jpg

I totally loved this as a decoration idea, and I totally need to recreate something similar once I can go crazy with details here in the new place. ;)

 photo DSC09103.jpg

 photo DSC09104.jpg

 photo DSC09106.jpg

I loved this little aquarium, it's so retro and fun!

 photo DSC09107.jpg

 photo d0dd940f-7dfd-430f-bbf6-e78d8f999733.jpg

After the fair, me and the girls headed to shops of Stockholm to waste away the last hours of the trip, and after running around for hours with just breakfast, we decided to go and have pizza. I can't remember what was the name of the place, but I would definitely recommend it, the pizza was amazing - yet very affordable!

After that we did have a way too fun cruise back home to Finland, but no photos to be published due privacy reasons (it would be too much work to ask every single person whether or not I could post a tipsy pic of them here, so... I know you guys understand.)

Today our home will get a fabulous new addition as our brand new couch arrives. I can't wait to post photos and stuff, but before you can see anything in the blog, I strongly encourage you to check my IG account (@silvertigo) for the latest updates and snapshots of my life.

But now, it's time for me to hurry to school for a marketing lecture!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous week! ♥

Blog ya later,



On the Road: Björn Borg

Heya babes!

How are you today? Has your weekend been lovely?

I have been productive when it comes to rearranging our home and my life, and I'm starting to feel way more energetic than I have in a long, long while. Yay for Spring getting closer and closer! The ones following me in IG might know I had a little Ikea puzzle to solve yesterday, which made a whole difference in our bedroom. More on that when I post a proper house tour. ;)

But today, let's continue with my Stockholm trip, shall we?

We we're supposed to book a company visit on our own - meaning that we had to choose a company that has a headquarters in Stockholm, contact them and try to get a visit for our class in their HQ. We chose Björn Borg, which is a Swedish underwear/fashion brand, whose main thing is fun prints, and fun, sexy fashion.

 photo DSC09048.jpg

The morning started way too early with a big breakfast on Viking Grace (see more about Grace here!), after which me and the girls tried to get our faces on, and then it was time for a quite long morning walk with our luggage. We left our luggage into our hotel, without checking in because it was way too early for that, and decided to check out the city before heading to BB.

 photo DSC09049.jpg

The only flaw in our plan was that nothing was open that early, except for the cute little coffee shops, so we went in one of those, and ordered warm drinks to keep us warm from the wet snow outside.

 photo kahvila.jpg

Lol, my face is so glamorous in this shot... (Photo credit: May) This was taken in the coffee shop when we were planning what we were going to do that day, besides visiting Björn Borg.

 photo DSC09053.jpg

At noon our posse of students headed to the HQ of Björn Borg, where we got introduced to their business, and where we learned a lot about their products and their future plans. The best part, in my opinion, was to get to roam around in their showrooms, check out the upcoming products and even to take many photos! Thank you so much for everyone in BB for the amazing opportunity! ♥

 photo DSC09054.jpg

As a person who had always thought BB as an underwear company, it was fun to know all the other things they have - like socks and sportswear. The most fun thing about their products is that they try to interpret fashion as this fun thing with what you can express yourself. And what's more fun than colorful underwear?

 photo DSC09055.jpg

The thing we got told most was "fashion is fun", which totally made my attitude towards the brand even more positive than it already was. They use this "fun sexy" attitude in their commercials, which is so much more easier to relate to than the usual "serious sexy" that you can spot on eg. Calvin Klein commercials.

 photo DSC09056.jpg

I was playing paparazzi, taking way too many photos of May on the trip. :D Sorry girl, I promise I won't share most of them, though! ♥

 photo DSC09059.jpg

 photo DSC09062.jpg

The lamps were plastered with BB's own prints, which was such a fun idea, and it looked cool as well! I don't even have all the cool details in film, which is such a shame, as there were so many nice things around the office.

 photo DSC09064.jpg

We got introduced to their next A/W sports line, and even though I'm not a big fan of mustard and burgundy, these clothes nearly convinced me I should get some into my wardrobe in Autumn.

 photo DSC09066.jpg

 photo DSC09069.jpg

After BB, and a trip to the Finnish embassy (no pics from there, sorry!!), we tagged along with the boys and headed to T.G.I. Friday's to eat nice grilled food. Again, I'm kicking myself for not taking more pictures of the place itself, because it was pretty cool.

 photo DSC09070.jpg

My meal - Cheese Burger with sauce, a great basic meal which rarely goes wrong anywhere.

 photo DSC09071.jpg

P's food, which she generously let me photograph. It looked so good as well!

 photo DSC09072.jpg

And May's BBQ Burger. The main courses were pretty basic, pretty good, but nothing special. But the desserts...

 photo DSC09073.jpg

...they were amazing. Me and May had a big mental battle whether to order drinks or desserts, but I'm so glad we ended up getting the latter. We both got this Oreo milkshake, and it was so good I can't even describe it! Next time, though, I will definitely try out the drinks. They seemed way too amazing!

 photo DSC09075.jpg

After dinner we walked to our small hotel room, got out of our wet clothes, and after a quick trip to downstairs sauna (or bastu, as they say in Sweden), we were totally ready to get some sleep. After all, we knew we were going to have a long day the next day. But more about that on the next post. ;)

Hope you've all had a nice weekend! ♥

Blog ya later,