Fall Makeup Inspiration

Let's talk more about the creative stuff, okay? Because with autumn vibes often comes the autumn makeup inspiration. Even though I'm still not one to believe in some colors to only be appropriate in certain seasons, I do sometimes gravitate towards seasonal things after seeing so much of it in social media. And bit of seasonal inspo is so much fun, right?

Alien palette

Foxy Fall Nails

New season, new nail art. Whos's excited? Because I am. I've talked about this on my Insta briefly, but autumn time makes me feel more alive and creative. So it's no wonder this feels like a time to bring you new nail art. And while this is being posted, I'm working on the next design, so if you like nail art, no worries, there will be more. But let's first get to today's design:

fox nail design

Chunky Knits and Leather Skirts = Autumn Inspiration

You know how in my last outfit post the lighting was shit? Well, today that isn't an issue because I utilized the outdoors and the natural daylight to make the pictures pretty. Something I must do more before the days get too short to take any pics without artificial lights. Anyway, you probably aren't here for lighting talk, but rather to see the outfits, so let's get into that. 

rock chic autumn look

My Cruelty-Free Skincare Routine

Heya babes, Let's talk about skincare, shall we? Skin is our biggest organ, so taking care of it - especially if it gets exposed constantly to sun, pollution or makeup - is vital. It's also the trick to fight the signs of ageing if you are about that life. To me it's more about just keeping the skin clean and healthy, I don't really mind if my age would show since apparently I look younger than I am as it is, and also my age doesn't really define me. But what does define me is having a cruelty-free routine for my skin. If that sounds like something interesting to you, keep on reading!

skincare routine

Thrifting the Trends: AW 19/20 - Leather Trousers

Since it's already back to school season, and we're in beginning of Autumn in most parts of the World, I thought we could switch the thrift series into the new season as there are quite many trends I'm excited to cover. If you didn't follow this series on Spring and Summer, this is a series where I take trends predicted on fashion week, and show you how to recreate the looks or the trends for less, with items you may already have in your closet. I'm not allowed to buy brand new items for this unless I get it from thrift store and I can't buy for this at all unless they are things I would buy regardless. As an inspiration, I use the Vogue article here and Pantone article here. The Pantone colors can also be found in this Pinterest post, if you prefer more mobile friendly guide to colors.

metal girl outfit

Rock Chic Capsule Wardrobe

If you've been here on the blog or even on my Instagram for a while now, you may know that capsule wardrobes and a thing for me. I highly admire the videos showing how people have like 30-item wardrobes, but so far I'm not ready for a collection like that. However, I've been reducing the amount of items I have steadily, trying to also make the overall vibe of all the items to be cohesive in some way. There's still work to do with that, and at the same time, I want to have better materials (more sustainable, with a longer lifespan) and more or less timeless pieces, while still having the rock chic vibe there.  

capsule wardrobe

Current Makeup Favorites

If you're following me on Instagram and ever wondering what products I use to beat my face - because let's be real, I'm not enough beauty guru to list all the things under every single post - today is your chance to take a look into my current makeup routine and the things I prefer

gosh face primer

Becoming Confident in Your Own Style

Not too long ago, I had a little talk with an online friend about style and her telling how she likes what I wear - and me telling it's not about having brand new clothes, but rather other things. Most important being confidence in your style. I think I have rather decent experience to talk about this, taken I rock my colorful hair, showy makeup, and alternative (rock) style on daily basis. If someone like this can have it together, so can you (most likely your style is at least a bit more toned down - but if not, I'm very excited for you). 

Keep on reading to see ten tips on being more confident with your style:

writing corner

China Glaze You Do Hue First Impression

Today, I'm excited to be talking about yet another nail polish collection. Not too long ago, I purchased the You Do Hue collection from China Glaze almost in all its entirety. I left out one because it didn't speak to me as much, but I'm sure it's a shade many other people would enjoy. But I'll give some opinion about each shade I do have, two of which I have actually worn already, and rest of them I have only swatched on wheels. But I do have thoughts based on that and the swatching videos I've seen around. I try however keep the thoughts original as much as possible.

Sesame street nail polish

Thriftng the Trends - Biker Shorts

Today's post features an item I didn't expect enjoy styling this much - and ended up not only doing one look, but three instead. These looks might take away from my metal girl street credit (if I even have any), but I had so much fun creating this post that I don't even care.

This post is another part to the series "Thrifting the Trends", where I take the trends predicted on runways for the season SS19, and create them either by using what I already have, by thrifting or by DIYing the items. So I'm trying to show how most if not all trends can be recreated without necessarily going to the fast-fashion shops and contributing to the problematic industry just because you're on a budget. The inspiration for the looks comes from the trend reports on Vogue and Pantone, one focusing on styles and other on colors.

And so without further ado, let's get into the looks:

band tee biker shorts

Floral Nails

I was supposed to post this yesterday, but had longer than expected work day and every other things felt like falling apart so I took a breather and didn't finish this post. Until today, that is. So I'm hoping you're ready for some nail art because that's what I got for you today.

And without further ado, let's get into it!

china glaze central parka