Unicorn Brownies

Oh my gosh am I late with this post. I meant to put it up last week, but so much has been up in my life that honestly I struggle keeping up with everything. But since I am baking these again today, it feels appropriate to post the recipe for you as well. The original recipe (in Finnish) is from K-Ruoka and you can check it out here (click!), but I did mine gluten-free as necessary, and the modified recipe can be found below in English. 

I had a ton of fun baking this and it turned out so well, which is uncommon for me if I just switch the flour instead of finding an actually gluten-free recipe to follow.

unicorn brownies

Tips on Colorful Makeup

Since I took a few days off from writing, today I'm combining Support Sunday and Makeup Monday (but yet posting on Tuesday, sorry for confusing everyone!) to share not only my tips and tricks to wearing colorful makeup, but also a youtuber that inspires my makeup a lot. If that's something you'd love to hear, keep on reading!

shanexjeffree blue look

How to Stay Productive on Shorter Days

Today's topic is another one I'm quite passionate about, and that's how to be productive even when on this hemisphere the days are getting shorter and the lack of daylight can make one tired and unmotivated. If that's something you struggle with, I'm here to share my tips on how I stay grinding even when it feels a little hard. Now, since the internet promotes the unhealthy 24/7 grind, my responsibility to you is to say that my tips and tricks are not supposed to, by any means, encourage you to an unhealthy grind, especially not long-term. But rather, this should be helping you to have a lifestyle that supports you to reach your goals and dreams.

Does that sound good to you? If it does, keep on reading!


Shane Dawson Mini Controversy First Impressions

Today's post is something I didn't even dream of being able to do this quickly but lucky for us my boyfriend is an MVP and manage to get his hands on the Shane Dawson Mini Controversy Palette that Shane released in collaboration with Jeffree Star Cosmetics (in case your not familiar in happenings of the beauty world for some reason). So today, we're diving into the palette and talking about my first impressions with it. As for the bigger palette, I'll cover that one once my order arrives, which could take a week or two taken how many orders they have to process. And like you may have gathered in social media and/or trying to buy the products yourself, the launch was an apocalypse. But apparently I managed to grab things for me and my bestie, which is amazing and I'm especially stoked I could get her something she has waited forever even though it was stressful and made me broke. 

Anyway, let's talk about the one thing I do have already:

shanexjeffree Mini Controversy

Support Sunday: Real Life Disney Princess Lizzie

You know how I talked about re-thinking my content and what post which day in my post on Wednesday? Well today, we will start the hopefully uplifting series called Support Sunday, where I encourage you to get to  know the people who inspire me in my life one way or another. Many of them will be people who are way popular than me and while they may not need a shoutout from a small platform such as my blog/insta, they may inspire at least one new person through these introductions, and that's more than I could ever ask for. 

The first person I would like to give praise to is Elizabeth Hugen, the amazing woman behind the blog Lizzie in Lace. She is style-wise best described as real life Disney princess, but looks aren't certainly all this power house of a woman has to give. I've had the pleasure of knowing her for years, and seeing her platforms grow and her getting to have amazing experiences and opportunities through blogging and social media. I've followed her adventures on fashion weeks, read her stories about personal growth and hard times, and celebrated in my thoughts with her as she has reached milestones and accomplished wonderful things in life. 

Owl Nails

Long time, no nail art - even on my Instagram - but here we go again. These nails I did already at the end of September so that should tell you how incative I've been. I always have my nails painted but just haven't felt like sharing them. Until now, when the Fleeky Friday is upon us. If you don't know what Fleeky Friday is, don't worry, you've only missed yesterday's post. I recently decided to develop my blog a little more after the month long break giving me perspective on what I want to do, and I decided we would have dedicated weekdays for different topics. Fridays will now on be Fleeky Fridays, and whenever I post on Friday, it will be about nails, hair, beauty or fashion - or anything that can be on fleek. But I assume it will mostly be nails, knowing myself. 

owl nails