Reviewing Products I Got For My Birthday - A Very Late B-Day Haul

Another post in the series of posts I planned for June but life got in the way - a little haul/review of things I got for my birthday. This is not absolutely everything I got, it's, for example, missing what my bestie got me (candy, gorgeous top, stunning necklace, very special card etc.) among few other things, but some of them are so personal I don't really want to put them for the whole internet to see. With these, I'm okay for anyone to take a look so here we go. Most of these are from my boyfriend who absolutely spoiled me for the quarantine birthday this year.

birthday haul

Support Sunday: Favorite YouTubers Right Now

Happy Sunday lovelies ♥ Today I wanted to share some of the YouTubers I've really enjoying watching as of lately. So in case this year has gotten you go through any and every creator on your subscriptions list, maybe these could be some you haven't considered. I have a long list of people I do watch somewhat regularly as I seriously watch way more YouTube than traditional television, so if you like this one, I could quite easily do another round of recommendations during this autumn. 

But now, without further ado, list of my current favorite creators in no particular order and most definitely probably leaving few out to not make this post overly long. I tried my best to link each creator's second/third channels too especially if I mention them so you can go check them out yourself.

youtube and knit

Cherry Nails

Happy Friday everyone! Today I really wanted to share some nail art with you, even if this one was done some months ago. But you know, I still really love the look of this design so let's talk about it a little bit.

summer nails

Wisdom Wednesday: 30 Things I've Learned In 30 Years

This is a cliche and a half of a post, but it felt like something fun to post so here we go: 30 things I've learned in 30 years, in no particular order. I feel like much of an intro isn't necessary as you probably have seen these kinds of posts before. I originally planned on posting this on my birthday but it felt a little tone-deaf then taken what was going on on the internet, so I postponed it... to almost three months later but here we are. Better late than never and am still 30, and still very much believe these statements.

lakeside view