Rocking It

Hello lovelies!

How are you all today? ♥

I've been having such a nice (albeit normal) day today, and I don't know why, but I've been in a super great mood. Also, I had to do a little customs clearance for my latest nail haul today, which was easier than I ever imagined and hopefully I will get my package within few days now. I will be doing a haul post about them - and if only I had a good video camera, I would totally do a haul video. But maybe later in life we will have those.

Now, to today's topic, which is this outfit we photographed a little while back, and which I loved a lot.

DSC08670 (Large)DSC08629 (Large)DSC08638 (Large)DSC08620 (Large)DSC08645 (Large)DSC08658 (Large)DSC08662 (Large)DSC08643 (Large)DSC08626 (Large)

Leather jacket: H&M Skull tee: Gina Tricot Leggings: secondhand Plaid shirt: secondhand Boots: SpiritStore Necklace: Gina Tricot Bracelets: Gina Tricot Rings: Gina Tricot, H&M, gift from friend

So I personally really loved everything about this look, I know it may look like a mess to some, but to me it's pretty perfect. Even if I would love the sunny weather with warmth so I could wear shorts and all, I still like the fact I can try all these school appropriate looks before the school actually starts. 

But what do you guys think about this look? Let me know in the comments below!

Now, I need to hit the bed so that I will have the energy to get through yet another work day. But I must say, I would be pretty ready to start the weekend already because we have so fun things planned for it. ;) Anyway, I will see you soon in another post, but in the meantime you can follow me around social media to see some behind the scenes kind of things (which I will start posting more!) and more.

Have a fabulous day ♥ 

Camo Pants

Hello my darlings!

How has your week started? ♥

I can honestly say I've had better Mondays, I got roughly 3 hours of solid sleep due a nightly panic attack and I've been not feeling too hot today. Luckily, my hubby has taken quite good care of me and I've gotten through this day. This is so weird because I personally like Mondays quite a bit. It's a fresh start and also a new leaf on my planner every time and I can't wait to get writing.

Am I a freak of nature because of that? I guess so.

Anyway, today I wanted to share an outfit with you, this one is from my bridal shower weekend, and this is what I wore while driving home. (Though the pictures were taken the next day as I repeated the look for the sake of shooting it.)

DSC08510 (Large)DSC08532 (Large)DSC08522 (Large)DSC08527 (Large)DSC08537 (Large)DSC08518 (Large)

Camo pants: Zara Leo top: H&M Cardigan: H&M Denim vest: New Yorker (studs DIY) Loafers: SpiritStore Bracelet: Europehouse Necklace: H&M

I personally really liked this casual outfit, it had quite a bit of details without being too overboard. I love the metal elements - the eagle, the studs - and how they kind of pull the whole thing together. And yes, I'm again matching the shoes to the top. And I love the combo. This was very comfy look to drive in, and I can definitely see myself repeating this in the future.

What do you guys think about this look? Let me know in the comments!

This girl is going now next to her hubby, getting some strawberries for snacking and watching some TV before heading to bed. I'm so exhausted I should be sleeping already, but I had to come here and write this post for you. I'll be back tomorrow with another little post, but in the meantime you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook to see some non-blogged material. See you there!

Have a fantastic day ♥

Aztec vs. Leo

Hello lovelies!

How are you today? ♥

I've been throwing some old stuff away and doing some other rearranging in our home, and I'm hoping I will get the whole place pretty much decluttered before the new year. So if you wondered where the new post was being delayed, that's what kept me from posting. And the Hungarian GP of Formula 1. Because that is life.

But anyway, today I wanted to share two new nail designs with you. (For those who don't care so much about nails, I can say that don't worry, I have planned loads of other stuff in the near future too)

DSC08123 (Large)

First up is this Aztec design I created but ended up taking off the same night because I didn't like how it turned out at the moment - and couldn't bother painting the right hand. But I took photos of it and now that I look at it, it's not so bad. I actually even quite like it.

DSC08135 (Large)DSC08133 (Large)

The combination of super bright yellow and and black here, because they are also my favorite hockey team's colors. ;)

DSC08142 (Large)

There were three polishes I used: China Glaze White On White as the base, Daisy Know My Name on top of it, and the design was painted with Liquid Leather using thin nail art brush from Born Pretty Store.

DSC08128 (Large)DSC08152 (Large)

The other one is what  did after removing the aztec one. This one was a bit more subtle, but still very summer appropriate and fun. 

DSC08184 (Large)

And again I was doing the leopard print I love so much. I think I will be doing more animal prints on Autumn, as I feel the Autumn colors fit for that so well. Although, as you probably know I could do leopard prints all day every day because I dig it so, so much.

DSC08169 (Large)DSC08161 (Large)

The colors I used were all by China Glaze: Five Rules, Daisy Know My Name and Liquid Leather. I used a dotting tool from Born Pretty Store to create the leo print, and the neon studs are from there as well.

DSC08171 (Large)

What do you guys think about these designs, and do you have a favorite of the two? Let me know in the comments below!

That's all I have for you today, I hope you enjoyed this post and that it was worth waiting for a couple of days. Now I gotta go have some decaf tea, a shower and then do my night time routines. Tomorrow is a start for an inspiring week, for which I have planned quite a lot of things. I will be planning few a bit different posts for the near future, rearranging our home and hopefully finally getting the blogging corner so done that I can share it with you and we will also be having our six year anniversary (we've been dating that long). Also, I might have a wedding post to share with you at the end of the week, so stay tuned for that.

Have a fabulous start for the new week ♥

Heart Of An Eagle

Hello lovelies!

How are you today? ♥

I've been quite busy today with some blog post planning. It seems I need to get new outfit pics taken pretty soon so that I can keep up with my schedule. That shouldn't be a problem though, because I have so many outfits I should take pictures of for you. You know, since I plan those in my head and/or I have worn nice things but haven't had the chance to take pictures of them. 

Yeah, so, I'm so in blogging mood. So many people have been checking out my posts lately and although only very few leave comments, it's nice that people at least come to check my posts out.

Today, I'm sharing an outfit from a while back, when I tried something a bit more girly again and actually wore a flowy skirt.

DSC08284 (Large)DSC08301 (Large)DSC08288 (Large)DSC08312 (Large)DSC08311 (Large)DSC08279 (Large)DSC08303 (Large)DSC08273 (Large)

Maxi Skirt: Boohoo Top: H&M Booties: Boohoo Necklace: H&M Aviators: H&M Bracelets: Gina Tricot, H&M, gift from friend Rings: Born Pretty Store, Gina Tricot, H&M

The windy weather was a challenge when we were taking pictures of the outfit. But I decided it just makes different pictures, so it is a good thing. I loved how the skirt looked with that top, and my favorite thing in the whole outfit is the eagle necklace. It was such a great find from H&M.

What do you guys think about this look? Let me know in the comments below!

Now, there are dishes waiting for me in the kitchen, and then it's time to chill out for a while before bed. And maybe a tiny workout in between. Tomorrow I will be posting about nails again, so stay tuned for that. During the weekend I will be taking pictures for many future posts, so if you have any requests, let me know them in the comments!

Have a fabulous day ♥

Midsummer Weekend

Hello lovelies!

How are you today? ♥

I had a great workout today, and I feel more energized than before this week. So I figured I should post a little something for you, and then go clean the apartment a bit. Today, I'm sharing pictures from our midsummer weekend, when we were hanging out with my parents on our little lake house.

DSC08001 (Large)

I love grilled anything. Especially sausages. I know, I'm so feminine.

DSC08005 (Large)DSC08011 (Large)

Gotta love the lake view!

DSC08013 (Large)DSC08018 (Large)DSC08022 (Large)

Classic game. And yes, that's how a Finnish darts looks like.

DSC08027 (Large)

Daddy made some food ♥

DSC08033 (Large)DSC08037 (Large)

And more grilling because why not. Long weekends are for eating.

Below, you can see one of my outfits for the weekend. I don't usually dress too fancy for cabin and such, but I wore this for the day we went to the city to meet our friends.

DSC08042 (Large)DSC08074 (Large)DSC08049 (Large)DSC08082 (Large)DSC08062 (Large)

Skirt: secondhand Top: Gina Tricot/DIY Denim vest: New Yorker, studs added by me Aviators: H&M Necklace: Gin Tricot Bracelets: KappAhl, Gina Tricot, gift from friend Rings: H&M, Gina Tricot, Born Pretty Store Boots: SpiritStore

I absolutely loved this look. Like said, it's not necessarily beach material, or for cabin life, but for the city trip I loved it. That denim vest will be used so, so much in the future because I truly love it. I found it on sale at New Yorker, and just added studs on the shoulders to make it a bit more edgy.

DSC08110 (Large)
DSC08112 (Large)DSC08114 (Large)

And lastly, some view pics from the way home. I love how Finnish summer looks on sunny days (which we have had like 7 or something during this summer). I love the places near our summer home, and can't wait to go there later this summer with the boys.

Have you had any fun summer adventures this summer? And, what did you think about the little outfit? Let me know in the comments!

Now, I will go do some household chores so we can be happily married in a neat home. I will be back tomorrow with another post, and before that I will be reading some of your posts, because I haven't had enough time for that lately.

Remember that I still have #julybeautychallenge going on on Instagram, and I think I will do some other one next month. Maybe even another beauty challenge, who knows. But anyway, follow me on social media to keep up with more stuff than what makes it into the blog! (That means Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat) See you soon!

Have a lovely day ♥