Foodie Post: Orange Autumn ♥

Heya lovelies!

How are you all today? ♥

I've been having nice but challenging start for the school week, so today I treated myself to a nice little drink. This post is my entry for Autumn Cocktail Challenge, and even though I say so myself, it came out pretty nicely. is a wedding planning website, which offers lots of inspiration if you, like me, are a pride to be and want to get ideas for your wedding. As far as I have explored the site, there is lots of pretty pictures and everything you might need for your wedding planning. Check out their planning site to see for yourself!

But, without further ado, here you can check out the cocktail:

 photo DSC02308Large.jpg

This one is a sort of a modification from Martini Rocks Rosso, and I call it Orange Autumn. I could imagine this would be a nice one to enjoy with a friend, or you could also toast with it in a party or so.

You'll need:

Martini Rosso
Orange juice
(orange flavored) sparkling water

 photo DSC02297Large.jpg

Fill the glass with ice.

 photo DSC02300Large.jpg

Add in 1 part Martini Rosso (I used 4 cl, because I had a big glass). Then, add 2 parts (8 cl) orange juice.

 photo DSC02301Large.jpg

Slice the orange, and add some to the drink. Also, add redcurrants to give some color.

 photo DSC02307Large.jpg

Then, top it with sparkling water, and add decorations if desired.

And you're ready to enjoy your cocktail!

You can experiment quite a lot with this, I guess if you like the taste of Martini, you can always make this with more that. And, if you don't drink alcohol, try replacing the Martini with cranberry juice or some other not too sweet juice. If you try this, one way or another, please let me know how it went!

Have a lovely day you all ♥

Meow ♥

Heya everybody!

How are you all today? ♥

I'm currently on the road, travelling to my hometown for the weekend, which will probably be everything I need to cheer me up after a week of being sick. (Though, I gotta say, my lovely girls at school have been doing a great job at that as well! I love you!)

So today, I'm trying to blog on the phone, so I have no idea how this will work out (and I probably have to edit the layout later, but I couldn't resist posting as I'm riding shotgun). Anyway, I really wanted to share this little look with you guys:

 photo DSC01810Large.jpg photo DSC01826Large.jpg photo DSC01849Large.jpg photo DSC01859Large.jpg photo DSC01836Large.jpg photo DSC01843Large.jpg

Jacket: H&M Top: New Yorker Shorts: Seppälä Tights: Asos Shoes: Boohoo Scarf: Gina Tricot Hat: Boohoo Bracelets: DIY, Accessorize, KappAhl Rings:Gina Tricot, SpiritStore

So, that kind of a look this time. A little different one than usually, but like you should know by now, I love to play with my looks quite  a lot. This was inspired by listening way too much punk pop (who am I kidding, there's no such thing as too much punk anything) and going through street style pictures.

Let me know your thoughts about this look in the comments below!

Now, I will shut up here for a day, but I'll be back on Sunday with a brand new post. ♥

Have a fantastic weekend!

Denim Shorts ♥

Hey there lovelies!

How are you all? ♥

Yesterday, we got back home so late I didn't really have the chance to post anything, so hope you don't mind me posting this now instead! Today, I'm sharing one more school look (not that they would stop there, though! I have loads to post.) and I really hope you guys like it!

 photo DSC01876Large.jpg photo DSC01869Large.jpg photo DSC01882Large.jpg photo DSC01919Large.jpg photo DSC01922Large.jpg photo DSC01902Large.jpg

Jacket: H&M Top: secondhand Shorts: SpiritStore Socks: H&M Boots: Boohoo Necklace: Gina Tricot Watch: Born Pretty Store Scarf: secondhand

So that's the look, I really liked it with the socks and the scarf. I'm hoping we would still be blessed with such warm weather that I could actually wear shorts and all. I know, it's probably impossible since Finland usually gets pretty chilly this time of year. Guess I should invest on a huge scarf of two. Anyways...

Let me know what you think about the look in the comments below!

Tomorrow, I hope I can give you a bit different post than usually - it depends strongly on my schedule which isn't too clear at this point. But I promise I have many nice things planned for you this week!

Have a fabulous day ♥

Ripped Jeans ♥

Hello my darlings!

How are you all! ♥

Like many of you might know, I have been a little sick lately - hence the lack of posts - but I'm getting a bit better so I figured I could write a quick little post for you guys. This is another outfit I wore to school a while back:

 photo DSC01769Large.jpg photo DSC01771Large.jpg photo DSC01796Large.jpg photo DSC01778Large.jpg photo DSC01793Large.jpg photo DSC01786Large.jpg

Jeans: Gina Tricot/DIY Tee: secondhand Jacket: H&M Scarf: secondhand Boots: eBay

I totally loved wearing this look, it's pretty casual but still fun - or at least, unique or something. These jeans are something that make people look at me weird when I go around, but I don't really care. I love these anyway. :D

Let me know what you think about the look in the comments below!

Now, I'm gonna go get some sleep so that I maybe would get in school tomorrow. ♥

Have a lovely day!

Cozy In School ♥

Hello lovelies!

How are you all? ♥

I'm still being sick - and probably infected the guys as well (sorry dudes), but at least we had a super fun weekend with hockey and video games. I've been trying to get rid of this stupid cold for half a week now, and it's not looking too good, but we'll see.

Before I head to bed, I just wanted to share another outfit with you:

 photo DSC01686Large.jpg photo DSC01703Large-1.jpg photo DSC01721Large.jpg photo DSC01716Large.jpg photo DSC01727Large.jpg photo DSC01709Large.jpg

Jeans: M.A.S.I. Company Knit: secondhand Bag: Mango Scarf: Boohoo Boots: SpiritStore Rings: Born Pretty Store, JC

Another one of my simple looks. Not really much to say about this, just that it was comfy to wear and kept me warm enough. The lack of color was compensated with the use of a pretty scarf, which hopefully brought some originality to the outfit.

Let me know what you think about this in the comments below!

Now, I'm gonna go watch some Gossip Girl and trying to get some much needed sleep. I will take a proper time tomorrow to answer all the many comments there are now on older posts without answers, so be patient ♥

Have a lovely day!

Studded Leggings ♥

Hello my lovelies!

How are you all today? ♥

I've caught a tiny cold myself, but that's luckily not stopping me much as of now. That's how I know I've been actively in school though, as I've spent enough time there to catch one. But, it should be over in few days so it's not too, too bad.

Today, I thought I'd post this quick little outfit post for you while the boys are playing a co-op video game in the living room. This is another school look I wore a while back, once again something pretty simple and cozy because that's what I like in school styles. If you have to sit down in class and work on a computer for three to nine hours, you gotta wear something comfy.

 photo DSC01601Large.jpg photo DSC01640Large.jpg photo DSC01647Large.jpg photo DSC01664Large.jpg photo DSC01657Large.jpg photo DSC01606Large.jpg

Sweater: SammyDress Leggings: BikBok (bought secondhand) Bag: Mango Loafers: SpiritStore Necklace: H&M

While it still is warm enough to just wear leggings instead of proper pants, I love to take the chance. This look was so absolutely comfy to wear, and I really like the studded knees of the leggings. You will actually see quite many secondhand items this autumn, because I promised myself not to buy new stuff in a while - unless it's on sale. So be prepared!

Let me know what you think about this look in the comments below!

Now, I will join the boys and try to kick their butts in the NHL15. Wish me luck!

Have a great day ♥

Easy-Going ♥

Heya everybody!

So, guess who had an interesting tech issue last night? That's right, me! I don't understand why, but my Chrome hates YouTube so much that it has to break off the sound every time I open a new tab, switch tabs, close tab etc. So I was trying to fix that and that's why I didn't get this post up. But I'll give you that now, if that's okay.

Today's post is just a simple outfit I wore for the first day back school, when I wanted something laid back and comfy.

 photo DSC01568Large.jpg photo DSC01598Large.jpg photo DSC01570Large.jpg photo DSC01590Large.jpg photo DSC01573Large-1.jpg

Knit: Boohoo Jeans: H&M Top: Primark Sneakers: Boohoo Bag: Mango Necklace: H&M

Simple look with tones of gray mixed with burgundy. I totally loved this combo and will probably wear something like this later on this fall. I'm so happy I get to show you the school looks now as I have photographed them for the three weeks I've already been in school. ;)

Let me know what you think about this look? Let me know in the comments below!

Now, I will go enjoy the rest of the night with my boys, tomorrow I will absolutely take the time to write something for you as I feel the need to get my outfit posts out here. :)

Have a lovely weekend ♥

This Is What Rock N Roll Looks Like ♥

Hey lovelies!

How are you all today? ♥

I had a pretty great day at school even though I'm tired as heck. That's what you get for painting your nails in the middle of the night... Anyways, before I get to bed, I really, really wanted to share one of my absolute favorite outfits for the autumn. And I dare to say so even if the autumn is still very young. Ready? Let's go.

 photo DSC01519Large.jpg photo DSC01560Large.jpg photo DSC01522Large.jpg photo DSC01548Large.jpg photo DSC01525Large.jpg photo DSC01549Large.jpg photo DSC01533Large.jpg

Shirt: secondhand Jeans: Gina Tricot Boots: SpiritStore Bag: Mango Belt: Gina Tricot Rings: JC Bracelets: Europehouse, Gina Tricot, Sunglasses: H&M Earrings: Gina Tricot Earcuff: a gift from my mom and dad

So that kind of a look today. I felt super confident in this, and would absolutely be fine wearing things like this for the rest of my life. Seriously. I love edgy stuff like that - like you will be seeing even more than before this autumn I guess. Also I really loved the accessories here, for once I was absolutely sure about every single item I put on.

Let me know what you think about this look in the comments below!

Tomorrow, I will be having a long day once again so I can't promise a post tomorrow - but I will promise to be back by Thursday if I just am healthy and all. So stay tuned!

Have a lovely day ♥

Simplicity vs. Green ♥

Heya guys!

Hope your weekend went as well as ours. We were spending time with relatives and friends in Pori this weekend and I got the much needed break from school stuff (except for my project management book which I carry everywhere). Now, starting a new school week doesn't feel so bad.

I was supposed to post this last night, but my laptop wouldn't take any of that and crashed. I would've needed to do school stuff too, but of course that didn't happen either. Oh well. Anyway, today I really wanted to show you these two nail art designs I had on my nails a while back.

 photo DSC01353Large.jpg

First up, this pretty simple design with only two polishes and some studs. Nothing too fancy, but I really did like this.

 photo DSC01366Large.jpg photo DSC01358Large.jpg

The polishes I used were China Glaze Highlight Of My Summer and It's A Trap-Eze! The little studs are from Born Pretty Store.

 photo DSC01372Large.jpg photo DSC01491Large.jpg

This other one has a little more to it. I tried something a bit new, and I actually liked how it came out.

 photo DSC01498Large.jpg photo DSC01496Large.jpg

The polishes I used are China Glaze White On White, Smoke And Ashes, Gossip Over Gimlets and Shore Enuff. All the studs are from Born Pretty Store as usual.

 photo DSC01507Large.jpg

So, that's what I have for you today. Hope you enjoyed this post!

Let me know what you think about these manicures in the comments below!

Now, I will head to school and try to learn something new. I'll be back with a new post some time tomorrow, so stay tuned.

Have a fabulous week, dolls! ♥