Shorts Weather Already? ♥

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How are you all today? ♥

I've been doing stuff at home yet again, because somehow I wasn't feeling too fabulous today and decided to rest it out. Which has worked, since I think I can actually handle the rest of the week now. Today I wanted to post a couple of things about our previous trip to Helsinki, which was mostly about chilling and having fun with relatives. 

DSC05190 (Large)

First, the food. I had one of the best gluten free pasta dishes ever in Spaghetteria. Chicken, avocado, parmesan, pesto... That rarely goes wrong. 

DSC05192 (Large)

Snacks that night were also somewhat healthy, as I had chocolate covered sunflower seeds (so good I can't even), grapes, roasted corn with a hint of salt, and a GNAW chocolate. Of course I didn't eat that all, but without the Rocky Road bar I feel this was relatively healthy mix to have.

DSC05194 (Large)DSC05199 (Large)

Great salad and a minute steak with bacon at Britannia. Seriously so good I totally would forget being skinny to have that every week or more. Six pack is nice, but food is even better, you know.

And then, of course some style pictures. The weekend we visited Helsinki, it was nearly warm enough for shorts with tights. Nearly. It's hard to believe, looking out the window today, as the snow has kept falling throughout the day. But I'm personally pretty confident the spring is here soon and I can finally wear more skirts and dresses without being all cold.

DSC05202 (Large)DSC05211 (Large)DSC05226 (Large)DSC05233 (Large)DSC05221 (Large)

Coat: Rukka Plaid shirt: secondhand Print top: secondhand Beanie: DIY Scarf: secondhand Necklace: Gina Tricot Shorts: SpiritStore Boots: Skobox

I don't know what exactly to say about this look. I really just loved wearing it, and I like the fact it has so much secondhand stuff there. I can almost say this is quite eco-friendly look with all the old clothes. But you guys know how I love my thrift shop buys. I could probably get about 80 percent of my clothes from thrift stores if I put a bit more effort to it. I know there are many people who think it's gross or not that cool to buy someone's old stuff, but I totally love it. I love thinking how the clothes already have a story when I get them, and that all the money doesn't go to the über big companies with millions of customers already. Blabbering much? Yes I am. 

What do you guys think about this look? Let me know in the comments below!

I'm going to eat some healthy snacks now, and watch some series with my man before heading to bed. I hope you'll all have a great start to your week, and I will talk to you again as soon as I can. In the meanwhile, stay in touch with me via Instagram and Twitter (@silvertigo in both).

Have a fabulous day ♥

Foodie Post: Banana Bread Muffins & Green Smoothie ♥

Hello my darlings!

How are you all today? ♥

I've been studying home today, while also spending some time with my mom and all. It's so much fun and the best part is that someone else does most of the cooking for once. But as I'm not cooking, I figured I could post about food instead. I know, it's bit of an obsession.

Anyway, in today's post I'm sharing a gluten free muffin recipe along with a recipe for green smoothie. Both of which are very delicious, and at least relatively healthy. Recipes originally from here and here.

DSC05309 (Large)

DSC05310 (Large)

Banana Bread Muffins
12 large muffins, or 24 small ones

1 cup white sugar
1/2 cup vegetable oil
1 egg
3 ripe bananas, mashed
1/4 cup coconut flakes
2 cups gluten free flour mix
1 tablespoon (or less) psyllium fiber
1 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt

Instructions: Preheat oven to 175 degrees Celsius (350 F). Place muffin cups in muffin tin, or grease with a little butter. Mix sugar, oil and egg until creamy and light yellow in a bowl. Add bananas and coconut. Add flour, psyllium, baking soda and salt. Stir until completely smooth. Spoon the batter into the muffin tin. Bake for 30-40 minutes, until toothpick poked in center muffin comes out clean.

So basically I modified the original recipe into gluten free one, and also added coconuts instead of walnuts because I had coconut flakes I had to get rid of (and no walnuts whatsoever). I really liked how these tasted, and I think it's a nice way to use those super ripe bananas if you prefer doing something other than smoothies.

DSC05317 (Large)

And speaking of smoothies, here's one to try:

Spinach and Banana Power Smoothie
1 serving

1 cup soy milk
3/4 cup packed fresh spinach leaves
1 large banana, sliced

Blend soy milk and spinach leaves in blender until smooth. Add banana and pulse until thoroughly blended. Enjoy!

You can also do like I did and substitute the soy milk with water (if you're lazy like me and don't have soy milk or anything like that. Of course, it won't be quite the same, as having some milk in it, but I liked it nevertheless.

Do you have any nice green smoothie recipes? I would love to try new ones, so please leave tips in the comments below!

Now, I'm gonna go and do my ab challenge workout for today. Then some sleep, and an early wakeup because of the Formula 1 Malaysian GP practice. Is anyone else watching? I'll be back as soon as I can with another post. Stay tuned!

Have a lovely day ♥

Pastel Tips vs. Waterfall ♥

Hello lovelies!

How are you today? ♥

I've had a lovely weekend, testing out our new blender, relaxing, having nice workouts, seeing a movie and so on. I'm pretty excited for a new week to start, because even though I have a ton of things to do, I also get to spend time with my parents as they're coming to visit us. That means lots of good food and some well-earned time away from school work. But I will keep posting at least three times this week as I have the pictures ready and only need to type a bit to have them ready for publishing.

Today, I wanted  to share another nail art post. Here I was recreating one of my old manis as well as trying a new technique. I hope you will like both of them.

DSC05093 (Large)

So the first one is the recreation of my old mani a way back. I painted a neutral base for my nails and then added pastels on the tips. I have dona this before at least with neons, but felt like trying it again with softer colors. Also the matte top coat was a must for this look.

DSC05104 (Large)DSC05108 (Large)

I used China Glaze shades Five Rules, Sweet Hook, Spring In My Step, At Vase Value, Grass Is Lime Greener and Metro Pollen-Tin. The matte top coat is from Born Pretty Store

DSC05098 (Large)

I liked wearing this design quite a bit as it was simple but still pretty fun and colorful. It's kind of French mani with a twist, and very easy to try for yourself as all you need are at least two different colors. I painted mine with free hand, using the actual polish brushes so no fancy supplies needed at all.

DSC05111 (Large)DSC05140 (Large)

Next up is a waterfall mani I have seen so many times on the Nailasaurus blog, and finally decided to try it myself. I gotta say, it was a lot easier than I expected, so it's pretty safe to say I will be doing it again, trying to perfect my technique.

DSC05145 (Large)DSC05150 (Large)

I used so many colors that I can't remember all of them for the life of me, but I can tell you that most of them were again from China Glaze, with few exceptions. The only tool I really needed for this was a thin nail art brush, since it's pretty much just about drawing thin lines next to each other.

DSC05153 (Large)

I really liked how this technique looks, and even though I feel I still have quite a bit to learn, I think this is a technique that is pretty easy to learn and even beginners could get away doing this kind of mani. I'm currently trying to learn a new technique to try, and I think splatter would be one of those in the near future. Leave suggestions if you know cool techniques so I can try them out!

DSC05160 (Large)

So, I really hope you liked these manis, and they would inspire at least some of you to try new nail things out.

What do you think about these? Let me know in the comments below! ♥

Now, I'm heading to bed so I can wake up early to do some other blogging related stuff. I have some research to do so that I can write a proper post - once I do, I can link it here too so you can see what I've been working on lately. But, I will go now and be back soon. And next time, I think we will be talking about food.

Have a lovely day ♥

I ♥ NY

Hey babes!

How are you all? ♥

I've been feeling super energetic for the past few days as I finally got my workout routine properly back on track and few other things have solved themselves out pretty neatly. I still have a ton of things to do this week, most of which I hope to get over with tomorrow. We'll see. 

Anyway, today I really wanted to share this outfit with you. It's a pretty simple, comfy look, the kind I've been wearing a lot lately.

DSC05123 (Large)DSC05133 (Large)DSC05129 (Large)DSC05125 (Large)DSC05138 (Large)DSC05127 (Large)

Leather jacket: H&M Jeans: Cubus Boots: Skobox Tee: from a giveaway Plaid shirt: secondhand shop Scarf: secondhand shop Bracelets: Europehouse, KappAhl Necklace: Gina Tricot Bag: Mango

So pretty basic look with white tee, blue jeans and some plaid. I've been obsessed with that leather jacket and the scarf lately, but will try to switch them up every once in a while so that you will have also other things to look at. Dressing up is so much easier when the weather gets warmer! I'm so ready for skirts and dresses.

What do you guys think about this look? ♥

I'll get to sleep now, but I will be back rather soon to post more fun stuff for you. I have so many pictures I absolutely want to show to you, but first I really need my sleep. See you soon though!

Have a lovely day!

Rock vs. Neon ♥

Hello lovelies!

How are you all? ♥

I've been pretty swamped with school and all - and it seems there's no end to it in few weeks. So if I'm slow with the posts, be patient. I have to schedule my to-do's and try to put in as much blogging as I can, but of course I need to prioritize my school stuff so I won't have deadlines in summer. 

But on a lighter note, I came here today to share a nail art post with you all. This time, yet again two very different manis and I hope you guys like them!

DSC04966 (Large)

So the first design is this rock inspired one I wore to a gig (Amaranthe) a while back. The spikes were kind of a pain to wear as they pretty much fell off in an hour (yes, I really need to get nail glue), but otherwise I really loved the design. It gave me an excuse to try out the rhinestones there for the first time.

DSC04979 (Large)DSC04975 (Large)

I also really loved the chrome polish, as it's something I haven't ever worn in my nails before this. The consistency was a tiny bit tricky to work with, but I think I did a decent job.

DSC04986 (Large)

The polish I used is China Glaze I'd Melt For You, and the studs, spikes and rhinestones are from Born Pretty Store.

DSC04972 (Large)DSC05058 (Large)

The next one is more colorful, and kind of great for summer. I was sick when I made these, and thought nice nails would make me feel better. They didn't, but at least they looked nice.

DSC05069 (Large)DSC05061 (Large)

I personally liked the color scheme a lot, and would definitely wear something like this again now that I'm flu free. And at least in summer with cute outfits.

DSC05074 (Large)

The polishes I used were China Glaze Highlight Of My Summer and White On White, and a neon yellow one from Depend. The triangle rhinestones and round studs are from Born Pretty Store.

DSC05078 (Large)

I hope you liked these nails here, and that at least some of you would be a tiny bit inspired. I have been pretty inspired with doing my nails lately, although I feel I need some new colors in my arsenal. In May, I think I might actually be able to do that. 

What do you think bout these nails? Let me know in the comments below!

Now, I'm heading to bed so I won't wake up all sore and tired after all the workout and work today. Tomorrow, there's so much to do I really don't know how to handle everything, but I will figure out a way to get through it. I just started a new workout routine to be in better shape in summer (and for our wedding), and I'm not sure how that will affect on my muscles. But we'll see tomorrow and I will let you know in the next post. I will be back as soon as I can!

Have a fantastic day ♥

Sunny Day ♥

Hello darlings!

Happy International Women's Day ♥

I've had such a wonderful weekend with my fiance and it finally starts to feel like spring here! I'm so excited to get warmer weather and better photo shoot chances, as it's been a bit of a struggle to get outfit pics taken due everything. And for the warmer day it's pretty suitable to post these sunny pictures we got to take last month.

DSC05020 (Large)DSC05046 (Large)DSC05051 (Large)DSC05021 (Large)DSC05039 (Large)DSC05053 (Large)DSC05034 (Large)

Coat: Boohoo Sweater: Boohoo Scarf: secondhand Skirt: secondhand Belt: Mango Leggings: Seppälä Boots: SpiritStore Bag: Mango Sunglasses: H&M

Mixing some prints here with the skulls and floral skirt, and I really liked the result. I've been seriously obsessed with that scarf lately, so don't mind if you see that quite a bit in my outfits this spring. I can see it fitting in perfectly with leather jackets, which I can't wait to wear soon! Anyone else excited for spring?

What do you guys think about this look? Let me know in the comments below!

For once, I have done all the school things for tomorrow, so I can actually focus on relaxing for the rest of the night. I will do my nails for the start of the week and catch up with Pretty Little Liars so that I don't get big spoilers every time I open my Twitter. Talk to you again soon though! 

Have a lovely day ♥

Rocking a Hat ♥

Hello darlings!

How are you all today? ♥

I'm currently at school, trying to get a hang of management accounting, but as I'm kinda not that good in just sitting in lecture and taking notes, I figured I could write up something here. I know, I'm such a bad role model. Kids, when you're in school, focus on the lecture. It saves you loads of time before exams, I promise.

However, I thought it would again be time for a new outfit post. It's sad how few outfit photos I have taken lately, simply because I have a stubborn flu and too little time for things. It doesn't help that my dear photographer works full time and has commitments after work as well. Tomorrow we can finally get something done so that makes me pretty content. Luckily I also have few pictures I haven't gotten around to post yet so we can actually have a post today.

DSC04991 (Large)DSC05000 (Large)DSC05014 (Large)DSC05006 (Large)DSC05011 (Large)DSC05008 (Large)

Coat: secondhand Scarf: Cubus Jeans: secondhand Plaid shirt: secondhand Hat: Gina Triot Tee: Linkin Park gig Boots: Skobox Bracelets: Gina Tricot, KappAhl Necklace: SpiritStore

So, a casual look with quite much plaid (I love it too much!) and a rather makeup free face. These pics were taken on a day I didn't have the time or interest to do my face too much. But since this is more about the clothes, it's all good. I've been loving plaid and skulls and other rock vibe stuff more than ever lately, so be prepared to see those this spring. I've gotten a hang of the style I like to wear and figured I find the stuff pretty easily from secondhand shops. While this outfit isn't a prime example of my dream style, it has a lot of nice elements. 

But what do you guys think about this look? Let me know in the comments below!

I'm going to try and focus on the studying now, but stay tuned for a new post pretty soon. I'm so excited to be properly back in the game, and I have so, so many ideas for the spring. Let's just hope I will have time to actually make them all come true!

Have a fabulous day ♥