Meet Our Kitten

You've probably already seen the post about the kitten moving in with us. If not, click the link here to read that one first. It's the backstory about how we got the cutie into our life. In this post, you'll get to know him a little better, so keep reading.

black cat

Autumn/Fall Capsule Wardrobe

New season, new capsule wardrobe. On autumn time I gravitate towards more muted tones and darker shades, as well as comfy, layerable items so that my style would be easy to mix and match when the weather gets random (sometimes warm, sometimes cold, sometimes wet etc.).

autumn capsule wardrobe

September Rose Cosmetics Slush Palette

This year, I've been buying more colorful eyeshadow palettes inspired by Angelica Nyqvist - as I've shown you in form of talking about colorful NYX and Juvia's Place palettes. Today, I'm sharing another colorful one I've been loving lately: September Rose Cosmetics Slush palette.

september rose slush

Simple Purple Skittlette

As promised in the previous post, here's more material for this week. Today, regarding nails. I wanted to share this simple and fun skittlette style that's super easy for you to create home as well. You need three polishes for a mani like this, but you could also have different color for every nail and make this into a full skittle look.

purple glitter nails

Kitten Moves In

In June, before midsummer, I was browsing the cat adoption websites like I usually do, when one application caught my eye. It was a midnight black kitty with yellow green eyes, looking to be the only cat in a family since he had hard time with other cats. The story hit me since basically the cat is introvert among its own species, much like I am amongst humans.

black kitten