Neon Top

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I'm so excited that it's the last week of work before vacay - only one shift left on Friday, and I can finally enjoy some time off. I haven't had a proper vacation in years, so I can't wait to reach mine. And on vacation, I will have so much time to blog, which is cool. :) Though one thing I would love you to do is leave me some more questions for the Ask Me Anything post so I can write a proper post answering them. ;) (Click here to leave your questions, and leave as many as you want to!)

Anyway, today's post is just a quick one with an outfit I wore last month. I really liked this look, and would love to figure out a way to interpret this to autumn soon. ;)

 photo 4e1f6d75-d0ed-4f8d-9aff-38305dadbd68.jpg

 photo e554baa1-1d9c-4f23-a26d-f6721a1cdbf8.jpg

 photo 318ae535-24fa-486d-8b09-dbd325d909cb.jpg

 photo 9550fa82-b2b3-4b71-9bf7-5c533806bcfc.jpg

 photo 28b5be95-77c5-457b-a8e8-68a001c9efa5.jpg

 photo 78b20448-9a93-4e5e-bed1-7316b93430ae.jpg

 photo d179f245-0607-4af7-b2da-b74459113055.jpg

Top: Gina Tricot Skirt: thrifted Biker shorts: Gina Tricot Ballet flats: Skopunkten Earrings: DIY (see more here) Bracelets:

Once again, pretty simple look, featuring my favorite black skirt. It's been one of my best purchases ever, I got it for 3 Euros or so, and I've been wearing it countless times. That's what you call a treasure, right? ;) Okay, so, I have not much more to say about the outfit, but I would like to hear what you think.

So, what do you think about the look? Have you any priceless thrift finds in your closet? ♥

I need to go get some sleep now, to try and get my rhythm in place (well, next week will do that anyways, haha) but talk to you all later! ;)

Have a fabulous day ♥

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Neon Green vs. Feathers

Hi sweeties!

How are you all? ♥

I just finished my second to last week of work before my summer vacation, and I'm so, so excited about the plans we have already for the time. But more on that later. (I'm already planning the posts for the time I can't access my laptop much, so even with me busy with life, the blog will roll. And I have my phone to check the comments every once in a while!)

Anyway, tomorrow is once again time for some nail art. Both of these designs are somewhat colorful (I love to use the neons in summer!) but they are still quite different.

 photo 8be3d8e4-1e36-4833-9182-87d6d2e1072e.jpg

First up, neon green goodness with some silver sparkles. Simple to the point, but having this little twist with the all silver accent nail.

 photo 272e9356-9df7-44cc-9ceb-1433b25f7a24.jpg

The colors I used were China Glaze In The Lime Light, Essie Set In Stones and IsaDora Silver Sparkles. There's also a thick coat of white polish under the green to make it more vibrant.

 photo ac7b124a-64f4-4a59-91fd-b2c410daada9.jpg

I'm usually a stranger when it comes to wearing green polish, but somehow every color looks lovelier in neon... So I ended up wearing green polish. And I liked it. A lot.

 photo 7258f715-3978-4bf7-8a65-2f4f6afe84f9.jpg

And after filing my nails down a bit, I changed the look of them completely - while keeping some elements similar:

 photo e4c723cd-d012-4f31-a23e-9d1ef2fe76ca.jpg

Neon, feathers, silver sparkles.... Love them! This is a design I have never ever tried before, but I think I should absolutely do something like this again soon.

 photo 2593e0c7-248a-4664-a1e1-2de8bffa1620.jpg

The colors I used were China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy, Essie Muchi Muchi, IsaDora Silver Sparkles, Essie  Set In Stones, and a bunch of nail art paints by Kiss.

 photo 0aae2113-491e-4b78-beb1-22c5b2dfde89.jpg

This is one is one of my personal favorites so far, I really loved every bit of this mani.

 photo b8ba32a8-3391-493d-a467-b3607011d561.jpg

Now, your turn: What do you think about these manis? And, which is your favorite?

Also, remember to go and submit some more questions to this post (click the link) so I can make you a fun answer post later on! Thank you so much!

Now this girl needs to go get a bit more social with the boys, who are playing NHL with such a big enthusiasm. ;) Tomorrow, we are going to the beach to get some tan and have a great time - and I can't wait for that! So, I better shut down the laptop soon, and get some sleep so I won't be a complete zombie in the morning. ;D

Have a lovely day! ♥

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Back to Basics

Hi lovelies!

How are you all today? ♥

I noticed I had a longer break between the posts than usual, but you know, that's life. Sometimes there's so much more going on. Actually, as I'm typing I should be doing the dishes and finishing off today's workout, but I just couldn't resist the temptation of writing a post for you.

For those few who are wondering how my healthy July is going, I can proudly tell it's going well. I admit that there have been a couple of  setbacks due to schedule issues, but I'm almost where I was supposed to be today.

Now, before today's photos, I would like to remind you to send more questions to the Ask Me Anything post (click the link!), as we still don't have enough there to make a proper answer post. ;) You can ask pretty much anything, it can be about shallow things as fashion and makeup, up to the questions that deal with religion or whatever. There aren't that many things that are simply too personal, so go ahead and ask. Anything you'd like to know about me. :)

Okay, so, to the post in hand. Today's look is a pretty simple one, and it's from a day I couldn't really bother to style a very different and amazing outfit. But we all have those days, right?

 photo 43e96ca9-3565-487d-b1fd-b88dbb34b334.jpg

 photo 4afc5f48-e8fb-4ecb-beec-e4f832b10632.jpg

 photo b36cd234-5f98-4a4a-9fb2-f67c737d19fa.jpg

 photo 39dc228e-ec55-41b1-8205-8c53f27c7a73.jpg

 photo 973452b9-b37a-468b-95ee-94afd6861849.jpg

 photo 89b306ac-f68a-4bd9-8657-b45bf00d22f3.jpg

Shorts: H&M Top: Cubus Booties: Boohoo Bag: Boohoo Bracelets: Gina Tricot Sunglasses: Citymarket

Can you believe those glasses came from a grocery store? Okay, from a big one, but still. Goes to show that not every accessory needs to be Gucci or something to look great. Actually, every single thing on this outfit has been bought with some sort of discount. I'm a bargain hunter, which is essential when loving fashion but needing to shop on a tiny budget because of studying and such. In the end, though, style is about how you put pieces together, not where you buy them. ;)

That text really didn't have to do much about the look itself... Oh well, it's so basic there's hardly anything for me to say about it. Simple items, easy colors, very basic - meaning, I love it. Not that I don't love details, but you need different things sometimes.

But what do you guys think about this simple look?

In the morning, we're getting up quite early, and we will get once again on the road to go help my fiance's family to paint a small building. Nice way to spend a sunny day off, I think. And it's been a long time since I last got to paint anything bigger than a nightstand. (Which reminds me, I still haven't posted pictures of our not-so-new-anymore bedroom... I try to get on that next month when I have my summer vacation!)

Anyway, I'm off now, to finish off a couple of tasks before heading to bed!

Have a lovely day! ♥

 photo 64288405-19c4-474e-8dda-64bee6fd5484.jpg

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Skull Dress

Hey lovelies!

How are you today? ♥

I'm doing fine, even though the day has been grey and rainy. Hopefully tomorrow will be a little better, as I'm eager to go on and take outfit photos. ;) And, only 8 work shifts until my summer vacation! Yay!!
I know I'm taking mine a bit late, but I don't really care, since this way I can avoid the biggest crowds everywhere and actually enjoy my days off. ;)

Also, I know I say this in every post, but please send more questions under the Ask Me Anything post. There's so few it'll never make it into a proper post. :D Thank you! ♥

Okay, so, today's post has pictures from a date night I had with my fiance last month. We visited one of our favorite restaurants, New York, and the food was amazing as usual.

 photo 68f08f4f-54e4-4531-a128-d9a1cc194a63.jpg

New York is one of the few restaurants I've been in that serve the coke with lemon. I totally love it. :)

 photo 7195c4a2-2a98-479f-8e86-3791f50909b2.jpg

My meal was a hot chili steak with ribs on the side (I'm so girly, I know.)

 photo 183e8d90-3d48-49c9-ba7e-d434b530526d.jpg

My fiance had a nice steak with some fresh sides.

 photo 1243be0c-d510-4229-a84a-4019910ed406.jpg

And we both had these nice potato wedges (mine was with garlic) as a side. Completely lovely meal, even though the steak was nearly too hot for me to handle. We also had ice cream as dessert, but the pictures turned out so bad I couldn't put them up. :D

The date night look was very simple, just a dress and few accessories.

 photo 2f8652fa-f4d0-4538-96bf-51e36d6c2cfc.jpg

 photo a7d3668a-9767-4508-9825-46b35d4f3261.jpg

 photo ec1ef987-6981-4a5f-b88e-7a834e9d56cd.jpg

 photo e269fbe7-0f9c-4cc3-bbc9-4d8b6b455425.jpg

 photo a0ee4922-ffaa-432d-a1dd-1998bce09ef7.jpg

 photo 5bcd6660-1d45-446a-acec-4e0863ab6d09.jpg

 photo ab18c941-d18f-475a-b696-8542f15756d5.jpg

Dress: H&M Bra: H&M Sandals: SpiritStore Bracelets: Gina Tricot Necklace: H&M Bag: Boohoo Leather jacket: Vila

I simply love this dress, and can't wait to wear it again with different styling. I think this could be worn over a t-shirt or something, but we'll see what I'll come up with.

What do you guys think about this look? ♥

 photo f72c53f7-a23a-4cbb-815f-a68c9151f4ec.jpg
Random selfie. Sorry, couldn't help it. I just loved the editing here.
So, nothing more to say today. I'm off now to get some rest for tomorrow's big cleanup day and longer-than-usual work shift.

Have a great day! ♥

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July LivBox

Hiya babes!

How are you all today? ♥

I had a fun day today, I visited the museum center Vapriikki with my fiance, and in the evening I had some tea, sympathy and nail art time with two of my lovely friends, P and M. We hadn't had a meeting since forever, so finally last week P was the brave one and contacted us to get together soon. So today, we had a chance to catch up and have some girl time. And after hanging out with boys for way too long, I guess it was good to have some girl interaction.

But as you know, my blog rarely lacks girly stuff, and so today, I'm going to share with you my July LivBox. I know this is a bit late, but at least I shouldn't be spoiling anyone, haha. I almost forgot this post, but I went through my photos and noticed I hadn't posted these yet. I'm such an airhead sometimes, and that's not cool.

Anyway, here's my July LivBox:

 photo 6025ffc4-201d-47f1-ac30-bf8fba9bf0b2.jpg

I was happy to see that the month's color was yellow, which I had suggested for them along other girls to be the color of one of the summer boxes. Thanks for making the box yellow, team! I love it. ♥

 photo 3239ffe0-dbad-4547-ad86-43ff8e10b6ca.jpg

Strangely enough, there was no item list included this time. It was confusing, but I thought that's something I could live with.

 photo 2cd93a3d-c0fe-4aad-b1f9-aef524ebedc3.jpg

Instead, on top of everything was this Glitter Hair Guide. More on that a bit later in this post. ;)

 photo 582a9927-d1e9-4a19-b995-821e3a981012.jpg

Okay, so I had heard rumors about this box concentrating on hair. I just couldn't guess it would go all hair. Oh well, looks good anyways.

 photo 0caf09c1-ea05-4ba6-b5e9-d829ffda0e20.jpg

The first item is  Sunsilk Co-creations Pro Heat Heat Protection Spray. Unfamiliar product for me so far, but seems promising. I've tried some Sunsilk products before and they've worked well for me. Not my favorites, but good enough for everyday use.

 photo 895440f2-5627-4936-a8f0-3db9439b4124.jpg

Next up: Herbina Volumizing Dry Shampoo. Dry shampoos are a necessity for me as I try not to wash my hair too often. So I'm always happy to try new dry shampoos/hair powders, since I'm still on a phase of figuring out my favorite among them. This one here smells adorable, and truly gives some volume to the hair. It also makes it so much easier to go another day without washing your hair.

(For those who think it's super gross to only wash your hair twice per week, read more. It's not really good for your hair - or your scalp - to keep washing it daily with a shampoo. That very often causes your scalp to dry, and then the hair starts looking sick, too.)

 photo f1c30dac-bea4-40cc-9b3f-9ea9d1e76060.jpg

Then, the Glitter Hair Guide. This one is a small magazine including fun hairdo ideas, with step by step instructions and it also shows which kind of items you'd need to create them. Now, of course it has lots of product placements by Glitter in it, but still, it's a fun option for a traditional commercial leaflet. So thanks Glitter, this truly was a fun surprise!

 photo 0d75fb4a-2928-4633-a9e0-84edd7fd4ec0.jpg

This look sort of caught my eye. I should definitely get few pink clip-on stripes for my hair. I think that would be so fun!

 photo c51fd797-3ad1-4286-a840-3f54e77ff567.jpg

Next thing on my LivBox was this Hair Bun Rat by Glitter. I actually already had even a couple of these, but one is made out of an old sock, and other one is for darker hair, so I guess this came in time to save me, haha.

 photo e831c870-6a5f-492e-8acd-5a2bcda8e575.jpg

Next item I got was this pack of Hair Pins by Glitter. I probably won't learn to use these in forever, but as I got them from the box, I guess I have a reason to try and learn, right?

 photo ef3d272e-04c0-4a9a-b48a-eacb6e4b4088.jpg

 photo d019c9bf-6758-4249-9467-6293d9239c1c.jpg

Probably the most interesting product in the box was Bonacure Hairtherapy FiberForce Hair Mask. I haven't tried this out yet, but I guess the bleached ends of my ombré hair would totally love this. If I find this product totally awesome, you'll hear about it later. ;)

 photo 4819c756-ef3d-434e-9dad-10880815a19b.jpg

And last but not least, Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm. I haven't even opened this one yet, as I have 3-4 lip balms in use as we speak. I know, it's crazy, but that's the way I am with lip balm. Always having too many opened. And still my lips are always dry. Weird. (Well, not weird, just tells me I don't drink enough water.)

So anyway, kinda nice box again, though I would've loved to see more makeup in it. But, this was a hair box, so given that, it was good.

What do you think about the products? Have you tried any of these?

Now, I need to go catch some sleep, and try to get some decent sleeping rhythm. (Like that's gonna happen...) But please take a minute to help me create a nice post for you next month, and submit questions under the Ask Me Anything post. I appreciate each question you send there, and will try to give good answers later on. ♥

Have a fabulous day!

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Beach & Minigolf

Hiya lovelies!

How has your day been? ♥

Mine was great, I had a fun time with the boys, again. We were enjoying the annual Pori Jazz festival - today was a pretty slow day so we decided to go check it out. It wasn't much different from last year, so we enjoyed some other things instead - but more on that later.

And before going today's post, please take a minute to submit random questions to the Ask Me Anything post (click the link to go to the post!). I need your help to make a fun, informative and hopefully entertaining post for you at the beginning of next month. Thanks! ♥

Today, I would like to share a day from last month, when we were in Pori as well. That day, we had plans to hit the beach, and afterwards, play some minigolf with my fiance's brother's family.

 photo eaeb83bf-447b-4f43-99d3-c17cc357ede5.jpg

So, around noon, we were arrived at the beach, Yyteri, which is a huge sandy beach at Pori. It is one of the biggest beaches in Finland - and in the whole Europe. As I love the sea, it's natural I love the beach a lot as well.

 photo 9751f70c-45b1-4c40-8a7d-19eb221c2736.jpg

The day wasn't as warm and sunny as we would've hoped, but we still decided to hang out, as we had already driven there. I love the look of the long beach, the endless amount of soft sand, and the waves of the sea hitting the shore.

 photo 827a1743-e50d-43fc-bf80-cbc7667de800.jpg

As the weather was too cold for me to lay down sunbathing, I took a walk around the beach, with my camera. My man. on the other hand, was happy just guarding our stuff, so I headed on my little adventure alone.

 photo 3a55826c-25ad-45f4-adab-e1c01f202896.jpg

My silly feet.

 photo a422bc48-d060-4069-94b0-48827178df5f.jpg

Another thing I love about Yyteri. Sand dunes. One can climb on top of them and get amazing view of the whole beach!

 photo 4c5621c4-3764-4c91-b3f6-5bddaecd197c.jpg

 photo 448bf90f-9e52-4c52-936c-7de1d7a9926a.jpg

 photo 6f33f70f-4e86-498d-a8a9-a26237d8e9d9.jpg

After climbing the dunes for a while, I walked down to the shore. It was amazing to feel the sea on my feet, can't ever get enough of that.

 photo d74d21ce-0d66-4a06-8d9e-0115057e000f.jpg

Sea ♥

 photo f14dad8a-ad19-4fbc-b4dc-cc00045cb27a.jpg

Giving love to the world.

 photo 77307100-c128-452b-91d8-db8caadec16f.jpg

The outfit for the day was pretty simple, as I like it in summer.

 photo c2b939df-de63-42ab-b32a-629c2e662310.jpg

Shorts: Mango/DIY Top: H&M/DIY Leather jacket: H&M

 photo cae8bdd7-112b-4f3b-b5ca-0ebb1af8aad6.jpg

Always playing in the sand like a little child. I think I'll never truly grow up.

 photo 4bd5e836-edb3-42e2-a19d-29e3da9fbbe9.jpg

Finally, we got our bums off the beach, and into the minigolf course. I'm a pretty terrible at it, but I never let that ruin my fun. I love the game, even though I suck at it.

 photo 9af07551-8ebc-4c0a-a41e-645365740c5a.jpg

Fiance's brother having a shot at it.

 photo 4b4b2cac-aff1-4c5b-9804-a4a50edc1a45.jpg

So close, but it didn't still go there. :D (J, you know I promised to put this up, haha!)

 photo 42081ec6-0753-40da-927e-32549d288060.jpg

Scoreboard is so not on my side. Ever.

 photo 4d16c64e-fd1d-467e-b97d-0b98cbe3bb31.jpg

My fiance's niece. I love that long curly hair, it's so pretty!!

 photo 7fcd4a1f-2f91-4c60-a271-c7ef77ec2352.jpg

 photo df4e78f7-61da-4645-bfae-546d7d2f6d13.jpg
Sunglasses: Citymarket Bracelets: Gina Tricot, Seppälä, a little shop in Iittala Lasimäki  Skirt: H&M 

Giving my best game face. Fail. (Notice how I changed for the game? I don't usually bother.)

 photo 83a9f746-900a-431c-9c4e-ee94a5cd6e88.jpg

My fiance, his brother, and the other of his nieces.

 photo 20a266f4-6415-4c9a-9976-9c6c53422244.jpg

J's wife M having her turn at the course.

 photo d9304c3a-fecb-4de4-90d5-e0d9055b54b8.jpg

Different angle.

Way too soon, it was over. We were having so much fun playing this, but then the rain came and we had to hurry to the finish. Afterwards, we went to have some ice cream (gotta love summer, right?). At the same time, we made plans for another round of "sports", which was bowling, but let's not get into that on this post. ;) Thank you so much, J, M, J & J for hanging out with us! You are amazing, all of you. And so much fun to be around. ♥

Have you been doing something fun with your loved ones lately? ♥

Now, this girl is off to bed, as it's way past my bedtime... Oops.

Have a fabulous day!

Blog ya later,