2019 Recap

It's the time of the year again to go through my bucketlist of 2019 and see all that happened and didn't happen. I had a rough end of the year with a family member passing suddenly in September, and it definitely affected my final 4 months of the year. Therefore I didn't manage to be as productive as I would've hoped, but I have been feeling better now which I hope will result into more balanced and more productive days. 

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Jeffree Star Conspiracy Palette Review

Hello from your inconsistent blogger friend. The end of the year has felt like a whirlwind and therefore keeping up a blogging schedule has seemed like an impossible task. But since I'm sure many of you have had a busy season too, you probably haven't had time to miss my posts too much. And to shamelessly self-promote, you can always find me on Instagram. I'm pretty active there more or less daily and was just scheming for upcoming things next year. 

Anyway, let's get into the reason why you most likely clicked on this post. The infamous Conspiracy Palette. I was going to do a first impression on it, but since it's been a couple of months since the release, this turned into an actual review. Hope this will help you out in case you missed the first launch and are figuring out whether or not get it. And also at the end, there are examples on how to use the palette in case you need inspiration. 

conspiracy palette