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Thrifting The Trends - Beige

As promised, we're getting into the third style series now. In case someone is wondering why three running at the same time, the answer is to keep it interesting, but also because I will need to hunt for some of the items/DIY a little, and some of the looks I have in mind don't fit the current season, so this way I feel it's easier for me.

This series is called Thrifting The Trends, and in this one I will choose a theme seen on SS19 runways in each post, and will create a practical look for a small budget. Like in my other series, I will not buy brand new things, but rather thrift, shop my closet and DIY. Again the goal is to show that many of you probably have something in your closet already that you can wear to be trendy - if that's what you like. I'm not the one to go for trends that much, I rather just pick items I think suit my style without really caring if they're in trend or not. However, I guess many of you out there might want to try the new trends while maybe saving up and/or being somewhat sustainable, so I feel that series might benefit you.

The references for the colors and trends in this series are the Vogue article on SS19 trends (click!) and Pantone SS19 color trend report (click!). I went through those both and picked my favorite things from the Vogue piece to work into this series. (I did rule out the statement headpieces and wetsuit surfer style as I can't see myself wearing those in any occasion, other trends I'm at least considering or recreating!) So now, without any further ado, let's get into the first look.

SS 2019 trends beige

Copy That Look - Part One, Luanna Perez

Welcome to the second of the new series on my blog, called Copy That Look. This is a series where I copy looks for less, which is not an original concept by any means, but the way I've visioned this is that I choose a look I like by a celebrity, influencer or basically anyone who has an inspiring style, and try to recreate the look by thrifting my own closet, DIYing, thrift shopping, borrowing or mixing the four. But buying anything new solely for this is not allowed. I want to keep this reasonably sustainable, and also I don't want to end up with items I don't use after the post. I will choose some of the looks myself, and some will be chosen by friends who are more or less metalheads as well, so that we will keep this rock chic and/or metal.

emerald bodysuit look

Marble Nails, Two Ways

During last week, I created two sets of marble nails - mostly to practice my skills more, but also to see what would be my go-to technique in the future, when I want to get a set of marble on my nails.

water spotted nail art

Jeffree Star Alien Palette - Worth The Price Tag?

If you follow me on Instagram, you might know I got some Jeffree Star goodies from my boyfriend. I don't know how I deserved these after the Body Shop Calendar but apparently someone wants to absolutely spoil me. I will talk about them all in this post, but my main focus will be on the Alien Palette, since I'm sure that's what interests most of you the most.

alien palette