Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pink Chevron & Negative Space Glitter

Hello lovelies! How are you today? ♥ I had awesome weekend with boys, and we made quite a bit of good memories while playing games and watching hockey. I never get quite as relaxed anywhere as I do when I spend time with the guys. So, in case any of you are reading this, hello, I love you all so much. Thanks for the weekend, and I can't wait for the next adventure after few weeks!

Today, I really wanted to share these two nail designs with you, so that we could maybe one day catch up on the designs - at least a bit. These are both designs I was pretty proud of, so I'm really hoping you like them too!

pink mani

Friday, May 20, 2016

Mint & Stripes Office Look

Hello lovelies! How are you today? ♥ I'm currently waiting to get on the road so we can start yet another hockey weekend with the boys, and I thought I could use the time wisely by posting one outfit for you. This one is something I wore to the office couple of weeks ago and liked quite a lot.

Stripes and blazer

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Makeup Revolution Ultra Velour Lip Cream Review

Hello lovelies! How are you today? ♥ I had a hairdresser appointment after about six months, and it feels so good to have a fresh color! Pictures can be seen on my Instagram, and of course later here on the blog as well. Today, I think it's time for a little cosmetics review after a while:

ultra velour lip cream packages

Friday, May 13, 2016

Ripped Jeans and Beat Up Boots

Hello lovelies! How are you today? ♥ I've been spending the day writing some school stuff as well as following sports (and took a little jog in the morning, which was nice). Tomorrow will be pretty much the same, minus school stuff and adding some lovely people and good food. And maybe it will be a good enough weather for outfit pics, because I have a quite nice one planned for tomorrow. (Stalk me on Instagram to see it no matter what the weather is like!)

And speaking of outfits, I have a new one for you today. I hope you like it:

rock chic look