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Duping the Spring 2021 trends with things I already own

Another season is starting really soon, and in the fashion world that means getting into new trends. I always highly encourage you to think style over fashion, and this is why today, I'm showing you how I would style my existing clothes to embrace the Spring 2021 mentioned in this Vogue article. There are couple that I didn't style, and I will let you know why when we get to them. The style names I used are more or less copied from the Vogue article just so you can compare them if you please.

Let's get straight into the looks:

monotone outfit

Things 2020 has taught me

I don’t usually get super deep and raw here, but today it felt like I kind of could. I’ve been listing things I have learned or re-learned during the past year, and if any of these points resonate with you, I would love to hear more (use dms or leave the comment anonymous if you don’t want to have anyone to have access to what you share, both are fine for me).


Kaleidos x Angelica Nyqvist Club Nebula Palette First Impressions & 3 Looks (I tried every color in the palette for you!)

I'm super excited to put today's post up, because today we're talking about one of my favorite beauty creators out there, and more specifically a palette she got to curate with one of her favorite brands - which is such a mood and I couldn't be happier for her. 

Like the title says, I'm of course talking about the Kaleidos x Angelica Nyqvist Club Nebula Palette. If you follow me on Instagram you have seen me talk a little bit about this already, but today I'm giving you the whole first impressions scoop after testing each and every color in the palette at least once. 

So let's get straight to it:

club nebula palette

Trying out MoYou London plates for the first time

It’s not a secret I’ve been sort of in a creative funk for a hot minute, where coming up with makeup color schemes, let alone trying to put together nail design has felt next to impossible. I’m trying to get back into all things creative little by little, on makeup that has meant setting some challenges for myself, and in nail art it’s quite the same too. For years, I’ve been wanting to get better at stamping, so I’ve taken it as my mission to find the brands and plate styles I enjoy the most, and finding the fun of nail art again. Not really doing much in that regard has felt like a missing piece of myself, and I’d like it to not be missing anymore. 

So, today I’m sharing how my first experience with MoYou London has been. 

moyou london stamping