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1 Item, 5 Ways - Band Tee

Today, I have another lookbook for you. This time, centering around a classic rock item - a band tee. More specifically, I styled a merch tee from Alia Tempora, metal band from Czech Republic. Their singer Marketa is the ultimate unicorn princess and one of the ladies who inspired me to go colorful with my hair. We've also had some lovely conversations online and I'm patiently waiting for the day I can meet her! (The day is yet unknown but we'll surely meet someday!) If you're into melodic metal, check the band out on YouTube or Spotify, and if you feel like supporting them you can also find their merch here. And no, this isn't sponsored but rather me supporting a friend.

But now, let's get into the lookbook:

band tee plaid shirt

Night Sky Nails (Coewlesspolish Recreation)

Not too long ago, I spotted nails I really wanted to recreate on @coewlesspolish Instagram. Eva is absolutely one of my favorite nail instagrammers, and while most of her designs are too detailed for me to do or even try to do past of them on my mani, this one here looked like something I could do a simple little version of. 

night sky nails

Spring 2019 Capsule Wardrobe

It's time to switch up my closet again. I would've done this earlier, but since even last week we've had a bit of snowstorm and -16-degree weather, I took my sweet time. These capsule wardrobe posts give me a great chance to think about my style and where I want to go with it, as well as if I have things in my closet I won't need anymore, and therefore can upcycle, recycle, give to friends or donate (and in rarer cases, sell). I like playing with my style a little and therefore will probably not have a very small closet in any time soon, but these do help me to see if there are seasonal clothes I won't really wear and therefore shouldn't invest in later on either. And hopefully, these will be an inspiration for you to think about your style and all that. 

capsule wardrobe

Thrifting the Trends - Colorful suits

Today it's time to continue the Thrifting the Trends series. If you're new here, this is the series where I take trends of this spring/summer predicted in the posts here and here and incorporating them into my style by thrifting, DIYing or using things I already have in my closet. The goal of this series is to show you don't always need to buy new things to be on trend and wear what's hot right now. 

And, as I always say, it's better to think style over fashion. You can have an amazing style without following trends and fashion, but trends and fashion never promise to make you look stylish. That being said, I have fun emulating the trends into my looks although that's probably not what I will do too much unless rock chic and/or metal style comes in fashion. 

blue suit office look