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Hey there lovelies!

How has your weekend been so far? ♥

We had a date night today, and just had this super fun day just the two of us - me and my fiance. And then I realized it was past midnight and that I hadn't blogged in two days. So it's now later than 2 am and I'm typing this post before hitting the bed. I know, seems crazy, but I really want to get this done.

The exam on Friday was insanely hard and I have absolutely no idea if I have to go redo it, but next time I know how to prepare properly for it. But at least I got a good review on business English, so I'm not completely failing, right?

Anyway, today, we're going to have a tiny little house tour. It's been a while since I did a previous one, and even though too many things haven't changed since that, I thought you guys might like to see into our apartment.

 photo DSC02621Large.jpg photo DSC02614Large.jpg

In the kitchen, we have new curtains (thanks mom and dad) and the Ikea stickers, both of which bring the kind of green floral theme there. There's nothing that special in the kitchen, except for the food of course - but once we buy our own place, I will show you my dream kitchen.

 photo DSC02631Large.jpg

My working corner/sewing desk, which is a well organized chaos. I do dream of a better organizational system, but first I seriously need to plan one. It isn't as bad as it used to be though.

 photo DSC02636Large.jpg

I keep my studying stuff and blogging things there, although sometimes - like right now - I do move the laptop to the sofa and actually write there. Because bad writing position is just the best.

 photo DSC02638Large.jpg photo DSC02640Large.jpg photo DSC02632Large.jpg

My favorite thing in this space right now are the curtains (again, thanks mom and dad), which totally make the room better than the plain green ones we had there before. Also notice the workout equipment that don't have a proper place. Whoops.

 photo DSC02645Large.jpg

The place to read, write or whatever. This is a little corner where I can relax without any tech stuff and just do all old-fashioned stuff that don't require any connections whatsoever. And where I will probably spend more time pretty soon as I have a lamp shade to create (more on that project later).

 photo DSC03272Large.jpg

Moving on to the living room side of the area, there are these cat-shaped wine bottles I collect. I don't know what it is about them, but I do love them a lot. And my man likes them too so luckily I can keep them for now.

 photo DSC03270Large.jpg

My first wall clock since forever, our plants and another set of new curtains (seriously mom, you spoiled me with these). And call me crazy, but yes, we have two sets of curtains on our living room area. Because it works for us.

 photo DSC03274Large.jpg photo DSC03277Large.jpg photo DSC03280Large.jpg

The super comfy and cozy couch I am sitting on as I type right now. And some NY themed decor. We should also have a London themed puzzle picture hanging there, but as our walls are a pain in the butt, we can't get hooks, nails or anything stick well enough to make the heavy picture stay. First world problems, right?

 photo DSC03281Large.jpg

Bookshelf and such - and yes, I was watching SATC yet again. It's just so good!

 photo DSC03284Large.jpg

On the bedroom, things are really just the same. I still have more or less unnecessary stuff on my nightstand...

 photo DSC03286Large.jpg

...including my perfume collection I wanna grow by one or two withing the next couple of months or so.

 photo DSC03289Large.jpg

The only things I could really call new are the fluffy blanket I bought from Pori a few weeks back, and the Samsung Tab I got as my mom got a better one. (I seriously have so much stuff that is someone else's old, but it's for the brighter future, right? I tend to use things until they get busted so old ones kinda work fine for me.) Our bedroom is the safe haven for me, no matter how bad day I've had, I can go there, relax with watching videos from the tablet or just go to sleep next to my love, and the world doesn't seem such a bad place after all.

So what I can say is that even though our home isn't like those super fancy ones you see on magazines and TV, it's still somewhat neat and more than that, cozy. I always love coming home and just relaxing after the day. There are a few things I want to make a bit different in the near future, but I'll talk about that once I have the time to actually do something about them.

But, what do you guys think about this post? And, please tell me something about your home decor in the comments below! I'd love to know what you love in interior decor ♥

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Have a lovely day!


  1. organised chaos! your place reminds me a bit of mine actually, i have loads of things everywhere.... the cat bottles are gorgeous! if you don't already do this, you can stick a bit of blutac underneath so it doesn't topple over if you accidentally bump the shelf - i learned this the hard way!

    steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

    1. Thank you! I have too much stuff everywhere, I'm in the middle of continuous decluttering process :D But that's such a good tip, I might take that hint even though the cats are kinda stable.

      Funny story actually, in our previous apartment I actually had this accident with the cat bottles as a shelf they lived in decided to lift itself up and make one side of it fall down, dropping all the bottles down on the couch and floor below. That wasn't too pretty, but only 2 or 3 broke. So I get what you mean with needing to be more careful! ;) ♥

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