My Green Cardigan

Hey lovelies,

How are you? ♥

So today, I'll be going through all your Montagne Jeunesse entries, and will reveal the lucky winner tomorrow. However, I also wanted to do a post today (well, technically two, but anyway).

I would like to once again thank you all for being such amazing readers! I love reading all your lovely comments here, and on my other pages too. I'm so grateful for all the support with everything :)

Now, today, I'm home again, being sick, again. Nothing too serious, though, it's just that my body refuses to understand that enough is enough. Well, I bought my vitamins today, so I think that'll take care of it.

During the weekend, I once again made my absolute favourite snack, cheese popcorn. You can check the delicious recipe by clicking the picture. (I strongly recommend, this is such an addictive little snack!)


As for the style, I'm not rocking anything too special today, but, luckily I wore something nice on the weekend.
So, that's what you're going to see today:

Outfit of the day









Top: GinaTricot
Cardigan: Mango
Jeans: Only
 Necklace: H&M
Earrings: H&M

This was an outfit I actually threw on without really thinking, and only when my fiancé said how great it looked I realized the potential for a post. Now, let me explain why so. We kinda rearranged our livingroom a bit, and I thought it's a nice idea put our old mirror to a corner, and buy a new one. The only thing is that I haven't really got a new one since. The one we want (yes, we both) costs 100 euros, so we have to think carefully when to put that kind of amount to a mirror only. But I believe this month could be it. 

Fingers crossed!

And speaking about fingers, here's some nail art I've been rocking ;)

Manicure of the day




The base is Mavala's shade 75, Miami, and the patterns are from Konad plates m36 and m51, and done with Konad nail polishes. The pink flowers don't show very well, but I thought they were nice nevertheless. What do you think?

Now, I must go finish up a school email, and try to find something that would actually cure me. I hate this flu.

But, you all lovelies out there, have a fantastic week! ♥

Blog ya later!



Kreativ Blogger :)

Hey lovelies,

How are you doing? :) I hope you're all well, healthy, happy and everything.

I'm so full of positive energy today, despite the fact that I've listened our drug addict neighbours bang the doors, walls, and their heads in the hallway. (And I don't even dare to think what they've done to the common elevator, ugh.) It's been so annoying to hear a series of "bang" sounds every five minutes, I mean, I'm supposed to study here! Gosh.

Well, the important thing is that they don't hurt anyone - well, yet, at least.

So, that's what's up here, also, our car got a temporary dashboard from the mechanics, and they will call us (me) when then job is done, and I can take our car back so they ca switch the real one back. I'm so thankful for the amazing service from the people there, they are amazing.

Okay, so after all these great news I can once again say I'm a bad style blogger, as I don't have any outfit pictures for you. (But that's because of my fiancé's schedule, I don't wanna bother every free moment of his with taking pictures of me. Surely you get it ;)) But my dear friend Diva Naomi Addy saved me, and my posting, with awarding me. (Thanks girl, I truly appreciate this award!) ♥

So, here's what I got:

Kreativ Blogger award.

Like every award in the blogosphere, this one also comes with some rules. 
And these are the rules for this award:

1. Link back to the person that gave you this award
2. Answer the questions below
3. Award 10 other bloggers and let them know you nominated them
4. Share 7 random things about yourself


1. Name your favourite song:
- Fate by Fireal feat. Ana Johnsson

2. Name your favourite dessert:
- Freshly baked cupcakes ♥

3. What ticks me off
- Ignorant and self-centered people

4. When I am upset I...
- make sure my fiancé knows it, too. (I'm bitchy, but not proud of it.)

5. Favourite pets:
- Dogs and cats both :)

6. Black or white:
- Depending on the situation, but I'm gonna say black.

7. Biggest fear:
- Losing everyone I care about.

8. Everyday attitude:
- Be the best person you can be, and never let the haters stop you.

9. What is perfection?
- Something that no human can reach.

10. Guilty pleasure:
- Can I make a list? :D There's tea, chocolate, shopping, Gossip Girl, reading blogs...

And then....

7 Random facts

1. I'm an only child, but when I was younger I always wanted an older brother.

2. I sometimes take notes of Serena van der Woodsen's wardrobe when watching GG. (Yes, I am that obsessed about her clothes.)

3. When I was younger, I dreamed about being a lawyer or an architect.

4. I have inherited my sense of humor mostly from my dad, and sometimes we kinda drive her crazy with that. 

5. Unlike many girls, I have absolutely no clue what I want from my wedding. Except for the promise to be with someone for the rest of my life.

6. At the moment I'm very smitten with homemade chinese food. ♥

7. Even though I'm quite active in the blogosphere, I'm most of the time too lazy to update - or even check my Facebook the same time.

And now, the award passes on to:

2. lapetiteblonde from La petite blonde
3. Erin from Truffles n Ruffles.
4. Miss Crys from Fashionably Geeked
6. Caroline from COSMICaroline
7. Julie from Pop Champagne
9. Clara from paquetevistasbien
10. Paula from Super Clementina

Congrats, ladies! Hope you can enjoy this little award ♥

Now, this is really all I have time for now. I would just love to mention two things:

First, Please check out my latest post on the "Made by Me" section, there's a little inspiration for updating your storage boxes. (That's somewhat "Kreativ", too, right?)

Second, there's still time to enter the fabulous little face mask giveaway, two whole days, even! Monday is the latest for that, remember ;)

But now, time for some well-earned sleep so I can look fresh for my outfit shoot tomorrow ;) 

Blog ya later!



Brighten Up!

Hey everyone,

As you might've read, I've been somewhat sick this week. That has meant plenty of liquids and endless hours of Gossip Girl. But it looks like I'm getting back on the tracks soon enough :)

But how are you all? Everyone doing fine? ♥

I hope so.

Okay, I never talk about politics, but how many of you know that we have the presidential elections at the moment in Finland? It's kinda interesting as we've had our first female president here for few years now, but it's time for a man again, apparently... (And that might be a good thing, if you don't mind me saying so.) Okay, so to cut this short, the race is now down to two men, and I'm interested to see which one wins. Not going to share my political views here, but just wanted to tell you what's going on in Finland.

Now, on Friday, I'm planning to focus on some web studies, so if I'm a bit quiet with commenting, don't worry - I'll be fully back in action on Saturday, if not before. ;)

I also managed to finish a couple of DIY projects this week, and I also took some photos, so I'll be posting them to the "Made by me" section during the weekend. ♥ (And I got so inspired by everything that I have big plans for creating details to our apartment. ;)

Anyway, to the outfit. I have been trying to cheer myself up by wearing bright colours this week, and I think it has worked. I feel loads better than on Monday, and I bet next week will go amazingly well. So, here's something I wore the past two days:

Outfit of the day





Jeans: Mango
T-Shirt: GinaTricot
Bolero: DIY
Socks: H&M
Watch: my fiancé's

Okay. So I ended up posing in our messy floor right next to shoes. Not too classy. :D

But what matters is that the clothes look like they should. I'm a bit disappointed that the pictures don't do justice to my make-up, but I try to get a better photo during weekend - in the daylight instead of 11pm shoot with flash. It totally makes the difference. 

I don't know if it rings a bell, but this outfit is kind of an adaption of what Sarah Jessica Parker has worn. Who knows? (you can click here, if you don't) Probably a very used look by now, but when I saw that tee on the sales rack, the image of SJP hit me and I just had to buy it. And it's pretty darn cute, I think.

Moving on.

So, has anyone missed my manicures?

If so, you're in for a treat, because... I finally posted one! Yay!

Manicure of the day





Just something simple I made up with Mavala shade 34, Nicosia, and some ordinary crafting glitter. Oh, and I used (of course) some top coat, too. I thought this was cute, but how do you guys like it?

That's all from me now, but on Saturday, there'll be some Kreativ things ;) (in more than one ways. And also, I'll feature a weekend playlist, too!)

Till then, remember to enter the face mask giveaway going on!

Blog ya later!



Bright and colourful.

Hey lovelies!

So, finally, I got the time to go through pictures and could make an outfit post.

Hurray! :D

Oh, how are you all doing? ♥

I've been actually a bit feverish today, but that didn't stop me from writing a pile of postcrossing cards, though it will probably stop me from going to school tomorrow. Oh, well. I can always do my independent studies work, so it's all good.

At the moment, I'm wathcing Gossip Girl, trying to get the temperature right on my body so that I could actually sleep - we'll see how that goes :D

Okay, enough of the whining.

You wanna see what I crafted during weekend?


You can see the full story here!

And then the thing that made me most happy during the weekend:


A flower bouquet from my fiancé, which I placed on the livingroom so that I can admire it all times ;) I just snapped a quick photo, so it looks a lot darker than it really is... But you get the idea!

But then, to the main point, the outfit. It's a bit of a 2-in-1 again, and I hope you like the colourful simplicity of it:

Outfit of the day


It must be admitted, that on school days, I really couldn't give a damn how I look. Hence, in many of my school looks, you'll see little to no make-up at all, simple combinations and lots of comfy.

This outfit isn't an exception.



So, what you see above is the day-time look, but when we, business students of Tampere university of applied sciences, go for drinks at night, it looks like this:


Spot the difference?


That's right, we switch our pants to these übersexy overalls, whose colour is termined by our major. (Mine is business, if you didn't know that already.) 

And, well, technically we just usually throw these overalls on top of our outfit, but we never - yes, never - wear them like one piece. Never. We just casually wrap the top part around the waist.


And which kinda doesn't show here, the overalls are supposed to always be worn in a way that the school logo and, most importantly, the name of our major shows. After all, we are more than proud to belong to the school community. And why wouldn't we, as I can say I have really met amazing people there already, and I only know like 30 out of our year.


Nothing to add there. Just, I loved the colours!

Jeans: Cubus
Shirt: GinaTricot
Shoes: Puma
Socks: H&M
Earrings: H&M
Blue necklace: second hand
Black necklace:  GinaTricot

Do you like to make a simple outfit more special by adding plenty of bright colours?

I know I do. ;)

But hey, I must go now, time to get some rest for tomorrow! ( though I swear I can feel the fever rising by just thinking about it.)

Blog ya later!



EDIT: P.S. If you want to know random facts about me, check out my previous post ;) And don't forget the face mask giveaway, which is still open for a week or so. ;)

Quickie post - The Honour of Being Tagged

Hi everyone, 
I start out by saying I'm a really bad, bad blogger once again. Why? Because I didn't have the time today to choose the outfit photos - hence, no outfit post. But, that's because I appreciate you as readers too much to just throw whatever here and claim it's a post. 

It's not about the quantity, but always about the quality, okay? ♥

So, how has your week started? :)

Mine has started not too well. During the weekend, our car begun to do tricks which I never thought it could. I mean that its dashboard went crazy - full-blown crazy that is - and we have to take it to be repaired. Yes, I talk in the future because I couldn't get time before Wednesday. So that is just super.

But anyways, during the weekend I found out I was tagged by another blogger, and I thought I'd dedicate this post totally for the tag, as I don't have any photos for you. (But if somebody should be interested more about my routines on make-up, you can check the previous post ;))

But, moving on to the tag:

I was tagged by Tori of CottonCandyINK (and she has an amazing blog, do check it out!)


The Rules:

1. Post these rules.
2. You must post 11 random things about yourself
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post
4. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
5. Go to their blog and tell them that you've tagged them.
6. No stuff in the tagging section about 'you are tagged if you are reading this' You have to tag 11 peeps.

11 Random Things About Me:

1. I love all things glittery, whether it's nail polish, piece of clothing, or Christmas tree.

2. I have lived 2 years away from my parents, and I still say "home" when talking about their place.

3. I'm a bit of a tea addict, but living a too hectic life to live by it.

4. I'm hooked to so many tv series I don't even dare to admit.

5. I am very poorly organized person, but this year I decided to learn better ways to keep our home in top condition.

6. I absolutely love doing laundry. And I have absolutely no clue why.

7. I enjoy my job at the Finnish post. I can't believe I'm actually saying this, but it's true.

8. I'm the technology geek in our relationship, so everytime something breaks down, it's me who tries to fix it.

9. At the moment, I'm in the middle of a process on trying to get my hair back to it's natural colour. (So, if you happen to notice nasty roots in photos, here's the reason!)

10. I love cooking for my fiancé, and that truly is one of the best things in my life.
11. I would to own a cat, but I'm allergic to them.

 My Questions for You: (from Tori to me)

1. What time do you go to sleep?
Depends a lot from the day, but usually around midnight.

2. How many children do you have or plan to have?
Two or three, if I'm lucky.

3. Whats your favorite type of music?
Pop, rock, pop rock?

4. Scarf or hat?
Scarf. Always.

5. If you had to choose 1 nail polish for the rest of your life which color would it be?
Some silvery, glittery, girly colour :D (or light pink, as I could dress it up with crafting glitter :D)

6. Whats your favorite "naughty food" to eat?
Kebab or hot wings. Hard to say which one.

7. Workout at home or at the gym?
At home, as I have no time for gym.

8. Vanilla or chocolate?
Vanilla ♥

9. Favorite scent?
Vanilla, or Miss Dior Cherie perfume. (and of course my fiancé's shower gel ;))

10. Do you prefer girlie colorful/fruity drinks or hard liquor?
Girly drinks, like strawberry margaritas! ♥

11. Choose a statement piece; necklace, bracelet or ring?
Necklace. Something golden and fabulous ;)

Now, My questions to the ones to be tagged:
1. Who's your biggest fashion inspiration?

2. What's your number one place to meet with friends?

3. If you could travel anywhere in the world for a holiday, where would you choose to go?

4. What was your dream profession when you were little?

5. If they made a movie about your life, who would you cast to play you?

6. What's your favourite of the spring trends?

7. What do you appreciate the most in your life?

8. What is the movie you have seen the most recently?

9. If you could choose any supernatural skill (or any skill we as normal humans don't have), what would be your choice?

10. What's the biggest/most important New Year's resolution you made this year?

11. Name one person, who has made the biggest influence in your life. (and if you want to, tell why)


Sacramento from Mis Papelicos
Elisabeth from Dragonfly
Cylia from CYLIAAAA
Leia from Leia's Delights
Adele from intoheblonde...
Mally from .SincerelyMally.
Jasmine from AdamAlexMommy
Ash Louise from Ash Louise

Please do check out the tagged blogs, as they are all amazing! ♥

Have great week everyone!



Basics on Creating Your Own Personal Style (part 7)

Hey darlings!

How's your weekend? ♥

Mine is spend a bit lazily, having a long phone call with a close friend, watching a bit TV, playing with my fiancé, just enjoying the day off, basically. I think tomorrow, Sunday, will be the same.

Don't we all just love weekends?

I know I do.

Okay, so, today, instead of an outfit post, I decided to continue on my style tips. On the same time, I'm going through my make-up bag, just to give you some inside on what I like to use.

(Although nobody maybe remembers, I told you before I'd talk about nails this time... Well, I switched these two, so... Sorry!)

Anyways, here we go:

What should I have in my make-up bag?

 First of all, it all starts (to me, at least) from having a great bag (or container, boxes etc.) for storing your make-up. I know there are lots of you out there who need big storage systems for your make-up, but as I still have so little amount of products, I do fine with just a make-up bag.



So, this is what my bag looks like. Unsurprisingly, it's a Hello Kitty one, and pink (bright pink, though the shade of the photo doesn't give the credit to it...). It's kinda huge, and luckily also transparent, so I can actually find what I need fast enough.

Basically, all you need from your make-up storage is to keep everything in quite neat order, without messing or breaking them. Also, it's important that they are in somewhat practical way put for everyday use.



I believe in investing in some quality brushes. Although many products are easy enough to apply and blend with your fingers, I think some, on the other hand, need the brush. Yes, I mean mostly the eyeshadows, of course.

This, naturally, comes with the little task of learning the right techniques to use the brushes the best way possible. But of course that's not an issue for smart people like you, my dear readers. ;)

I personally fell in love with the EcoTools here, and I'm planning to buy more of them soon enough. They're made from eco-friendly materials, and they feel perfect when handling them. I also love the bag that came with them. 

Do you have favourites among brushes?

Good Base Is the Key


Yep, that's what I believe in. Like I've mentioned many times before, there's nothing more attractive on persons look than a healthy-looking skin. To achieve that, right products are in place. When reaching for a healthy face, few products (at least to me) are a must: day cream, moisturizing foundation, and a primer. Even if you had only 5 minutes in the morning to make yourself look good, these products will always save the day. 

Note! Always choose products according to your age, skin type, and the shade of your skin. What works for your friend, might not work for you. If choosing feels hard, consult a stylist/professional/make-up sales person. They usually should have people who know their stuff, working at the make-up department.

Above are pictured the base make-up products I use the most. The Granier B.B. Cream is a recent find through another Finnish blogger, Anniina, whose blog you can visit here. (Note: the blog is written in Finnish.) I have tried the product for a couple of days now, and I love it. ♥

 Cover up!


Of course, a good base needs the company of finishing touches. That means using some fixing products and powder. I firmly believe on the Wet'n'Wild palette of four fix shades, that can handle dark circles, redness, spots, whatever... And it also includes a highlighter tone, that can be applied to lighten up your face. Perfect, right? 

And, even though I usually don't use powder (as I think it makes my skin look bad), I invested in a Max Factor loose powder to try to learn to use it again. I also have a compact one, but I kinda think that isn't so great one - mostly because of the applier it had along with it. But overall, I think every girl needs some kind of powder in her bag, just in case of emergency. ;)

You Make Me Blush ♥


Blush, blush, blush... Okay, sorry, I just love saying the word!
But seriously, I do love blushes - and bronzing powders, for that matter - as they are the number one way of creating healthy glow to even the most tired of the faces. Believe me, I know, it makes even me glow after 4 hours of sleep, 18 hours of school/work combo, and that routine going on for a week. Hence, I know what I'm talking about. 

Blushes are also such a girly make-up, they come in cutely shaped packages, they are pink and pretty. Do I really need to tell more reasons? 

Thought so.

Blush and the bronzer make a great (summer) combo, when you but bronzer under your cheekbone - to create some shape - and then adding blush on top of the cheekbone - to make your face glow. Of course, if you have darker skin, you can use bronzer for the glow, too. I prefer very light and young shades on my blushes, but if you are brave and creative, nothing stops you from using brighter ones, too. :)

Little Things


These are sort of my misfit items, that I couldn't place in other categories. There's a coverstick, eyeshadow bases, highlighter pen and an eyebrow kit. All these products I more or less use daily.

The number one out of these is definitely the eyebrow kit, as I think neat eyebrows really define the look on your face. Although I have pretty light features, I like to emphasize my brows to make the eyes come up more. Usually, this works perfectly. I used to use brown eyeshadow before, but now I use the kit only. Loving it! ♥

The other ones are not in regular use, but the eyeshadow bases (by GOSH) are great when I have to create an intensive eye make-up that really stays in place. I recommend them. 
That is, unless someone can recommend a better one?

Eye to Eye




Eyeshadows, a bit of a weak spot for me (after nail polishes, that is). As you can see, there's definitely plenty of colours to choose from, but that's how I think it should be. There needs to be choices for any outfit and occasion.

Unless you can do an amazing nude eyes, which I totally can't :D

Eyeshadows come in a large variety of different formulas, and they can basically be anything from dusts/powders to liquid ones, and it depends on the person which is the best. I love the traditional palettes the best, but am a bit intrigued by the eyedusts, too. My skin hates the creamy eyeshadows and basically throws them away in a matter of minutes, so I kinda dislike them, but I believe if they stay on, they look great as well.

If I had to raise a brand above others, I would have to say either Lancome or Make Up Store. However, the giant palette there (with two layers) is from, and it was very cheap (30 euros only) so I gave it a try, and funny enough, I love it. It stays in place well, has plenty of pigment, and is super easy to blend. So, for now, I'm not buying any other eyeshadows. 

But you can recommend anything!

Flashy Lashes


Who doesn't love thick, long, curvy lashes?

The difference mascaras make in any girl's face is remarkable. Mascara makes your beautiful lashes darker and longer, which will make your eyes pop. And as your eyes are the mirror of your soul, you would want them to be beautiful, right? Just to make your inner beauty truly shine through.

I don't know about you guys, but personally I love to try new mascaras, and I always have 3-4 different ones in use. I believe in having a few that create different effects, but to be honest, I could do with just my Max Factors. ;) 

When buying a mascara, it's good to list the features you want from it, and to remember that the brushes there are drastically different from one brand to another. My list for mascaras in my bag is: One that makes my lashes thicker, One that makes them longer, One that does both, and One waterproof.

Okay. I need to be honest here, too. On a typical day, I just grab the first mascara I can reach, not thinking which one it is. But that's why there are only great mascaras in there.

Where is Your Line?


After the mascaras, eyeliners are the greatest way to define your eyes' shape, size, and even colour. You can change your look a lot just by switching your eyeliner from black to turqoise, white, or anything you can imagine. 

Eyeliners also come in a variety of different formulas, and I believe in having at least a kohl liner/kajal and a liquid one, both in black or dark brown, depending on the effect you like. The pencil liners are great for smokey eyes, and light make-up, whereas liquid ones are best for the dramatic looks, and cat eyes. Of course both can be used for any look with a proper technique and patience (plus steady hands), but as I'm not an expert, I can't tell more about that.

But what I can say is that I think any girl looks beautiful with a little winged eye make-up. ;)

Kissable Lips


Although I go usually with little to no make-up on my lips, occasionally it's fun to go with the bright reds. I must admit, I don't own any bright red lipstick. Yet. I was consulting a professional make-up artist on Friday, and she told me a couple of shades and tricks, so maybe I'll be brave enough and purchase one this Spring. ;)

But to get back to the subject, I think lipsticks are a great way of making the look more feminine, and when you can't bother to do much with your eyes, you can always just grab a bright red lipstick to make your lips pop instead. If you are insecure with lipsticks, like me, there are tons of great glosses out there, too. And you can combine them with a lip tint to make it more colourful.

(Here I just must thank Sherin for the amazing gift, Max Factor lip tint! ♥ Girl, how on Earth did you know I had been eyeing that exact product on that exact shade for weeks? Thank you so, so much! I love it. ;))

Also, a look I really like on lips is the nude lipstick. I'm in a process on healing my lips from the unbearable dryness so I can start wearing my nude colour again. Any tips on there? I'd be thankful.

Final words

Okay, so, this closes the part 7 of the personal style series, and I hope some of you have found inspiration, tips, new thoughts, or anything out from this post. 
Now, I toss the ball to you, lovelies. 
What are your tips & tricks on make-up?
What are your trusted products/brands?
Also, don't forget the little giveaway going on ;) I'll be back on Monday, with some more student style of mine :)

Have a great weekend (what's left of it, anyway)! ♥



Professional. At least, trying to be.

Heya lovelies!

How are you? ♥

I just finished a Skype call to my mom, we talked for an hour, and I must say, living this far away from my parents, it's very comforting to see their faces on my computer screen every once in a while. You know what I mean?

I feel weird posting this "early" in the evening, but I thought I'd get this - along with some school work - done so that I could go and have a fun time with my school friends tonight. I admit, I'm feeling a teensy bit of sick, sore throat, warm forehead, cough... But they insisted me going, so I think I'll take my chances :D

Oh, and you should see my most fashionable outfit for the night :D (Actually, I think it'll be up on Monday, so...) It's totally something.

Anyway, here's what I wore to school, and off-school, some days ago. (notice the messy hair...)

Outfit of the day









Jeans: H&M
Striped top: Mango
Jacket: H&M
Shoes: SpiritStore
Furry shoe add-ons: Cubus
Bracelet: H&M
Necklace: Accessorize
Earrings: H&M
Ring: GinaTricot

I was trying to create a bit more sophisticated look than usual, and I think I kinda pulled it off. ;) Okay, I should've had a sleek hairdo to finish it off, but didn't feel like it :D So, sorry... But apart from that, what do you think?

And another thing to be sorry about... I don't know what went through my mind when I removed the manicure I had there without photographing them. Crazy, isn't it? I think so too... And that was such a fun manicure, as I had black and white nails with a leopard print on them... Well... All the more reason to do it again. :D 

I'm such a bad blogger, I know.

But hey, I try to make it all up to you on Saturday, when I'm going to write about make-up, give some tips, links, and tell a bit about my routines with the products. :) Would any of you have something special in mind you'd like to know about the products I use, techniques, or make-up in general? Leave your thoughts and questions in the comment box, and I'll go through them before writing. ♥

Now, time for me to go prep my face a bit for the evening...

Blog ya later, beautiful people!



Oh, and don't forget to enter my giveaway! ;)