On the Road: Björn Borg

Heya babes!

How are you today? Has your weekend been lovely?

I have been productive when it comes to rearranging our home and my life, and I'm starting to feel way more energetic than I have in a long, long while. Yay for Spring getting closer and closer! The ones following me in IG might know I had a little Ikea puzzle to solve yesterday, which made a whole difference in our bedroom. More on that when I post a proper house tour. ;)

But today, let's continue with my Stockholm trip, shall we?

We we're supposed to book a company visit on our own - meaning that we had to choose a company that has a headquarters in Stockholm, contact them and try to get a visit for our class in their HQ. We chose Björn Borg, which is a Swedish underwear/fashion brand, whose main thing is fun prints, and fun, sexy fashion.

 photo DSC09048.jpg

The morning started way too early with a big breakfast on Viking Grace (see more about Grace here!), after which me and the girls tried to get our faces on, and then it was time for a quite long morning walk with our luggage. We left our luggage into our hotel, without checking in because it was way too early for that, and decided to check out the city before heading to BB.

 photo DSC09049.jpg

The only flaw in our plan was that nothing was open that early, except for the cute little coffee shops, so we went in one of those, and ordered warm drinks to keep us warm from the wet snow outside.

 photo kahvila.jpg

Lol, my face is so glamorous in this shot... (Photo credit: May) This was taken in the coffee shop when we were planning what we were going to do that day, besides visiting Björn Borg.

 photo DSC09053.jpg

At noon our posse of students headed to the HQ of Björn Borg, where we got introduced to their business, and where we learned a lot about their products and their future plans. The best part, in my opinion, was to get to roam around in their showrooms, check out the upcoming products and even to take many photos! Thank you so much for everyone in BB for the amazing opportunity! ♥

 photo DSC09054.jpg

As a person who had always thought BB as an underwear company, it was fun to know all the other things they have - like socks and sportswear. The most fun thing about their products is that they try to interpret fashion as this fun thing with what you can express yourself. And what's more fun than colorful underwear?

 photo DSC09055.jpg

The thing we got told most was "fashion is fun", which totally made my attitude towards the brand even more positive than it already was. They use this "fun sexy" attitude in their commercials, which is so much more easier to relate to than the usual "serious sexy" that you can spot on eg. Calvin Klein commercials.

 photo DSC09056.jpg

I was playing paparazzi, taking way too many photos of May on the trip. :D Sorry girl, I promise I won't share most of them, though! ♥

 photo DSC09059.jpg

 photo DSC09062.jpg

The lamps were plastered with BB's own prints, which was such a fun idea, and it looked cool as well! I don't even have all the cool details in film, which is such a shame, as there were so many nice things around the office.

 photo DSC09064.jpg

We got introduced to their next A/W sports line, and even though I'm not a big fan of mustard and burgundy, these clothes nearly convinced me I should get some into my wardrobe in Autumn.

 photo DSC09066.jpg

 photo DSC09069.jpg

After BB, and a trip to the Finnish embassy (no pics from there, sorry!!), we tagged along with the boys and headed to T.G.I. Friday's to eat nice grilled food. Again, I'm kicking myself for not taking more pictures of the place itself, because it was pretty cool.

 photo DSC09070.jpg

My meal - Cheese Burger with sauce, a great basic meal which rarely goes wrong anywhere.

 photo DSC09071.jpg

P's food, which she generously let me photograph. It looked so good as well!

 photo DSC09072.jpg

And May's BBQ Burger. The main courses were pretty basic, pretty good, but nothing special. But the desserts...

 photo DSC09073.jpg

...they were amazing. Me and May had a big mental battle whether to order drinks or desserts, but I'm so glad we ended up getting the latter. We both got this Oreo milkshake, and it was so good I can't even describe it! Next time, though, I will definitely try out the drinks. They seemed way too amazing!

 photo DSC09075.jpg

After dinner we walked to our small hotel room, got out of our wet clothes, and after a quick trip to downstairs sauna (or bastu, as they say in Sweden), we were totally ready to get some sleep. After all, we knew we were going to have a long day the next day. But more about that on the next post. ;)

Hope you've all had a nice weekend! ♥

Blog ya later,




  1. Kuvausasentoni on NIIIIN seksikäs ettei mitää rajaa :D

    1. Onhan se :D Random kuvat on aina niitä helmimpiä :D

  2. woow!
    You totally had a good time.

  3. Amazing post and photos! Wish you have an amazing time!

    MaryFashionLove on Facebook

  4. It looked like a brilliant trip. Great selection of photo's.

    xx Mandi


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