Subtle & Chevron

Hey babes!

How are you all today? ♥

I'm having such a crazy week, though today instead of being busy, I'm spending the day in bed with a severe headache. Oh well. Luckily no deadlines tomorrow so I'm gonna be fine. I hope. Still I have to go to work today, no matter how sick I should feel, because our workplace doctor isn't that eager to give us days off. :D

Anyway, how many of you have amazing plans for tomorrow? It's Valentine's Day after all. I'm thinking good food and a movie night after work for my fiance who is currently having his toe nicely in package as he had a little surgery earlier this week. Don't worry, it was nothing major, but in his words, painful as hell. So on top of everything, I'm trying to be also a nurse to him. Which is kind of fun - am I missing my calling, studying business? Lol.

Today's post, however, is about nail art. I still have designs from December (I know, so, so late!!) that I haven't shared with you, so here's two, once again:


First up is a chevron mani inspired by the super talented @selenadee on Instagram. I loved the idea of chevron, metallics and bright pink together, so of course I had to try this.


In case you want to try chevron mani at home, and you either don't have nail art brushes, or you can use tape as help. I did mine by cutting tape into thin strips with zigzag craft scissors, and using them as guidelines.


And those of you who love the glitter on top of the pink polish, google up China Glaze fairy dust. It's an amazing polish that turns any polish into a glittery one, when added on top of a colorful polish. I personally love it, and I think many of you would, too.



The second one is more subtle, where I played with the white polishes included into my Ciate Christmas calendar, and then added glitter in tips.



This is much more subtle than what I usually do, but I think it's great for variety.


I personally liked these two, but...

What do you guys think? ♥

Now, I'm off to get some more rest - and to organize the home a bit more. I hope soon I'll be able to show it to you as whole. ♥

Have a lovely week!

Blog ya later,




  1. I can't choose a favorite - they are both so gorgeous in their own ways. The first for being very artistic and bright; the second for being subtly charming. You are a master of nail art! :)

  2. Olen nyt ihan kimallus-hurmiossa joten tykkään 2 kynsistä ja ensimmäisten glittereistä! ^^

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